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Resolution of peace is paramount to both sides in Kenya!

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Dear Colleagues, As we try to understand the cause and to analyze the situation amid solution facts; we are convinced the real problem in the Kenyan mess is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2008
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      Dear Colleagues,
      As we try to understand the cause and to analyze the situation amid solution facts; we are convinced the real problem in the Kenyan mess is Kibaki. As a purported gentleman and African statesman, he should step aside and allow for an audit to the election result to be carried out by an independent electoral body. Secondly, he and his henchmen should desist from uttering inflammatory statements on the media. They should know that the larger populace of Kenya listens to their opponents than to them.
      In the meantime, our leaders should meet as soon as possible to bring an end to violence because very many people are suffering out there in the countryside as leaders use the biggest of English vocabularies just to be seen as having contributed towards peace. Words alone aint't enough at this time but timely action is the most important.
      Let us all first accept that we belong to Kenya and have the equal right to life. People can only be governed if they want to, and thus why we have the govt. In the case that the same govt. breaches the law, people have nothing but to withdraw their right to be governed and this is what we're seeing. By Kibaki stealing or if you like rigging the election, he showed the people that their time and patience by waiting for 5 yrs and going to the polls was nothing to him. The only option they are left with to exercise is what we are witnessing. Kibaki and co MUST leave Kenya to Kenyans and let the people be governed by whoever they chose. By you not condemning this act of thuggury by Kivuitu and ECK and The Chief Justice tells alot. Let's say No to kibaki
      Most of the most peaceful people/countries in this world have passed this trying times, Kenyans must never believe that Dictators like Kibaki, will listen, grieve or sympathize with anything except power. To negotiate with him now, is to be respectful to those who has paid this democracy and a dream of freedom with their life. However hard it looks, it will be harder, if he is left of the hooks. Let our Kids judge us, before he re-write the whole history to justify the ends
      The decent thing that Mr. Kibaki should do now for the sake our beloved country is to accept that his presidency is suspect. If he thinks he won the election, I guess he should have no problem with calls for a re-tallying of the presidential vote. The only reason he is sticking to his guns is because he knows he didnt win and should therefore be a re-tally, he will be put to shame. All evidence point towards fraudulent activities in the tallying of the presidential vote, including Mr Kivuitu now coming out to say that he was pressured to announce the results against his will. So for the sake of our beloved country, Mr Kibaki should just do the honorable thing and resign or at least agree that there should be a re-tally
      It is a shame that Kibaki has sent out troops to kill innocent Kenyans. Why have they been ordered to shoot to kill? Why use live rounds? We cannot sweep the problem under the carpet and hope that they will be solved automatically. The problem is the stolen vote. After that theft, Kibaki rushes to swear himself. This is raping the laws of the land. If we have a recount, and ultimately a legitimate winner, the smoke will settle and reconciliation can begin. So long as the majority feels cheated, how can we even talk to each other? The buck stops right at Kibaki's feet. We need our freedom, and democratic rights back! The way to peace is through re-tallying and recounting the presidential vote, for that is the root of all evil in our country right now. Tackle it honestly, sincerely, once and for all Mr. Kibaki!
       Now, some Kenyans notably from Central are asking why Raila is not stopping the violence. First of all he did not tell anyone to use violence. In the contrary he's asking everyone to remain peaceful. He has called for a peaceful meeting in Nairobi today. What does Kibaki do? He orders our national troops to stop the peaceful demonstrators, tear gas them, beat them up, shoot to kill them. Raila wants to reach out to his supporters and talk to them directly. His supporters want to listen to him speak. There is no lawful basis or logic whatsoever to stop this meeting. Constitutionally, we have the freedom of
      speech, movement, assembly. Kibaki first abuses our democratic rights, then our freedom of movement, speech(media gag) and now freedom of assembly. How much more does he want to dictate to us?! Kenyans are saying,
      Yesterday I  could see the GSU  on the Nairobi streets wearing no nonsese faces. For once I am ashamed of saying that I come from Kenya . I have always been proud to declare that am Kenyan but now itÂ’s is different. The shame of blood let and political violence that is in Kenya is shameful to us in Kenyans and in Diaspora. What are we supposed to say when confronted as such? God help Kenya , God held Kenyans.
      Raila may be the worst person alive. Kibaki may be the worst person alive. But what we really care about is knowing the truth of the votes; then we can live with whichever worst person the wanainchi chose to lead them. So, then, who's afraid of a properly monitored recount? that  is what people should be clamouring for. Until that happens, Kenya is in for a long period of disaster.
       Comment from Samwel.

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