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Re: [learningfromeachother] Thursday chat and the November 2007 TT at Fantsuam

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  • Pamela McLean
    HI Maria, Asif and everyone. The chat will be the usual time for the first Thursday i.e. 13.00 GMT, 14.00 Nigerian time, 16.00 Kenyan time. Lorraine sends
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 5, 2007
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      HI Maria, Asif and everyone.

      The chat will be "the usual time for the first Thursday" i.e. 13.00 GMT, 14.00 Nigerian time, 
      16.00 Kenyan time. Lorraine sends her apologies - she would like to be there but cannot be this time.

      Ref language, hardly any of my Nigerian friends speak English as a first language. Most people I know in the rural areas slide repeatedly between English (often just for my benefit) and one or more local languages. All my friends in the South East speak Yoruba, while those in North Central usually speak Hausa as their main Nigerian language, with an impressive sprinkling of other local languages and/or dialects. When I asked recently what the difference is between a language and a dialect I was told "A language is a dialect with an army" ;-)

      Some languages, such as Fantsuam, are very local. Kafanchan is a Hausa place name, and Bayan Loco is the part of Kafanchan where Fantsuam Foundation is. Fantsuam is the local place name and is also the name of the really localised local language (I think I've got that right). We had an interesting discussion about languages with Sasha when I brought the Nigerian TT group to the chat room last month - it will be in the archives.

      Inevitably some people are more comfortable with spoken English than are others - just as there are some who are accustomed to read and write in English on a daily basis - but they are in the minority.

      There is the additional issue that African culture is oral not written. Most people are far more ready to talk than to write (except, recently, for writing text messages). All kinds of things, particularly in rural areas, are arranged very differently to "my culture". Forget diaries and appointments for instance. People who turn up unexpectedly face-to-face tend to take precedence over whatever else has been arranged. Things seldom start "on time" - they start when a sufficient number of the expected people have gathered. I am hoping that the chat room will be a comfortable place for all my friends - including those who are not accustomed to city ways or to an emphasis on the written word.

      Asif. I was interested in your reference to Bloom's taxonomy. Would that be the same Bloom's taxonomy that I used as the structure for my final dissertation when I was training to be a teacher I wonder. I was also interested in the reference to "Web Quests". Could you tell us a bit more about that?

      I am happy that we are discussing some of the ideas, experiences and philosophy of using the Internet to enable learning. I hope we will gradually develop our thoughts and practice related to ICT and learning as we exchange ideas through this LearningFromEachOther MS lab yahoo group, the chat room and TrainersPod.


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