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Includer and offline work; COMMUNIA workshop

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    CC: Net Brotherhood, Learning From Each Other ... Ricardo, Kiyavilo and all, I have started working again on the Includer. http://www.includer.org for people
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2008
      CC: Net Brotherhood, Learning From Each Other

      Ricardo, Kiyavilo and all,

      I have started working again on the Includer. http://www.includer.org
      for people with marginal Internet access.

      A couple of days ago I bought the Gumstix processor and I suppose it
      will arrive in about three or four weeks but then we can start working
      with that here.

      I am working on getting the visas for our African participants. That
      will be tough because we don't have an embassy in the various
      countires. But I know our Foreign minister and our ambassador in Israel
      and I hope they might help, we'll see.

      If we can get the visas early enough then I think I will have enough
      COMMUNIA money to invite three Africans and if we can get support from
      sponsors then certainly more. I will be engaging the largest companies
      to participate in our workshop which is "Ethical Public Domain: Debate
      of Questionable Practices" and I will organize a fund for them to fund
      "friendly criticism" so I hope there is some response.

      I'm working on our online interface so that Fred Kayiwa, Kiyavilo Msekwa
      and others can download our letters for example they are zipped here:
      http://www.worknets.org/download/zip/HH-2007-10.zip Today I fixed up
      our code so those will get zipped hourly and be fresh. (The yahoo2mbox
      routine got out of date, Yahoo changed its format again, so I installed
      the latest version. So we're a couple of thousand letters behind, but
      we'll download those over the next two days.) We can keep improving
      that and start experimenting with the Sneakernet and the offline work.

      Similarly I'm automating the work to convert our wiki to the offline
      version and make the recently changed pages downloadable. Maybe I can
      do that tomorrow.

      Yesterday I wrote a routine (still have to perfect it) that reads all of
      the wiki pages (in the offline version) and finds all the URLs in them.
      Some of these URLs are links to the Yahoo groups archives. I will use
      this to take our list of letters at http://www.ms.lt/news.php and for
      each letter if it appears in any wiki pages, add with the letter's
      information the wiki page names as "tags". When we copy material from
      the letters to the wiki, we just have to be sure to add the url for the
      letter. Then the program will find it and link, for example, the tag
      "Eldoret" to the letter if the letter's url appears on the Eldoret wiki
      page. This way Sasha Mrkailo and I and others can know which letters
      have been "wikified" and on what pages.

      All of this automation will make it easier to prepare the latest version
      of our content for the Flash drives. I have almost 40 that I should
      send soon to Africa. I will send some to many individuals and then I
      will see what Fred and Kennedy say about their ability to sell them and
      if I should send more for the Nairobi office.

      George Christian Jeyaraj is learning how to program. He saw me write
      the Perl script for searching the urls and he will try to make a program
      to search all the files for any word requested. This would be useful
      for the Flash Drive Content.

      I also need to spend more energy finding clients/funders at this time.
      We're achieving so much and that's a missing link.

      And I will need all of our help to make the COMMUNIA workshop a great
      success. We will work on our wiki http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org
      and I will ask our Africans and Lithuanians to help as we learn the
      fundamentals of the Public Domain and also the intricacies of various
      cases with the giant companies. We have many intelligent people and
      with a solid knowledge of these issues we can serve as "prosecutors" or
      "judges" for particular cases ("questionable practices") and offer
      friendly, constructive solutions.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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