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Re: Janet, may I call you? My story

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I wrote a bit more to another group and I add that below. I think you can understand that it is so strange to live in one s own world, like our lab, and then
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2008
      I wrote a bit more to another group and I add that below. I think you
      can understand that it is so strange to live in one's own world, like
      our lab, and then in this other supposedly real world, which just seems
      more and more contrived. I guess there is beauty in that.

      Rachel, Ken, David, Dennis and all our Kenyan leaders, I realized what
      to say to you: Please let us know how we can serve you. Lead us with
      your answer. Minciu Sodas is a laboratory for serving and organizing
      independent thinkers. Andrius


      I share a letter which I just wrote to Janet Feldman and our Kenyan
      leaders at our Minciu Sodas laboratory. This last month we have worked
      nonstop, raised $10,000 of mostly our own money, and distributed it I
      estimate to probably about 100 peacemakers, 1,000 volunteers and 10,000
      victims. We have shifted focus perhaps a dozen times to cast out any
      inklings towards genocide and we have achieved what no government may
      not even be able to do, which is to win the hopes of the Mungikis and
      open the roads. Dennis Kimambo rode safely today from Nakuru to Nairobi,
      there were no roadblocks. I see among us the inspiring genius of
      Founding Fathers-Mothers-Sisters-Brothers and I have enjoyed a turn at
      playing General Washington at the computer. We took the opportunity to
      prevent a Rwandan-style genocide. We have the chance to organize a
      national government, for example, by simply asking, In these days, Who
      has "worked for free"? Who has called for peace? Who was publicly
      available? We can set the culture for an entire country. Maybe not
      now, but maybe someday. We are believers because we have seen. Knock,
      knock! We are coming to your neighborhood. Better yet, come to ours.


      Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      > Janet if you are around in the next hour or so I would gladly strategize
      > with you regarding the next month or so. We had a good chat today with
      > Rachel, Ken, David present and I was emboldened to say we might together
      > seek $100,000 to distribute this month. They are interested to approach
      > Safaricom which makes a lot of sense because I suspect they can "print"
      > that airtime at almost no cost to them and no loss to traffic, either,
      > because these are volunteers calling volunteers, enemies calling
      > enemies, etc. not the usual calls anybody would make.
      > I'm thinking about my own role - both as a strategy leader and as a fund
      > organizer - and the basis for any such role (Kenyan based or outside
      > based) and the governance mechanism for our pyramid. The current
      > arrangement is unusual but there is something extremely effective about
      > it, too. I suppose it would be good to separate the person (Andrius)
      > from the role (leader) and then have a reasoning why the person has that
      > role.
      > I am delighted by our Kenyan leaders, both those whose great stature has
      > made itself evident, and those who have risen to the occassion, and
      > likewise all around the world who have come together as one family.
      > Pamela McLean is collecting our stories. My own personal story is that,
      > thanks to us all, I have had the chance to contribute many of the skills
      > I have fostered at various times in my life, as if they found their
      > purpose these days. As a youth, I was an expert chess player, and when
      > I lived with my grandmother, I became skilled at engaging gangs. I feel
      > engaged as a strategic leader, which is the role that I originally
      > intended for Asif when we faced the media blackout because of his
      > extensive knowledge of the Kenyan reality. I woke up and he had not
      > proceeded, so I realized I must take charge myself. I immediately
      > dispatched money to Davis Weddi in Uganda and Kiyavilo Msekwa in
      > Tanzania and with that I started our operations. Later that day I spoke
      > with Asif and asked him, what can we do to help? and his suggestion was
      > that we collect used cellphones in the US and ship them to Kenya. At
      > that moment I concluded that probably most people lack a focus on the
      > logic of immediate solutions. I think I have taken a role that was open
      > to take, and I have played with gusto, and best of all, I have shared it
      > with everybody I can, so that we have all gotten a taste of it, which
      > delights my soul, this banquet. I have taken responsibility myself to
      > confer with others to reevaluate our situation from scratch every few
      > days, to reorder our priorities, and to marshal resources - usually our
      > very own - to make the decisive moves while staying one with all. My
      > story is the dozen or so letters I wrote by which I led openly. I am
      > actually happy to relinquish that role, it is a good one.
      > I am blessed that our Kenyan leaders have achieved great victories. My
      > own failure or challenge is to engage the real enemy which is the status
      > quo. I can see and you can see the miracles that we have witnessed.
      > But others can't see them. They can see the road that is blocked, but
      > they can't see the road that was opened. Welcome to the invisible world.
      > You know and I know that we could rule a small planet like this as a
      > paradise, an orchard of thoughts planted by God and cared for by us.
      > You and I know that among us are leaders who can be, could be or will be
      > Presidents of Kenya - and there can be many - of a caliber there may not
      > yet have been. We are today the Presidents of Kenya, a Kingdom of
      > Heaven, where what you believe is what happens.
      > I don't think the Mungikis will disappoint us. I think we may
      > disappoint them. I think that the status quo can't be happy with the
      > consequences of our work. I don't think they will fund us or support
      > us, but I wish they would. I don't have the skill or the keys to unlock
      > the many locks. I don't even know if it is possible for a good person
      > to pry open those doors.
      > I invite us to consider this as the first steps on the ground of a
      > twenty year journey to remake our world in the spirit that we live
      > today. I encourage us to dare to play an ever more serious game, draw
      > an ever more serious picture, because we can. I am sorry to think that
      > too soon we will lose, we will hit a wall or a ceiling, we will be
      > repelled, we will fall away. I am sorry to know that the good spirit of
      > Lithuania's independence movement is a faint sigh. I am sorry to say
      > that the America I grew up in is a distant place. I thank you for
      > lifting my heart and I listen to you for the pace at which I should
      > beat. We have sprinted, and we will march a long ways, and as I lead
      > our Minciu Sodas laboratory I will add our drum.
      > I am glad you are in unity. I am excited to hear from your spirit, the
      > prayer of your intentions.
      > Janet, I have started by writing to you, but have drifted to writing to
      > our Kenyans and all of us, as that is what's on my heart that I would
      > share with you, and care to hear your thoughts. I appreciate your
      > recent letters which are so measured that I see in them your
      > investigatory mind. That is another, longstanding reason to call, which
      > is to encourage you to take a deeper step and engage us in your growth
      > ongoing. I think in these days we've all matured to treasure that.
      > I'm still up for a bit if you are around.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > +370 699 30003
      > Vilnius, Lithuania
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