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Neil, Paul, Video bridges? Global villages?

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    Neil McEvoy, Paul Prueitt, Thank you for engaging us at GlobalVillages and elsewhere with your bold initiatives from very different corners of the world, rural
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2006
      Neil McEvoy, Paul Prueitt,

      Thank you for engaging us at GlobalVillages and elsewhere with your bold
      initiatives from very different corners of the world, rural Scotland and
      northern New Mexico. I want to reply at least briefly. I am writing from
      Cyprus where yesterday we finished the first meeting for the European Union's
      MIR learning partnership for linking adult education and local development.
      Franz Nahrada involved me and our lab, we've been accepted as new partners in
      2007-2008 subject to approval and financing from Lithuania's Socrates agency.
      Thank you, Franz, for all you do for us!

      I had the chance to talk with Franz about his vision for global villages.
      Crucial is the "video bridge" technology that uses a video camera, a
      projector and Internet access to connect two locations so that the entire
      wall becomes a view into the other location, and vice versa. This opens up a
      new and stimulating kind of collaboration which, we imagine, helps us overcome
      the "provinciality" of our villages.

      In particular, Franz has come up with a business model that he is
      successfully presenting to the Austrian telecom. His idea is that the
      telecom offer a video bridging service which includes in the package the
      basic technology that is needed. This is similar to a DSL provider providing
      the DSL modem and folding the cost into the service. The advantage is that
      the service user does not have to buy the technology and worry as to how it
      will evolve in the future. In particular, the user can start out using the
      current proprietary hardware standards but be free to switch over to open
      source standards when they become available and usable.

      Neil, please write more about your vision for rural Scotland and how we might
      participate! I think that the video bridges would be for us a central
      resource that we could offer a lot around. If you are interested, I and
      others could write more about our vision of global villages and how it might
      apply in your area. We're thinking of global villages as having a focal
      point - the video bridge room - where people can come to engage each other
      and the world with absolutely any issue on their mind, and learn where to get
      a response and how to get involved. I am interested to map out some of these
      dimensions and also consider how they are supported by various technologies
      and methodologies including community currency, wi-fi Internet access,
      solaroof and more.

      Paul, Thank you for working openly and "thinking out loud"! I greatly
      appreciate that. I also suggest if we might together draw up a plan that
      could help you unfold your vision with much smaller resources. I recommend
      considering the role that a "global villages" and "video bridge" approach
      might play as you organize your community, both the real Taos and the virtual
      Taos. What do you think? I imagine that Taos, New Mexico is one of the least
      "provincial" villages in the world. Perhaps we could make a joint effort to
      engage profound "independent thinkers" there in complexity science and other

      Thank you for sharing your opportunities with us! And I look forward to
      Franz's leadership for fleshing out his "global villages" vision for the next
      three years. We agreed to focus our efforts on Austria. He foresees 50
      global villages (with the video bridge technology) in the next three years,
      and 50 more villages around the world. Also, he helped me with my own vision
      for "traveling self-learning" which I look forward to sharing and implementing
      these next three years.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      in Cyprus and soon in Israel
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