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I can join the MY FOOD STORY work

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  • samuel kongere
    Dear Andrius, Great to read your comments and all the rest of Information regarding the most highlighted response and a further plan for our extreme MS Lab. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 5, 2006
      Dear Andrius,
      Great to read your comments and all the rest of Information regarding the most highlighted response and a further plan for our extreme MS Lab. I tend always to think as an independent thinker and these are the roots which make me what I am, either in community or outside.  I treasure very much most of the inputs we get from you and Janet, for the combined prosperity of our mission of the global villages and the entire Lab of MS. The mail I’m responding to now is from you and the delights needs my in put………….
      I will start responding from them. I have to consider working for “My Food Story”
      as one of the 6 team coordinators. That would be extremely helpful and I could not miss to attend this wonderful piece of work included in our livelihood and as Africa mostly needs this input for upgrading the livelihood and her peoples. I am trying to learn something about our
       Tanzanian colleagues and including them in the work of MS Lab. First we must identify their interests. Thanks for looking for other opportunities for our Lab altogether, I am going to work for My FOOD STORY………………….and would be happy to attend the coming  World Social 
      Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, January 20-25, 2007, http://wsf2007.org and represent our Lab and sign up people especially into our working groups. You can go on and plan what our work will be as assistants working online. I will appreciate working as an assistant for our group to help
       others. As I read from Janet she is already putting us in the pioneers of change….pioneers of Change is a better move for us too and we need know all about it..
      Regarding my travels to Europe considering what would be most
      Effective is vibrant, as you mentioned in your mail having a nomad getting me round is wonderful and touring Lithuania and having a glimpse of what our Lab does is appreciated. It isn’t just a matter of staying there but to stay to help and be helped. You know my weaknesses in IT can also be boosted while I am there as you proposed, this can make a wonderful tour for me and the groups I am working with. Touring
       villages is good for me as I need exchange experiences and would love learning why other communities are what they are and not us.
      Surely visiting Europe; Lithuania, Italy and other countries is what I have hoped for. Maria told me about you and always meeting you have been my thought, this have been my hope after I came across you and seeing what you do there for our Lab is a wonderful suggestion.  It will be another added advantage. Although the initial plan was
       to visit Maria in Italy and having you plan for this trip is because it’s destined to be for our MS-Lab.
      I have not finished the translation yet but hope to finish it sooner. Inform Helmut I am
       tuning the key words and I will send them to him after completion.
      Otherwise have another prosperous day and remember to send me your Cell phone No I need to SMS sometimes.

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Pamela, Yes, thank you for your thoughtful letter which I share.

      Indeed, Moodle and other online technologies for managing relationships
      between bandwidth rich and poor might be exactly what's relevant here,
      and something that you're definitely interested in. Another such
      technology is TiddlyWiki by Jeremy Ruston, http://www.tiddlywi ki.com
      which is a wiki that is based on JavaScript and stores all the data on a
      single HTML page that can be accessed and updated offline. Jeremy is
      working for Greg Wolff's UnaMesa Association and Greg is encouraging us
      to work together. I'm especially interested that he might adapt
      TiddlyWiki further for use offline and then synchronize as you suggest.
      Also, I will be developing a questionnaire- driven interface based on
      Helmut Leitner's ProWiki page formats and perhaps we can exchange data
      with TiddlyWiki, too. Jeremy, I Cc you and I invite you to join our
      Minciu Sodas laboratory's working group
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/workinginp arallel/ (send a blank message
      to workinginparallel- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com) which at our lab is the
      best place to work on such technological questions. I look forward to
      writing more and engaging you regarding our lab's work
      http://www.foodstor y.com for UnaMesa Association. Jeremy Ruston and
      Pamela McLean http://www.ms. lt/?thinker= Pamela_McLean are both based in

      Lucas, with your guidance as we develop such a channel for poultry
      people in bandwidth rich and bandwith poor areas to connect, we could
      use that to share information regarding a possible human flu pandemic
      that might arise from bird flu. If you might advise and inspire, I
      could find a team leader and field agents that could bring out such


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      +370 (699) 30003
      skype: minciusodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      Pamela McLean wrote:
      > Hi Andrius.
      > Regarding chickens and possible input.to http://www.myfoodst ory.com
      > As discussed, when it comes to chickens and learning from each other I
      > can only act as an intermediary - putting you/your team in contact with
      > an information source in Nigeria. I am cautious of offering any such
      > introduction because I know how difficult it is to establish and
      > maintain anything like an effective flow of information from rural
      > Nigeria - but if the difficulties are understood and embraced then we
      > could try..
      > Please be aware that I have not yet asked Kazanka Comfort about her
      > possible involvement, because her time online is limited, and I do not
      > want to waste it with "perhaps and possibly" emails. If we come up with
      > a serious plan then we will put it to her.
      > As you know I am currently exploring ways of organising Cawdnet's
      > collaborative work through the use of Moodle at "Cawdnet Campus". We are
      > already finding it a good fit for managing information in the ways that
      > we need to do - and we also like various features that although we have
      > yet to apply them, we know will be useful and available to us.
      > We think of Cawdnet Campus as a collection of "information cupboards" -
      > one for each Special Interest Group. We are trying to make it equally
      > suitable for the needs and expectation of two different types of
      > contributors/ users - one type is "bandwidth rich" the other is
      > "bandwidth poor". Our challenge is to find the most effective ways to
      > accept, order and present information so that the system is equally
      > considerate to the needs of both groups - to get the right balance
      > between "info pull" and "info push" to suit different circumstances. . It
      > is still very early stages, but we are learning all the time about what
      > does, and does not work, in setting up and maintaining an effective SIG
      > at Cawdnet Campus.
      > If you do want to include input from rural Nigeria, then I suggest that
      > link is managed through a new Cawdnet Campus group - even if that group
      > only consists of one representative from Nigeria and one from your team
      > on the bandwidth rich (BR) side. It would be the responsibility of the
      > BR person to make it as easy as possible for the bandwidth poor (BP)
      > contributor to be informed and involved, without being faced with too
      > much information. I will explain more what I mean if it seems likely to
      > happen.
      > If it does seem likely to happen then I suggest we ask Comfort if we can
      > focus on her turkey farm, and chickens too - that is if it she has her
      > poultry work up and running again after the bird flu scare. It is very
      > small scale - but close to Internet connectivity - so close that the
      > birds scratch around in the area of the Fantsuam Foundation compound
      > where the satellite dish for the Internet is located. Nigerians use the
      > word "farm" to include large and small enterprises, including things of
      > a size that in the UK we would describe as "small-holdings" , or
      > "allotments" , or even "gardens".
      > I suggest that we ask Comfort to allocate one of the "volunteers" at
      > Fantsuam to collect information from her and contribute it to the
      > Cawdnet Campus SIG on poultry farms, set up for the purpose. The term
      > "volunteer" at FF covers a wide variety of relationships - but most need
      > to earn money, so there could well be someone willing to fill the role
      > you want. NB English is unlikely to be the volunteer's first language -
      > something else that the BR person needs to bear in mind regarding
      > expectations about communication.
      > The BR person needs to be prepared for cultural differences too. For
      > example - regarding attitudes to time - it seems that the local
      > languages have no equivalent for the term "deadline" - as I hear that
      > English word dropped into conversations that are otherwise completely
      > unintelligible to me ;-) The BR must be prepared for a different pace
      > to life....
      > These are the kind of issues that make me question if it is appropriate
      > for us to be connected with this particular project, which I think is
      > time dependent, and requires plenty of communication, and focuses on a
      > topic which we does not yet have an active group set up at Cawdnet Campus.
      > Pam
      > Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      >> Lucas, I have been reading your blog at our wiki
      >> http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?LucasGonzale zSantaCruz/ Blog
      >> regarding your work on preparations for a possible pandemic flu.
      >> I reply to your working group http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/mejoresvia s/
      >> on creative collaboration.
      >> You probably know, we've started work on a major project
      >> http://www.myfoodst ory.com to start an online resource for the world's
      >> food supply chain. We'll be featuring one crop each month. I'm drawing
      >> connections between a crop (such as "fish") and a human value (such as
      >> "sustainability" ) and a technology that supports them (such as George
      >> Chan's integrated farming and waste management).
      >> I spoke with Pamela McLean as to whether we might think of a crop that
      >> relates to her key concept of "learning from each other". One idea that
      >> came up was poultry. Chickens may foster our "learning from each other"
      >> because of our many different interconnections with them:
      >> - their life cycle - they yield both eggs and meat - and they
      >> - they can find some food for themselves, but they also need supplements
      >> - they are both social and individual, having a hierarchy
      >> - they have contact with other bird species which opens them up to both
      >> immunity and disease
      >> - through such contact they depend on the situation locally
      >> - they are kept for times indoors and for times outdoors
      >> - they are a distinct "package", both as eggs and as meat
      >> - they have significant impact on our nutrition
      >> - they interact with other farm animals.
      >> All of this to say that keeping chickens may require a lot of knowledge,
      >> but especially, a lot of sensitivity to applying that knowledge. I
      >> think of it as comparable to a parent who needs to watch their child's
      >> behavior to adjust the dose of a medication that they may need, such as
      >> for Turett's syndrome, so they don't get too much or too little.
      >> Similarly, a poultry farmer may need to consistently learn how to
      >> navigate the risk factors for their chicken. And likewise, consumers of
      >> chickens might pay more attention to how fresh the birds are, where they
      >> come from, what they eat, the season in the year, any chemicals they are
      >> fed, and so on.
      >> If there is such a connection (perhaps there is?), then we can ask, what
      >> technology fosters that? One technology which Janet Feldman brought up
      >> is community radio.
      >> If we were to organize a poultry team, then we could also have the
      >> opportunity to do something bird flu related. Lucas, I was wondering if
      >> you had any thoughts on all this, if you might see some possible
      >> connections?
      >> Trying to "find better ways together",
      >> Andrius
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas
      >> Minciu Sodas
      >> http://www.ms. lt
      >> ms@...
      >> +370 (5) 264 5950
      >> +370 (699) 30003
      >> Vilnius, Lithuania
      >> ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
      >> From Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz's blog:
      >> 2006-10-01
      >> * Why worry:
      >> o
      >> http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Science. OpinionAboutAFlu Pandemic
      >> o
      >> http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Science. GraphOfClusterSi zeAndFrequencyOv erTime
      >> o
      >> http://www.fluwikie 2.com/pmwiki. php?n=Forum. ASeverePandemicI sLikelyPart5
      >> o Helen Branswell writes about poor. Find link.
      >> * Gotta focus on:
      >> o
      >> http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. PandemicFluAware nessWeek2006
      >> o
      >> http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Consequenc es.RespiratoryPr eventionPackage
      >> o http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Brainstorm ing.SimpleMasks
      >> Comments
      >> AndriusKulikauskas: Lucas, Thank you for keeping us posted. We just got
      >> a request for MinciuSodas to support a proposal for a bird flu disaster
      >> related project. Also, I think that Pamela McLean might host chicken as
      >> the crop to feature for learning from each other in our work on
      >> http://www.myfoodst ory.com Do you have thoughts on a related technology,
      >> especially one that would foster learning from each other?
      >> LucasGonzalez: Andrius, A bird flu disaster related project? I don't
      >> know much about birds. My concern is pandemic flu - in humans. But if
      >> you tell me the details then I may look for some links. (I've been
      >> looking at how much food comes from what distance. Most here is from far
      >> away. I need look no deeper for the time being.) Also, "a related
      >> technology"? I don't know what you mean. I'll get some sleep.
      >> 2006-09-28
      >> Please, help translate from English into other languages:
      >> *
      >> http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. Es-PandemicFluAw arenessWeek2006
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. Es-PressRelease
      >> 2006-09-23
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. PandemicFluAware nessWeek2006
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. PressRelease
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Opinion. OutlineSummary
      >> * http://www.worldcha nging.com/ archives/ 004975.html
      >> * Food security, safety, sustainability.
      >> * Catching up on sleep.
      >> 2006-09-14
      >> * http://www.breathin gearth.net/
      >> * http://www.birdshot .cc/
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. PandemicFluAware nessWeek2006
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Main. PressRelease
      >> * http://www.fluwikie .com/pmwiki. php?n=Opinion. ForumTopics
      >> 2006-09-13
      >> Conversación con Stella. "Seguridad" alimentaria, proyecto de
      >> investigación. Bill Morrison. Instituto de Permacultura, red caórdica.
      >> ¿Proceso gradual? ¿Aprendizaje acelerado?
      >> 2006-09-07
      >> * Still catching up.
      >> o Using mindmaps helps me a bit in remapping things for myself
      >> and others.
      >> o There's this idea to have sharable mindmaps - we could in
      >> time have (or rather encourage) a repository of public domain mindmaps -
      >> in PNG or XML formats.
      >> o Whatever became of touchgraph?
      >> * Flu:
      >> o Folks at fluwikie are thinking about a "pandemic influenza
      >> awareness week",
      >> o and also about communication in a pandemic,
      >> o while avian flu in humans keeps boiling.
      >> Comments
      >> Lucas, you may see I have diagrammed our workflow and have started
      >> sorting our letters accordingly. Perhaps you might be interested to mind
      >> map, for example, our projects: http://www.ms. lt/?action= Project Or to
      >> mind map our Bird Flu letters. If you're interested in the latter I
      >> could try to program a search function that would catch and index all
      >> our letters that mention the "flu" or "pandemic" or another term. Let me
      >> know! AndriusKulikauskas September 8, 2006 1:50 CET
      >> 2006-09-03
      >> * Social distancing will be explored in practice. I wonder about
      >> different parts of the world. And of course different levels of
      >> motivation - but believing it would help would be a motivation.
      >> * New York City is apparently not prepared for a pandemic (not
      >> surprising). Andrius' "dealing with sudden massive population spread"
      >> does need further thinking. Lots of it. I wonder how, and who with. :-?
      >> 2006-08-31
      >> * Blog:
      >> Ok, glad to be welcomed back - home! Some folks at fluwikie "get it"
      >> regarding chicken farming. They should be linked to ZERI and friends.
      >> Worth a read, in time.
      >> * Conversation:
      >> AndriusKulikauskas: Lucas, it's great to see you back! Thank you for
      >> alerting me to FrenchieGirl at FluWiki. I wrote her an invitation to
      >> join us.
      >> Heh - you're fast, Andrius! Whether that invitation will work or not is
      >> up to the future to tell us. We may need to find ways to include or be
      >> of value to people who can't or won't work with their full names out
      >> there in the open. Another one for the back-burner.
      >> And I have some stuff I've been thinking about - I'll be "present" in 10
      >> more days, I hope. I need to finish off and catch up on a few things.
      >> Wouldn't mind a summary or two, but that's not possible so I'll just
      >> catch up slowly.
      >> Thanks! Lucas
      >> Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise http://www.ethicalp ublicdomain. org Please be kind to our authors!
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links
      > Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise http://www.ethicalp ublicdomain. org Please be kind to our authors!
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

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