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Dante, Janet and all, Who might lead our teams?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I just want to briefly write about the teams that I m putting together for http://www.myfoodstory.com which is the online resource that we re building for Greg
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      I just want to briefly write about the teams that I'm putting together
      for http://www.myfoodstory.com which is the online resource that we're
      building for Greg Wolff of UnaMesa to help people understand and engage
      the world's food supply chain.

      We'll need 6 teams, each with 1 coordinator ($500 and bonus) and 4 field
      agents ($100 each). Each month we'll feature a team, but the idea is
      that they will be building momentum on some topic that can attract
      content in the long run. We get to choose the crops. So I'm pairing
      - a crop
      - a human value that the crop helps us pay attention to
      - a technology which fosters that value and therefore favors that crop

      For example, Jeff Buderer is interested to lead our team that would link
      "fish farming", "sustainability" and George Chan's Integrative Farming
      and Waste Management. It would be good to have a new working group for
      this. We need somebody whose key concept is related to sustainability.
      Jeff, do you know and suggest somebody? Or would it fit at Back to the
      Root? I think of "fish" as related to leadership, as in Jesus's images
      of "fishers of men". And I think of psychological and social
      sustainability as relevant for "back to the root", too. But perhaps I'm
      off track.

      In October (this month!) we'd like to feature the wifi/echoupal
      technologies (as at http://www.echoupal.com) which we could possibly
      link to the human value "willingness to take risks" and the crop
      "coffee". (Note that wifi and the echoupal Internet kiosks allow
      farmers to respond to global and local prices and conditions and
      therefore grow a crop such as coffee which is higher price variability,
      higher risk and higher profit margin, and also combine that with related
      crops and alternate crops.) We could link this to the AirJaldi summit
      http://summit.airjaldi.com (which Joy Tang of One Village will attend)
      and also to Gary Bolles work. We need a person with a "key concept"
      related to "willingness to take risks" who we might organize around and
      who might host our work. I'm thinking that Dante-Gabryell Monson might
      be a great person to host this work at a new working group he might lead
      on "fostering paradigms for inspiration" and/or work as our team
      coordinator on this subject. Dante, please let me know soon if you'd be
      interested! as I know your interest in wifi (and perhaps coffee, too?)
      Jeff, please consider if we might have Dante lead a team that could
      support One Village's interest in wifi, would that make sense? And who
      would you like to be active on this team and also the IF&WM team?

      Also, I spoke with Pamela McLean (and thank you for your letters at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ which wonderfully
      illustrate "thinking out loud"!) A crop that might encourage us to
      "learn from each other" is chicken (and eggs, which are important for
      nutrition in the developing world). This could also link to Lucas
      Gonzalez Santa Cruz's concerns regarding preparation for a possible bird
      flu pandemic. I'm wondering what would be a relevant technology?
      Perhaps Solaroof? I think of Rick Nelson's key concept "Opening
      ourselves to direct knowledge". And we both thought, Janet, it would be
      wonderful if you might work as team coordinator for Pamela if you would
      be interested, and perhaps this might develop into an income stream for
      you and your projects, and more funds for field agents, as we'll be
      looking for more business opportunities. Please consider it! and let us

      I also invite Markus Petz, Samwel Kongere, Benoit Couture, Valdas
      Kavaliauskas to consider working for us as team coordinators, and Rick
      Nelson, Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz, Eluned Hurn, John Rogers to consider
      hosting our efforts at your groups based on your values. For example,
      it would be excellent to have a crop that fosters community currency (I
      think of Jesus breaking the bread) or peace (I think of water) or
      self-reliance (as with Gandhi's salt marches to break the British
      monopoly). Please let us know what might interest you!

      You may think it a bit crazy to match a crop with a value and a
      technology. But I think of it as three amazingly complex systems -
      Nature and its wonderful collection of species, each of which
      contributes some bounty of fruit towards the whole - Technology and the
      logic of its opportunities, existing and forthcoming, each of which is
      optimized for some problem - and human Values whose profound richness
      we're discovering at our lab, as they help us make sense of everything.
      It's not so surprising that there might be near optimal correspondences
      across these three systems which allow for robust metaphors for any
      given crop, or any given technology, or any given human value. Indeed,
      the human mind organizes categories in terms of paradigmatic examples
      that highlight our expectations for that category, what is most basic,
      important, essential, what is the most robust illustration. I imagine
      that is how it works with beauty, too, it is an appreciation of the most
      optimal example. So it is not so strange that there is a crop which is
      especially helpful at illustrating a human value metaphorically, or
      likewise a technology that supports that value and that crop. We know
      in nature that certain species can be the determining species - such as
      oaks in a forest, or beavers in a river bed. But humans are able to
      make ANY species the focal species, which is what agriculture is all
      about, and which means that we need to be especially sensitive as to how
      to acknowledge and work with the other species around it and make sure
      that we are finding the right scale which may be quite small. This
      approach would hopefully develop a very subtle, deep, lyrical, poetic
      language of crops and technologies and values. It would also would help
      us recover our sensitivity to the kind of tribal thinking that
      Levi-Strauss wrote about, which is that of classification systems (such
      as bear clans vs. wolf clans or sunflower vs. rose) by which people
      apparently naturally organize knowledge. The goal would be to show that
      if those who enjoy a food tune into the associated values in growing it,
      then that food would find it's proper place in our lives (so that, for
      example, coffee drinkers would focus more on the element of chance that
      it can encourage socially when they find time or place for it, rather
      than becoming predictable addicted consumers). Less would go much farther.

      I share below my draft of my agreement with Greg Wolff, which we're
      still negotiating, but so that you could see what kind of work we'll be

      Also, peace to all in Sri Lanka. Thank you to John Rogers and Eluned
      Hurn for including us in the peace meditation!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
      skype: minciusodas

      Today I sent Greg a draft of how I would understand our agreement. The
      budget and targets are as he proposed. I share my draft in case we see
      some angles that we should consider. Also, I will need to write
      agreements for our team coordinators and for our field agents. Andrius
      Kulikauskas, http://www.ms.lt

      Suggested Draft

      This is an agreement between Greg Wolff as Founder/President of UnaMesa
      and Andrius Kulikauskas as sole proprietor of Minciu Sodas.

      UnaMesa is funding Andrius Kulikauskas and his Minciu Sodas laboratory
      to work from October 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007 to bring to life Greg
      Wolff's vision of a participatory online resource for understanding the
      world's food supply chain and engaging its participants.

      The purpose of the work is to start up the resource as soon as possible
      and openly evolve it so that it might enjoy as much momentum as possible
      and hopefully critical mass. Desired outcomes, in order of preference,
      A) A resource that is actively used and steadily improved by
      contributors who directly and indirectly benefit from it in ways that
      have them personally invest themselves in its growing success.
      B) A pilot project that attracts the attention of those who wish to fund
      work to develop it further.
      C) An experiment that details the variety of challenges that need to be
      overcome for such a resource to sustain itself, and makes tangible a
      variety of reasons why such a resource is valuable.

      This agreement is pursued in the spirit of co-investment, which is to
      say that both parties are contributing, developing and sharing assets
      which are more profound than the money at stake. Payments are therefore
      structured so that there is not undue loss or hardship on either side if
      the work for any reason by either partner is interrupted, paused or halted.

      Greg Wolff is responsible for openly and continuously clarifying his
      vision so that his underlying values become ever more evident, for
      example, by thinking out loud about an investigatory question that he
      doesn't know the answer to, but intends to answer. Andrius Kulikauskas
      is responsible for giving shape to this vision in a way that can most
      profoundly motivate the current and prospective participants of the
      Minciu Sodas laboratory and all people who care about thinking.

      The principal asset being developed is the network of contributors to
      the resource. During the six months they will primarily be enrolled as
      participants of working groups at the Minciu Sodas laboratory that are
      helping develop the resource. Andrius Kulikauskas will, by the end of
      the six months, organize the network of contributors so that, whether or
      not they are affiliated with Minciu Sodas, they may participate through
      venues (either directly at the resource's interface or at related
      working groups) that favor principles by which individuals are able to
      share with others most actively:
      * Venues are visible and open for the success and inclusion of all so as
      not to exclude anyone who is able to behave constructively.
      * Venues declare that original content by participants is in the Public
      Domain unless they clearly mark it otherwise.
      * Venues assume that people are developing shared assets as co-investors
      and that as such they are structuring their business relationships so as
      to meet each other half way so that all participation is truly voluntary
      and does not rely on money as the means for control.
      * Venues are organized around individuals whose personal growth they
      serve and who thus have independent authority to make any decision
      regarding the venue and have priority over any allegiance to groups,
      organizations or brands.
      Andrius Kulikauskas will reach out to integrate all people and projects
      that Greg Wolff might suggest subject to their willingness to favor such

      Andrius Kulikauskas will organize the online interface for contributing
      and presenting content and integrate it with participating venues. He
      may host the interface on his own server. He and Greg Wolff may agree
      to use an interface that another party may develop or supply. In any
      event, the interface will be available as open source software, and the
      resource's content available for export or as an API, as Greg Wolff or
      Andrius Kulikauskas might request. After the six months, they are both
      free to further develop the interface and content together, should they
      agree, but also separately, as they might wish.

      Andrius Kulikauskas will organize six teams of contributors so that each
      might be featured for one month and each might attract and build
      momentum for sustained contribution. He will receive $2,000 per month
      (a total of $12,000) for him to distribute to himself and his teams as
      he decides. He will invoice prior to each month for that month's work,
      and also for $1,000 for the subsequent month's work so that he may have
      that on hand to distribute to his teams.

      Andrius Kulikauskas will receive a bonus of up to $12,000 for himself
      (which he may share with his teams as he decides) if they meet the
      following targets that demonstrate the success of the resource:
      * A directory of 1800 producers that contains information on how and why
      they may be contacted.
      * A collection of 60 personal stories from producers or others regarding
      their role in the food supply chain.
      * Six vibrant communities - which may coalesce directly around a topic
      within the resource as they contribute to it - or may be working groups
      with an activity or project of their own or for a client - that
      references and leverages the resource in ways that have them steadily
      contributing to it.
      Andrius Kulikauskas will provide a means for listing and counting the
      producers and the personal stories. Greg Wolff will decide if the
      targets have been met. If he or Andrius has any doubt regarding his
      decision, then he or Andrius Kulikauskas may turn to Kevin Jones, or
      another person that they may both agree to, to make a final decision.
      The decision will be made some time between April 1 and April 30th.

      At Andrius Kulikauskas's request, Greg Wolff will provide feedback as to
      the extent to which a team has achieved its quota of targets (1 vibrant
      community, 10 stories, 300 producers). If a team has clearly met its
      targets, then Greg will award early a portion ($2,000) of the bonus for
      Andrius to keep and distribute as he decides.

      This agreement is public. It may be amended by a public exchange of
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