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Re: [learningfromeachother] Participation , Moodle , and Open content.

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Pam and All, Greatest thanks for this posting, as it s always inspiring to see what you are up to!! Also, I m excited that it looks like you ve made a
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 18, 2006
      Dear Pam and All,

      Greatest thanks for this posting, as it's always inspiring to see what you are up to!! Also, I'm excited that it looks like you've made a connection with Derek Keats--w/whom we just spoke during Global Learn Day in early October--in this other setting!! Did you know him from this COL forum before GLD, or did you first "meet" (speak) during GLD and then connect via COL?

      I'm also happy to see the COL connection w/regard to you, because I think your work and that of FF could benefit from a link to them, and they could benefit from knowing you. I do recall that you know Krishna Alluri (our GRASSUP mentor) already, as he cc'd both of us re advising someone he knows in Nigeria this past spring...does that mean you're working with COL already? I'd like to know more abt what you're doing along those lines.

      Can you tell us more here abt the pc4innovation forum and work, too? I'll also try to find info, and will hopefully subscribe to the conference/forum in any case, because it would surely inform the COL-related work myself and others in GRASSUP NOW.

      With immense appreciation for being such an invaluable "COL"-league, and yours in Moodle magic!! Janet (ps did you see an article abt Moodle on DDN? I still have it in case you didn't and would like me to post it here)

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      >Subject: [learningfromeachother] Participation , Moodle , and Open content.
      >Just to share what I am up to.
      >The email trail below may be onf interst to anyone here who is
      >interested in Participation , Moodle, or Open content.- you are very
      >welcome to particiapte as outlined in the two emails below - Pam.
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      >Subject: Re: [iiep-oer] invitation to participate
      >Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:04:38 +0100
      >From: Pamela McLean <pam.mclean@...>
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      >Derek Keats wrote
      >>Much of the discussion I have heard so far has been based on looking at
      >>big, prominent Free Software and open source projects. But there are
      >>thousands of small projects with just a few people who come and go, and
      >>that sometimes only live for months or a few years.
      >Our small Teacher's Talking project may be of interest to anyone who
      >would like to explore some practicalities of working as part of a small
      >voluntary team to create freely available resources. It is not "normal"
      >distance learning. It is not part of any formally assessed course, and
      >the idea is not to deliver materials to course participants on-line.
      >The online bit is coming because I want to make school-room resources,
      >related to ICT, available to trainers, who will teach teachers, who will
      >teach pupils about ICT. (I know the teachers like the approach, so now I
      >want to share it with others trainers, instead of being the only person
      >delivering the programme.)
      >Details are in the email I wrote to a trainer in Botswana, which is
      >copied below. I hope these resources may also feed into the CCNC and
      >Wayne's COL wiki as appropriate. I'm not sure exactly what copyright
      >thing it will be - except that people may as well use it, if it is
      >useful to them. (We are using Moodle because it provides us with a good
      >"virtual meeting place" for our Special Interest Groups.) - Pam
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      >Subject: Re: [PCF4 Innovation] Innovations to fill the gap
      >Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 20:59:01 +0100
      >From: Pamela McLean <pam.mclean@...>
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      >To: pcf4innovation@...
      >References: <7FC6BD090B08314C991FF9FDBF6612DE02B979C5@...>
      >Dear Judith
      >I was interested to read your email about teacher education in Botswana
      >as I am involved in a small scale programme for teachers in rural
      >Nigeria known as TT (Teachers Talking about ICTs).
      >Part of the TT programme is a course called "NC3" (the No-Computer
      >Computer Course) which may be relevant to your needs..
      >I am about to visit some potential TT trainers in Nigeria and, in
      >preparation, I have put some of the NC3 resources on the Internet at
      >Cawdnet Campus (using Moodle) . If you want to see the NC3 resources
      >please go to http://moodle.cawd.net/ then click on the link to Teachers
      >Talking programme and login. If you find anything useful you are welcome
      >to make use of it. Please let me know if you do. (If you have any
      >trouble accessing it then email me - because we are still rather new to
      >using Moodle and things may not go quite as I hope/expect. However I'm
      >unlikely to be able to reply to emails for a while.)
      >There are more resources to come later. I have not put everything that I
      >have prepared up there yet - and more is still "in my head" from face to
      >face teaching. I also hope to invite people from this and other lists to
      >collaborate with me in collecting/developing additional resources. I
      >hope to set up a working group at Cawdnet Campus to do that when I get
      >back from Nigeria.
      >If anyone else is interested in seeing/using/helping to develop the
      >resources please also visit http://moodle.cawd.net/ then click on the
      >link to Teachers Talking programme and login. (If you know your way
      >around Moodle and want to be proactive and start to use the forums
      >please feel free - and I'll catch up with you when I get back.)
      >KAMAU, J.W. (MRS.) wrote:
      >>Thanks for these reflections. I am involved in running a an in-service
      >>teacher education in Botswana.we have an enrolment of about 2400. One of
      >>the major challenges has been teaching a course in computer skills
      >>outside of residential sessions because majority of learners have no
      >>access to computers. I would be interested to explore further the
      >>issues you are raising about alternative access in a developing country
      >>in the African context where the digital divide I would imagine is
      >> Thanks
      >> Judith Kamau
      >>Coordinator Diploma in Primary Education by distance mode
      >>University of Botswana
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    • Pamela McLean
      Thanks Janet. Travelling soon - won t be able to reply before I get back. (Should be early Nov) Pam
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 18, 2006
        Thanks Janet.
        Travelling soon - won't be able to reply before I get back. (Should be
        early Nov)
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