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Internet Access for Actwid Kongadzem in Cameroon

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Wendi, Thank you for making the great effort to write to us. I am glad that you explain your situation. This is essential. First, I correct your letter (or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2007

      Thank you for making the great effort to write to us. I am glad that
      you explain your situation. This is essential.

      First, I correct your letter (or your memory). I am very careful not to
      make promises (and I encourage us not to). Therefore I doubt your
      statement regarding any promises for Internet access. Certainly, you
      understand I have no magical resources to provide.

      Also, I did suggest inviting a representative to Europe, but not for
      January 2008. No date was set. I did not hear much if anything from
      you about that.

      I think you have made a big mistake if you have rented a large room at a
      commercial center. This is the first time that I have heard of this
      room. How much did you rent it for? Where is it located? We have no
      knowledge of your financial situation. You make financial decisions
      without consulting us. How can we possibly work with you on this?

      Wendi, This is from a letter that I wrote on October 6, 2007:

      I also think we should definitely include a representative of Actwid
      Kongadzem in Cameroon because of their longstanding interest in
      computers and
      wireless Internet access. Wendi, please, could you send us for the Public
      Domain descriptions of five or ten of your participants so we could learn
      more about them? How are they helping others? How would they like to?
      Perhaps they know... what is their deepest value in life that includes
      all of
      their other values? Perhaps they know... What is a question that they don't
      know the answer to, but wish to answer? We would like to know each of
      you as
      "independent thinkers" and work to include you in our network.

      Perhaps you did not find this. These questions are still important.
      And there is much more that you can do with the existing computer that
      you have (which you earned by working on My Food Story).

      I'm disappointed by what you write about Uyoga. They have organized
      about 15 participants for our laboratory. Agnese and Samwel have met
      and worked with them many times. They only received their first
      computer a few months ago. Yet they have done a lot with us this year.
      I hope we might learn to work with you as we have with Uyoga.

      Wendi, I know almost nothing about your situation. Yes, let's work
      together, but we need to learn much more:
      * Get answers to the questions above.
      * Draw a map of your area with the existing Internet access points.
      * Write about your current Internet access. How often do you use the
      Internet? Where? How much does it cost?
      * Write about your participants: What would they like to achieve?

      Then we can start supporting your existing use of the Internet access in
      many ways. We can send flash drives and also our laboratory's content
      and do experiments. If you are interested, then yes, please let's do that.

      Thank you for your letters. Greetings to all in Actwid Kongadzem.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      > Hi Maria Agnes Giraudo,
      > We all in our rural women and youth organisation
      > working for HIV/AIDS infected and affected people and
      > orphans in Bamenda, Cameroon wish you and all
      > holistichelping members a happy ,peaceful and
      > prosperous New Year 2008.
      > We all are worried to hear that Uyoga is already
      > enjoying computer facilities and you have also
      > promised to give them an internet connection while our
      > organisation that started crying out loudly to all of
      > you at holistichelping to join hands with us and
      > help us to have some computers and an internet access
      > for more than three years now since we identified a
      > very felt-need of our organisation to be having
      > internet connection with a computer centre as our
      > rural women and youths really need these tools to
      > solve our rural exodus problems.
      > When Andrius and your group promised us since three
      > months ago to solve this our felt-needs, we went and
      > rented a large room at our commercial centre here to
      > get ready to sign agreements with you for some
      > computers, then internet connectionetc We even
      > remember that weparticipated in a chat where we
      > discussed the interst to even sell flash sticks and
      > other accessories through your arrangements. Now, we
      > get so worried not hearing any concrete arrangements
      > for these plans and our highly rented room up till now
      > is still empty. We equally went as far as discussing
      > some possibilities of having one of us actively
      > participate in a training earlier earmarked for
      > January 2008 . We are still very interested in your
      > assistance like the Ujoga people and are longing for
      > you you to come in to help us too.
      > We will be grateful to hear from you our stand as of
      > now in the whole project.
      > Immense thanks from all of us while waiting for your
      > response.
      > Cameroon
      > Sincerely ,ACTWID KONGADZEM women/youths
      > in Cameroon led by Wendi losha Bernadette, national
      > president /cooordinator.
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