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Peacemaker Ronald Odhiambo in Naivasha

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Ronald, Thank you for sharing your remarkable day! Today we organized ourselves for our Pyramid of Peace and I introduced the title of Commander which is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008

      Thank you for sharing your remarkable day!

      Today we organized ourselves for our Pyramid of Peace and I introduced
      the title of Commander which is a person who has proven able to lead our
      operations in all of Kenya to care for us all. As we start, Dennis,
      Kennedy and Rachel are our Commanders, and Rachel is currently
      Commander-of-Operations. They agreed that I am Commander-in-Chief.

      But I thought today that there is a more important title and that is
      Peacemaker. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the
      children of God." You are a peacemaker and I give you the title
      Peacemaker. I mean by this that you have proven that you are able to
      lead us to embrace an enemy for peace. I encourage us to discover and
      acknowledge our Peacemakers and give them this title and help tell their
      stories as Pamela has done. We will include your stories at our Pyramid
      of Peace website. You inspire us!

      I also am glad you are in touch with Rachel and that you help each other
      make progress on these very real concerns.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Rhone Odhiambo wrote:
      > Habari kila mtu[Hi every one-kiswahili]
      > hope you are all safe and ok where you are.well i did
      > receive the money from Andrius while in naivasha and
      > the western union clerk told me to be keen seen with
      > my Luo national identity card.
      > i was able to talk to Racheal and she hooked me up
      > with Ochien,an IDP in naivasha who is luo and had a
      > talk with him today moening at 8 for us and Rachael to
      > try and arrange a meeting between the 2 groups but
      > Ochieng was not sure becauase of rivalry between the 2
      > communities and the recent killing of the luo communiy
      > in naivasha but we will still try to push for it.
      > I also had atalk with Rachael about ared cross issue
      > from her group Mungiki;one of the red cross volunteers
      > was taken captive by the group members and was taken
      > to one of the hotels where he met the gang in army
      > clothes but masked faces.they raised issue of one of
      > the camps set up for the kikuyu community isnt
      > receiving good attention from the red cross and they
      > demanded food to be taken to them or else they would
      > hijack acar or lorry for food to take there.i talked
      > with Rachael and she is to see to it.
      > i was also able to meet with an IDP named CATHRINE
      > MAtindachege displaced from the Creative rossses
      > flower farm because she is Kikuyu but luhya.she saw
      > one of the neighbour,a lady of 3 kids hacked to death
      > because she was luo and she ran to the Naivasha
      > Prisons for protection. with help from red cross we
      > were able to give her safe passage to town where i
      > paid her fare to nairobi to some relative.she arrived
      > safe afew hours ago
      > am now in nakuru where in the next 45 minutes will be
      > meeting with the group for football but i will
      > refferee the game and also i got food from the red
      > cross and some few clothes for them.
      > Dennis thanks for the transportation of the kids and
      > some families.
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