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Re: Apply for BarCamp Latvia travel funds!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Nasim, It s great to hear from you in Kabul! http://www.afghanlord.org I m grateful to the Rising Voices network and BarCampLatvia for bringing us together!
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 24, 2007

      It's great to hear from you in Kabul! http://www.afghanlord.org I'm grateful to the Rising Voices network and BarCampLatvia for bringing us together! I include below my translation into English of the application. Sign up for Bar Camp network http://network.barcamp.lv with the link that says "Sign Up". Then join the PromotionBarCamp team http://network.barcamp.lv/group/promotionbarcamp Say hi to a few people and also write about Bar Camp Latvia in your blog.

      I invite you to participate at our Minciu Sodas laboratory http://www.ms.lt for serving and organizing independent thinkers around the world. In particular, we are headquartered in Lithuania and I am proposing to Lithuania's Foreign Ministry that they hire us to help in Ghor province where Lithuania is leading efforts for reconstruction. I would be very happy if we might partner with you and other's you might recommend. We are working on more than a hundred endeavors http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors but in particular:
      * We're developing strategies for making best use of marginal Internet access. In Afghanistan, we could organize a "Sneakernet" for delivering by hand USB flash drives with emails so that such data could move back and forth, for example, between doctors, educators, clerics in Ghor province and Kabul. We are also developing an "Includer" http://www.includer.org which is a low-power device that lets one read and write emails (and other text files) stored on a USB flash drives (or telephone flash card, etc.) and which can be assembled locally.
      * We're organizing an Emergency Response Network for fostering leadership through local meetings (to talk about potential emergencies ahead of time) and through mobile phone text messages (SMS). http://wiki.rising.globalvoicesonline.org/Emergency+Response+Network
      * We're fostering the development of do-it-yourself, "open source hardware" appropriate technologies such as burners, turbines, generators, motors. One day they will lead to an "open source tractor".
      * Cultural DNA: I am going to develop a game for documenting the patterns (recurring activities and mathematical rules of thumb) in our every day lives so that we might recognize and address the problems in our cultures and share and champion their strengths. For example, Lithuania suffers from alcoholism, suicide, divorce and we can learn much from Afghanistan's cultures, and vice versa.
      Which of these might interest you? and could you suggest more?

      As an organizer, I find it very helpful if you share your answers to these three questions:
      * What is your deepest value in life, that includes all of your other values?
      * What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer?
      * What would you like to achieve?

      Nasim, we have several working groups that might interest you, including:
      * Holistic Helping led by Janet Feldman for helping when we need to worry about everything at once http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ send a blank message to holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      * Social Agriculture led by Steve Bosserman for social justice and food security http://groups.yahoo.com/group/socialagriculture/ send a blank message to socialagriculture-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      * Fighting Peacefully led by Eluned Hurn for active nonviolent approaches http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fightingpeacefully/ send a blank message to fightingpeacefully-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      * Learning From Each Other led by Pamela McLean for linking the ICT-rich and ICT-poor for distance learning http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ send a blank message to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Nasim, Thank you for your important work and our love to all you meet in Afghanistan. My sister Rima gave me the book "Three Cups of Tea" about climber Greg Mortenson's inspiring work to build schools in Pakistan and Aghanistan http://www.gregmortenson.com http://www.threecupsoftea.com It's exciting what might be possible.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      1. Name
      2. Country of residence
      3. Contact e-mail
      4. Address blog
      5. Have you ever participated in such activities ("unconferences")?
      6. If so, when and where?
      7. What will you achieve by participating in BarCamp 2008 Baltics?
      8. Have you already submitted an application for a visa?
      9. Have you compensated for travel expenses?
      10. If so, what amount? Will you be able to travel if your expenses are
      not compensated?
      11. Can you prepare a report?
      12. Will you help the organizers (participate in the Help Team)?
      13. Can you assist in the dissemination of information about the
      upcoming event?
      14. If so, how?
      15. How did you hear about BarCamp Baltics 2008?
      16. Write a few words about yourself and your achievements in the field
      of web-technologies.

      Send it to joha [at] barcamp [dot] lv by December 31.

      Nasim Fekrat wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,
      > I am an Afghan blogger in Kabul. I am very interested to join in this
      > conference. Would you mind be so kind sending me the application in
      > English because the application that linked in the main page is in
      > Russian.
      > these are my blogs:
      > in English: www.afghanlord.org <http://www.afghanlord.org>
      > in Farsi: www.kabuli.org <http://www.kabuli.org>
      > Director of Afghan Association blogWriters:
      > http://afghanpenlog-en.blogpst.com / http://afghanpenlog.blogspot.com
      > thanks
      > Nasim
      > On 12/21/07, *Andrius Kulikauskas* <ms@... <mailto:ms@...>> wrote:
      > I just learned about the BarCamp unconference for bloggers in
      > Riga, Latvia. I plan to attend. I encourage us to apply and I
      > would be interested to help those who make it to visit us here in
      > neighboring Lithuania. Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.ms.lt,
      > ms@... <mailto:ms@...>
      > ----------------------------------------------
      > Fred, Sasha and all,
      > I encourage you to apply for travel funds to attend BarCamp Latvia
      > http://barcamp.lv which will take place on Feb 8-10 2008 in Riga,
      > Latvia. My plan is that Fred will be in Lithuania at this time. So
      > this
      > would be a good way to pay for travel from Italy to Latvia (and a
      > cheap
      > way for them to include a Ugandan!) Also, Sasha it would be good
      > if you
      > might win funding because also you would be close to Lithuania and you
      > could help me when Fred visits here (that is my plan) and all
      > three of
      > us could stay in the village of Eiciunai where Zenonas Anusauskas can
      > teach us electronics, video editing and we can make steps towards a
      > center for appropriate technology.
      > Markus is in Riga... will you be at this Bar Camp Latvia?
      > Perhaps more of us might visit Lithuania and Latvia at this time?
      > Apply
      > for travel funds by December 31.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@... <mailto:ms@...>
      > http://www.barcamp.lv (Copyright)
      > Barcamp Baltics 2008 promises to be the biggest ever unconference of
      > bloggers from post-Soviet space in Riga, Feb 8-10 2008. We expect
      > more
      > than 400 people from ALL former Soviet republics (we managed to
      > get some
      > travel funding from Open Society Institute so we'd even be getting
      > people from Central Asia to show up!).
      > There are a few things that are unique to Barcamp Baltics model.
      > First,
      > we'll experiment with funding the best commercial and non-commercial
      > proposals for new projects from participants (something we dubbed
      > "Innovation Incubator"). The point here is to facilitate cross-border
      > collaborative projects between, say, bloggers in Ukraine and
      > Kyrgyzstan.
      > Second, we've built a social network for the event
      > (network.barcamp.lv <http://network.barcamp.lv>)
      > - and while there are two full months left till the event, there are
      > already 200 members there!
      > Yet our greatest objective is to get not only people from former
      > Soviet
      > republics, but from all over the world to show up, to make it even
      > more
      > international. So readers of BoingBoing are especially invited to
      > attend! We expect most presentations to be in English and Russian.
      > Travel expenses compensation
      > As you probably already know, owing to the sponsors' support we
      > have an
      > opportunity to help some of the un-conference participants
      > financially
      > and cover their travel expenses.The list of the luckiest ones, who are
      > to receive reimbursement, includes primarily those who actively assist
      > in organization of the un-conference by:
      > * Spreading the message about the upcoming event among as many people
      > and organizations as possible;
      > * Actively participating in discussions of various issues and seeking
      > solutions in our social network;
      > * Helping with translation and preparation of the texts;
      > * Offering their readiness to help with the un-conference
      > organizational
      > issues on site (registration, assistance in finding accommodation for
      > the participants, technical support);
      > * Assisting in development of the event's design (e.g., currently,
      > badges and banners are to be designed).
      > If you need help and support in covering your travel expenses, you
      > must
      > be a member of the Informational Support Team and show us your active
      > participation in promotion of the event (provide a list of websites,
      > blogs, media where you have sent an information about BarCamp),
      > and be a
      > member (or creator) of your country group!
      > Please fill in the Application Form and send it (as a Word
      > document) to
      > Joha: joha [at] barcamp [dot] lv
      > Applications are accepted until December 31. Final decisions on
      > reimbursement will be made by January 10.
      > --
      > Nasim Fekrat
      > fekrat@... <mailto:fekrat@...>
      > http://kabuli.org
      > http://afghanlord.org <http://afghanlord.org>
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