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Re: Maria Agnese and Samwel Venture

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel, Thank you for your news and all your help with Agnese and your team in Tanzania! Yes, I have been thinking of your team and work that you might do. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Samwel, Thank you for your news and all your help with Agnese and your
      team in Tanzania! Yes, I have been thinking of your team and work that
      you might do. I also share two letters that you wrote me on September
      17th. Andrius, http://www.ms.lt

      Dear Andrius,
      I have been having ectic time the field and could not snd you some emails.
      I have already sent Lukas the first batch of the interview findings and
      hope all will be good, What are your plans concerning Maria Agnese
      project. I am planning to go to Dar Tanzania and Negotaite the
      collaboration and see what we can do concerning this.
      I will sending slow mails due to internet problems here send me your
      Cell phone no, mine is Sam kongere +254 725 600 439 send a SMS and I
      will send one to you.


      Dear William, Leonard, Helen,
      I am happy to send my hearty greetings to you and would wish to inform
      you and all, what I am planning to do, come to Tanzania in November.
      This is going to show the further commitment I’ve dedicated to my
      collaboration with Maria Agnese Giraudo.
      When Maria visited me in Mbita she was impressed with what we are doing
      and wished we get collaboration between us and what you do there. We can
      go on to arrange for my meeting you in November and then give feed back
      to Maria.
      You might be committed but we go on to do this arrangement. I would want
      you to get the budget for traveling to Dar es salaam by Bus, the
      accommodation there and other costs which can be incurred. You can as
      well give me the appropriate date in the last two weeks in November so
      that I can also prepare in Advance for traveling to Dar. Specify between
      which dates are good for this discussion in November.
      The objective of this meeting will be on how we can make our regional
      collaboration and get support across from others. We can as well join
      hands and see what project we can do together as a team.
      Please, go on and make our communication healthy, I have been busy
      making some reports but as soon as I ‘m through I will go on make ends
      meet, I heard William was sick how is he doing now?
      I am waiting to get your arrangement for my visit and then I will do the
      necessary on my side.

      samuel kongere wrote:
      > Dear Pamela, Andrius, Janet and Maria Agnese, Jeff and All,
      > My schedule has been very busy with many issues in the grassroots, and
      > could not immediately thank everybody for the good collaboration seen
      > to have Mbita on the limelight of our Lab Minciu-Sodas. Maria Agnese
      > came and visited us successfully. I have been unable to keep up with
      > the mails and read from the list and this has made me have more slow
      > communication trends.
      > We had discussed a great deal with Maria Agnese agreeing to be
      > collaborators and partner up for Information Communication Technology
      > empowerment for our communities both In Kenya and Tanzania. The far
      > most arrangement is to meet the Tanzania team in November and discuss
      > the possible initiation of an ICT project there and Maria will
      > organize some possibilities for the success of our meeting.
      > Maria Agnese is a serious lady and need more serious people to partner
      > up with. From the list and in our agreement, we both need support on
      > *open content management* which will help us to be competent Web
      > designers and help communities we are working with to have sites for
      > their own information handling. This in itself will give more balanced
      > information and sharing of the activities. The Dar meeting in November
      > will open a way for another Telecenter Gateway in Dar. We both need
      > Pamela, Andrius and everybody’s in put concerning this move With Maria
      > Agnese. We foresee a possibility of coming together as a team from MS
      > Lab to implement an ICT project in Dar and Rusinga Island where Udogo
      > youth development group operates its activities. In Dar es salaam we
      > are going to partner up with interested youth groups or women groups
      > to join Helen Mahoo and William Wambura.
      > This meeting will take place in the third week of November 2006 in Dar
      > es salaam. I am planning to arrive in Dar es salaam in the week end of
      > second week and plan a meeting together with William and Helen to find
      > the possibility of forming a steering committee and way forward. I am
      > going to send a specific date after getting the feedback from William
      > and Helen. We need regional and international volunteers to come up
      > with information regarding Tanzania and ICT policies, to make this
      > move successful.
      > We agreed with Maria on a possible trip to Europe to promote what we
      > do together and hope Andrius will organize this for next year and hope
      > to meet a few people for more partnerships and collaborations for the
      > betterment of the global villages.
      > Thanks for everybody’s in put and to me and Udogo youth development group.
      > Samwel.
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