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Samwel, Dante, Jeff - let's start! for MyFoodStory

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    I m happy to report that Greg Wolff and Victor Colunga of UnaMesa Association have sent out the first payment of $6,000 for our work on My Food Story. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20 3:57 PM
      I'm happy to report that Greg Wolff and Victor Colunga of UnaMesa Association
      have sent out the first payment of $6,000 for our work on My Food Story.
      This includes payments for the first three teams that we will feature. I'm
      now waiting for the eCheck to clear, and then to transfer the funds to my
      checking account, so that will take about ten days total.

      Samwel, please consider, how would be the best way to send you money? Is it
      possible for you to open a bank account so that I could send you a money

      Dante, Jeff, do you have PayPal accounts?

      Please know that this is a modest amount of money ($500 plus bonuses) for
      part-time work for a period of several months, long enough to get going a
      community that has an interest in regularly contributing to our MyFoodStory
      website and its list of stories and producers. So it truly should be related
      to your personal interests as much as possible.

      My plan is to feature:
      - Samwel Kongere (soybean, wifi, motivation to sacrifice) in October, 2006 at
      a new group
      - Dante Gabryell-Monson (cacao, concept mapping, paradigms for inspiration)
      in November, 2006 - please confirm! at working-in-parallel
      - Jeff Buderer (fish, George Chan's integrated farming and waste management,
      sustainability) in December, 2006 at back-to-the-root

      Also, Janet Feldman, it would be great if you might work as a team leader to
      support Pamela McLean, for example, on chicken - learning from each other -
      and multibandwidth interfaces, for example, in January, 2006. There's quite
      a bit of time to think about that.

      Samwel, what would you like to name your new group? It should be related to
      your key concept of "motivation to sacrifice" in English or Kiswahili or
      another language.

      I have thought a lot about our various comments and have organized quite a
      few of them at our wiki http://www.myfoodstory.org My main concern is that
      we have clear leaders with personal projects that might make for vibrant
      communities that continue into the future. Indeed, this is the main
      deliverable that I face ("six vibrant communities") but it is also the main
      goal that I have as a co-investor (that our independent thinkers grow in
      depth and number). Please understand that this is not a typical work-for-pay
      but that we are all sharing this opportunity to build our assets that should
      have value to us in the future. And our greatest asset is our people. So I
      will look to each of you as an investigator that we are featuring, an
      investigator whose project we're organizing around. This will keep our
      projects interesting because they will be open-ended to a degree, and we will
      engage people to help us. Also, your field agents will assist you in your
      investigations and may have questions in their own right. A key goal is that
      by revealing your interests you will attract and hold together fantastic

      So please write about the project that you want to work on. It should
      highlight your chosen crop in a way that shows its meaning. Your project
      should help you reach out to people who might help you and who would be
      interested in the long run. As you write about your project we will
      understand what producers and technologists to reach out to. Certainly, your
      project can involve several crops, several values, several technologies, as
      Janet and others have suggested. But for purposes of focused presentation
      and focused investigation it is important to bring to the forefront one crop,
      one value, one technology. So I think the best is to make sure that the value
      is one that you personally care greatly for. This is how we will be sure to
      attract and engage the right people as our helpers.

      Please let's realize that we will be engaging people and they are of a very
      wide range of consciousness, at least in the online sense. Janet and all, it
      is very important to keep separate how things seem to you (a few handfuls who
      may be signed up to 10 groups) and how they seem to 90% of our 1000+ lurkers
      (who typically are signed up to 1 group) and all the people in between. My
      goal, with our help, is to plan out how to engage people who will be
      participating at different levels.

      Samwel, Dante, Jeff, please think, who might be your field agents? Please
      write about the people who you would like to work for you. They should be
      people who have:
      * demonstrated that they can work online by writing letters to our lab's
      * demonstrated they they can write about their personal values - what is
      their deepest value that includes all their values? and an investigatory
      question that they don't have the answer to, but intend to answer?
      * demonstrated that they can "work for free", that they have a project of
      their own that they are working on and can share with us.
      Samwel Kongere was a great example of such a field agent and that is why he
      is now a team leader. Let's find more such examples!

      We have many such candidates at Holistic Helping, see the pulldown for
      thinkers at:
      and I invite more of us to speak up and introduce ourselves!

      So we will need to work closely with our field agents and help them grow.

      Also, we will want to have and build a team of people who will help us build
      our resource. We can develop a community currency to help reward them. But
      most important is to be responsive to their own projects and to reach out and
      invite people who might benefit from working with us.

      We will also want to reach out to producers. But often they may participate
      less actively, much like "lurkers". So I'm interested in creating an email
      driven "social ping" system which, as Thomas Kalka envisages, would contact
      them every month or two with a questionnaire by which they might update, for
      example, their producer profile or add a story.

      We need to think about the data formats that we would like to maintain. That
      is the strength of our new system at http://www.myfoodstory.info It is
      straightforward to create new questionnaires (new object types) as this is as
      easy as creating new wiki pages. This will take some time to think through.
      Also, I look forward to working with David Alan Body of http://www.xigi.net
      to see how we might most usefully exchange data.

      Also, Greg has encouraged us to think about business models for the future.
      Steve Bosserman and I have quite a few ideas. One simple one is to contact
      Andrea Mills of Italy Innovation Lab, he is interested in funding work on
      projects similar to the chocolate project, and we might build a version of
      our system for the Piacenza, Italy region just as we are for the Columbus,
      Ohio region.

      Those are some questions on my mind for now.

      Greetings from Tel Aviv, Israel,

      Good night!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
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