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Update from Rome and thoughts for Samwel

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    Greetings from Rome! I took the night train from Milan. Today, thanks to Franz, I meet with Magius who is interested in open economy. He will introduce me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2006
      Greetings from Rome! I took the night train from Milan. Today, thanks to
      Franz, I meet with Magius who is interested in open economy. He will
      introduce me to Davide Gorini, the Incubatore of Open/Libre
      Sofftware president and other people. In the evening I will travel to the
      seaside resort of Santa Marinella where I will stay with Maria Agnese Giraudo
      for a few days. Wednesday afternoon I visit Andrea Mills and Nancy Cailleteau
      of the Italy Innovation Lab and the BraveBrains Innovation Alliance.

      Yesterday the Open Quality workshop went very well. I signed up nine people
      for Pamela McLean's working group "Learning from each other". Paolo Pumilia
      and his colleagues want to have a permanent committee for organizing
      conferences about Open Content. They agreed that we host them at Learning
      From Each other so that we might all build momentum together, especially as
      much of our discussion related to distance learning.

      I am very glad at the energetic response to the opportunity to work with
      Samwel. Also, hello to Kennedy, Daniel it's great to hear from you! and
      greetings to all newcommers.

      I think that Helmut's ideas are especially concrete, and that we can connect
      them with our wishes that we are bringing up.

      Samwel, my thought is that you lead us to organize a local Internet social
      network. This would have several steps:
      A) You would work for Helmut to translate his ProWiki software into
      Kisuaheli. Helmut has worked many hours to provide us with an advanced wiki.
      It is great that you could contribute to his work. You would get to know him
      by chat and email. Also, this might lead to more work or funding, which is
      very important.
      B) You would draw a simple geographical map of the area within 15 km of where
      you live. The map should show the Internet access points, the schools that
      would like to work with us somehow, and the independent thinkers who you have
      surveyed. Also, the map should show what subjects the people are interested
      in, for example: HIV/AIDS, bird flu, health, nutrition, making a living,
      computers, music, crafts, languages and more. Let us know which of the access
      points, if any, could be used for "video bridges".

      This map will help us all start an "asset based" approach as Jeff Buderer
      mentioned. It will also help us understand what is within walking distance
      as Pamela McLean noted.

      Once we have the map and topics, then you could start to organize a wiki in
      Kisuaheli, English and other languages:
      C) Set up ProWiki on a server (we can find a server for you)
      D) Work with thinkers, especially in the schools, who could be responsible
      for writing or editing certain pages on the subjects that they care about.
      E) Some of your people will have computers but without Internet access. So
      you could figure out how they could share information (using floppy disks,
      etc.) to the wiki and from the wiki. This would also help build
      relationships between people.

      Samwel, I think that in 2 months, for a total of 100 USD, you could do steps
      A) and B). Also, in that time, you could start to work on C), D) and E) and
      we could see if Helmut or others might finance more work.

      I think that the wiki combined with your network could be very effective.
      For example, you would be able to identify leaders for preparing for a
      possible bird flu pandemic. And have information about that in Kisuaheli.

      Samwel and all, would you like to do such work? And make such a map? And
      then later, organize a wiki and a network of people who contribute to it?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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