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Laura Betty Chepchumba asks for help to attend NYIT

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Laura, Thank you for writing! and for signing up for Kiyavilo Msekwa s group now called Learn How To Learn http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/ I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008

      Thank you for writing! and for signing up for Kiyavilo Msekwa's group
      now called Learn How To Learn
      I also share with other groups which you have attempted to send to.

      I won't myself help with your request. It's not a priority for me. But
      this is a good place to ask for help. I also think that if you
      participate at Kiyavilo's group, then you can achieve a lot. I believe
      that working with us at our lab you can get an education better than
      what you will receive at that university. I have a Ph.D. in mathematics
      and if you study hard I can help you go much farther and deeper than you
      would with them. We would surely benefit. You can also do projects and
      learn skills that would help you win support or earn money. If you work
      hard, then I would not be surprised if you can earn enough to survive
      while you study.

      It was nice to speak. You told me that you know how to program in C++
      and Java, is that right? And that you would be interested to learn how
      to create and program websites? Do you have a computer? Please write
      more about what you already know, what you would like to know.

      I am excited that you are with us. We do have many projects that you
      could help with as a software developer as a volunteer, unpaid. The need
      is very big. Also, as we know you then we grow to care about you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003


      Dear Andrius and Janet,

      Greetings to you from Eldoret, Kenya.

      Thank you Andrius for speaking to me and being sympathetic with my
      situation. The fact is that I do not feel it safe to continue to learn
      in Kenya owing to the worsening security situation. As a 21 year old
      girl, I feel quite not safe to go back to Kenyatta University,
      especially now that other communities other than the Kikuyu are being
      threatened with eviction and death if they do not leave the area soon.
      Presently I am studying at this university where I have been pursuing a
      bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. Owing to this I have applied
      to join a US university and in this respect, I wish to request for any
      individual r benevolent institution to support my studies there. I will
      continue to work for this valuable network of people interested in
      global order characterized by love for one another and peace everywhere.
      As I informed you I am the daughter of Wesley Chirchir who is working on
      a regional peace program in North Rift Kenya which was badly affected by
      the post election violence. I am too actively involved on the process.
      Presently I am volunteering for the International Organization for
      Migration (IOM) where I am registering the Internally Displaced Persons
      (IDP) and later on doing the date entry. The fact is that I like doing
      humanitarian work as well as promoting peaceful co-existence.

      As per my request to you and your partners, I would like to kindly
      request for any organizations and individuals willing to sponsor me to
      the US to pursue studies at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).
      This institution has admitted me to pursue a degree course in Computer
      Science, beginning 01/22/2008 and will be based at the Manhattan campus.
      The university has granted me an academic scholarship of US$ 7,500,
      leaving me to raise US$ 33,000, which I do not have. Owing to my humble
      family status, I have decided to look for sponsorship from your
      organization and especially so you and the women in business and with a
      big philanthropist heart to support me. Out of the above amount, $
      21,729 will be for tuition and fees while 10,521 will be for living and
      $750 for medical insurance.
      While in High School, I actively participated in swimming. I competed
      both within the school emerging no. 2 thus earning myself a trip to the
      District and Provincial competitions. It was at the provincial level
      that I emerged position 3. I also participated in drama in which my
      school went up to the National Level. Besides I am a member of the Red
      Cross Society, Badminton and Lawn Tennis clubs.


      I would really appreciate if I could be sponsored to pursue this course
      in computer Science as I desire to enrich my knowledge in computer
      technology. I am interested in this course as it will assist me a lot in
      terms of beginning careers in various fields involving IT and software
      applications and programming, which include Visual Basic programmer or
      developer, C++ programmer or developer, Java programmer or developer, or
      system application developer.

      To this end, I will appreciate if you can speak directly to the bursar
      at bursarow@... <Compose?To=bursarow@...> or the Admissions
      office at admissions@... <mailto:admissions@...> or simply
      call the office at 1.516.686.7520. We will appreciate if your
      organization considered visiting us one day in KENYA where we can show
      you around and indeed consider establishing an exchange program.

      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
      Yours sincerely

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