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Jackton, Amos and next steps for Kenyans?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Thank you to all for responding with such feeling. Thank you to all in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda for including us in your challenges. Friday was a dose of hope
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2008
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      Thank you to all for responding with such feeling. Thank you to all in
      Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda for including us in your challenges.

      Friday was a dose of hope and we hope that Saturday will be as well.
      Dennis Kimambo (in Nakuru) and +254 723 568 251 Kennedy Owino (in
      Nairobi) were each able to pick up $100 and I sent them $200 more each
      for them to pick up tomorrow. The purpose of these second shipments is
      for them to distribute throughout Kenya to the people who can help the
      most vulnerable. They are able to purchase phone card credits (there
      are no shortages for that in Nakuru and Nairobi) and then use their
      phones to send those credits to others throughout Kenya. This will let
      everybody make calls and be in touch. But more importantly, the credits
      can function as an alternative to cash, especially in areas where we
      haven't managed to deliver cash. Kenyans can use the credits to pay for
      help from each other, including food and travel.

      I spoke with Kennedy Owino and he agreed to send phone credits tomorrow
      to +254 723 007 877 Amos Obwanga (in Eldoret) and to +254 724 167 280
      Jackton Arija (near Homa Bay). I also sent instructions to +254 722 388
      275 Dennis Kimambo (see my letter below) and essentially those are the
      same instructions I give to Kennedy. Please use your best judgement and
      coordinate. A high priority for us is sending a large number of phone
      credits to Amos and Jackton. You can also send them to Samwel Kongere
      and other leaders who can distribute them further. Also, please use
      caution and send the credits to people you know or who you can verify.

      Jackton, when you get this email, please know that we are very concerned
      for you and your family and all in your area. We've tried to call your
      phone with no success. Please ask somebody to let you call Kennedy or
      Dennis or Samwel and they will send phone credits as you instruct. I
      hope you can do this and your situation improves soon.

      I also spoke about 10 pm Kenya time with Amos Obwanga in the Eldoret
      area. The situation is still not very good. For several days they have
      been surrounded by some 1,500 Kalenjin youths who want to drive out the
      Kikuyus and claim the land. Today some of the Kikuyus were moving out
      with police escorts and some are at the police station. They are able
      to head towards the Kikuyu homeland in the east. However, the Lou
      laborers remain and are not able to head to their homeland in the west
      because of roadblocks mounted by the Kalenjin militia. Also the price
      of travel is increasing. Amos had some breakfast but otherwise they
      were trying to gather some food without great success. During the day,
      Amos went into town, but all of the cash stations were closed and he
      could not pick up the bit of cash that we have sent him. He also made an
      effort, as I suggested, to talk with some of the Kikuyu people but they
      were afraid to talk. Amos and others are vulnerable. Amos was relieved
      to hear that we intend to send some phone credits, he said that would be
      very helpful. My hope is that we support him so that he and others
      could get food and travel as they decide.

      Yet I'm inspired by the great dedication of our friends in Kenya,
      Tanzania, Uganda. Kennedy's letters point to the real existence of a
      Kenyan fabric, a human fabric that we're all participating in, and the
      human pyramid is a wonderful and daring symbol. Thank you to Kiyavilo
      who called me and will write what he learned about the refugee situation
      at the Tanzanian border.

      Josephat Ndibalema has been translating texts into Kiswahili. Josephat,
      let's think now, what to do with the texts? Where are they needed and
      what help could they be? I am setting up the Kiswahili wiki at
      http://www.worknets.org/sw/ with Helmut Leitner's help. Maybe it will
      be ready this weekend. We need advice from our Kenyans what is the best
      way now that our Tanzanians can help.

      Ricardo asks if it is possible to send phone card credits from Uganda to
      Kenya, or from Tanzania to Kenya. Davis Weddi, Fred Kayiwa, Kiyavilo
      Msekwa, Josephat Ndibalema, William Wambura and all, do you know the
      answer? Or can you do an experiment?

      Samwel Kongere alerts us that in two or three days there may be great
      shortages if nothing is done. What can we do to prepare for such a
      calamity? Can we help so that food and other items are transported?

      What next steps do we take? I ask our Kenyans. Please instruct us how
      we should continue. We will try to support your work that you think is
      important. Ask for our help and we will try to respond. Should we
      focus on the short term or the long term? Should we try to raise and
      distribute more money? Keep helping person by person? Call Kenyans and
      help connect them? Seek political solutions? Please include us and keep
      us informed.

      I was very happy today that Sasha Mrkailo called Samwel Kongere. I have
      found such calls to be very effective but they take some practice and
      even a bit of courage and strength. It's great though to realize that
      compassion is a great source of energy and that our links can be so
      profound and pull us all so strongly. So I am interested that we go
      further in this direction. Indeed, I think we could find several social
      networkers: Awne Abo Zant in Israeli-occupied Paletine, Surya Rao Maturu
      in India, Meadowlea in the USA, Benoit in Canada who could do wonderful
      work if we could pay for their telephone (Skype Out) costs and provide
      small stipends. If there is interest we can pursue this or other
      directions, please let us know what to do. Also, if you think we're
      helping in a good way, then we can be bold to ask others (such as
      bloggers) to cast attention on your reports from Kenya and on how we can
      help in various ways.

      I will be working tomorrow on our Includer proposal. Thank you to
      Ricardo for ongoing, amazing help. Also, Sunday our laboratory is
      organizing BarCampLithuania http://www.barcamp.org/BarCampLithuania

      Good rest to all who find it!

      I share below the letter I sent earlier to Dennis.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania


      Dennis is the only one who succeeded picking up money so far. So I have
      sent him $200 more and asked him to purchase phone credits and
      distribute them.

      Dennis, my thought is to spread the money out to as many people as
      possible, but first to the people who are active in our networks and/or
      your networks and allow us to post their telephone publicly at:

      Here is a list of people:

      Start with the leaders:
      * +254 725 600 439 Samwel Kongere (Rusinga Island)
      * +254 723 568 251 Kennedy Owino (Kibera)
      * +254 725 678 641 Tom Ochuka (Kisumu)
      * +254 723 007 877 Amos Obwanga (Eldoret)
      and others you recommend
      and ask their help to spread this money and
      Jackton Arija is in urgent need of something because they have no food
      they only had sugar water last night.

      Thank you for your great leadership!

      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., +370 699 30003

      +254 725 600 439 SamwelKongere in Rusinga Island on Lake Victoria near
      Mbita Point. We spoke in the morning but he didn't answer in the
      evening. Samwel is safe and he will try to write in the coming days.

      +254 722 366 777 Muyela is a lawyer in Nakuru who we met today through
      Davis Weddi. We spoke for 15 minutes, see the chat transcript. Muyela
      made clear that everything would stop in one day if the current
      President simply called for an audit of the election results. If you
      call Muyela, then please let him know of Dennis Kimambo's work there
      organizing peace meetings, see Dennis' letter below.

      +254 722 388 275 DennisKimambo in Nakuru, community theatre leader and
      peace activist, see http://wiki.rising.globalvoicesonline.org/REPACTED
      Dennis was able to pick up money. If we could send more, he should be
      able to distribute phone credits to people throughout Kenya which can be
      used as a community currency.

      +254 725 678 641 TomOchuka in Kisumu, one of the hardest hit areas. I
      spoke with Tom tonight for 10 minutes. He was robbed and lost his
      digital camera, the pay phone from which his family makes a living, a
      gas cylinder and some funds. I will send him money that Ricardo donated.
      This is for his family, and if anybody has more to donate, Tom can
      organize support for the deaf he works with in Deaf Impact, this is a
      great time to help. http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?TomOchuka

      +254 723 568 251 KennedyOwino of Nafsi Afrika Acrobats in Nairobi's
      slums. Kennedy would be a great person to support, especially if he
      could distribute and organize help in Nairobi. This morning Samwel said
      that Kennedy was safe but had no transport into Nairobi.
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?KenOwino http://www.nafsiafriacrobats.org

      (David is in touch by email now but lost his mobile phone in some
      struggles in Kibera) DavidMutua of Teachers Talking Kenya- outside
      Nairobi in Kangundo district. He is from a minority tribe but perhaps he
      has contacts with people in the President's party which I imagine
      dominates there. Pamela McLean has not succeeded in contacting him.

      RonaldOmondi - western part of Kenya, Nyando district, 100 km from
      Kisumu - what is his telephone number?

      James of NafsiAfrikaAcrobats in Nairobi - WilliamWambura spoke with him

      +254 720 466 340 Douglas Arege - (a newcomer who came to our chat room)
      I am in kisii a small town in western kenya, the only help we need is as
      i said emergency relief: i.e food ,beddings and clothing to displaced
      families at various police centres and community grounds

      +254 723 007 877 Amos Obwanga in Eldoret (recommended by Samwel
      Kongere). They are very much in danger. They are not safe. They are in
      an area that is barricaded and within which they are surrounded and
      there are many threats, especially what might happen at night. They need
      an escort.

      +254 721 719 976 Kefar Onyango in Eldoret (recommended by Amos Obwanga)

      +254 732 502 742 Samwel Otieno in Nairobi (recommended by Amos Obwanga)

      +254 725 388 339 Alphons Nungo in Eldoret (recommended by Amos Obwanga)

      +254 727 671 847 Lilian Atieno in Eldoret (recommended by Amos Obwanga)

      +254 710 615 702 Charity is EricWanjamah's sister and he is a student in
      Sweden: "I would like to post my sisters phone number, I am sure she
      needs some help since things are really hot there"

      +254 724 167 280 Jackton Arija is somewhere outside Homa Bay with his
      family (not far from RusingaIsland and MbitaPoint) and they are without
      food. Samwel has not been able to call him.
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