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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: [CawdTeachersTalking] Meeting Nov 17th

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  • David mutua
    Dear Cod Kenya Colleagues, I am glad you finally got the time to send a report of our last F2F meeting, though we couldnt do it online we did discuss and
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 5, 2007
      Dear Cod Kenya Colleagues,
      I am glad you finally got the time to send a report of
      our last F2F meeting, though we couldnt do it online
      we did discuss and strategise on many issues that
      needed a quick attention and good planning.

      I talked to the District Education Office yesterday,
      he apologised to you all for not attending our meeting
      as planned and said it was due to rains that the
      officer he had sent to represent him didn't come, with
      him i will plan for another time when we are meeting.

      Am still in Nairobi though had informed Urbanus
      earlier today that i will be coming down after 1pm
      because of some meetings arranged here.

      Pam, i will try to avail myself for the chat tomorrow.

      Warm regards,


      --- Coordinating Committee <codkenya@...> wrote:

      > Hi Pam,
      > We managed to meet face to face with all the
      > teachers last Friday the 30th Nov, and we did talk
      > about lot of things. First the issue of going online
      > has been a thorny one. The Holy Rosary College
      > administrators are demanding lot of money of which
      > we are lacking at the moment. Second, we discussed
      > about opening a TT account and a facilitation office
      > from where we can also hold our meetings. And
      > finally the possibility of starting a TT -SACCO
      > which we thought can go along way to support and
      > carry the TT initiatives and objectives.
      > We also managed to meet one of the area's aspiring
      > Member of Parliament, a big international
      > Businessman who happens to have big ides of
      > development issues and is well networked and he was
      > very enthused by the idea and promised to support us
      > meet the goals of TT Kenya.
      > We also managed to rent the Camera and got some
      > little cash that has enabled the coordinating
      > committee communicate with the other teachers and
      > even afforded us a cup of white tea that Friday
      > meeting. We have rent it out a second time and hope
      > to get something out of it.
      > We request that you can also through other
      > collaborators send us something little. we are
      > highly motivated and hope that before the end of
      > this year, some of or short term goals will have
      > been realized.
      > We also plan to continue with our weekly meetings to
      > hurry up things especially now when things seem so
      > positive.
      > Sorry, tomorrow (Thursday) we will not manage to
      > meet you online for the chat.
      > Yours,
      > Cod Kenya,
      > Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:
      > Hi Evelyn, and everyone from TT Kenya,
      > and anyone interested in what is going on....
      > Good to hear from you Evelyn (Evelyn's email is
      > below). Hope you have a good TT Kenya meeting today.
      > I understand that you will not be coming online to
      > the chatroom because you have a visitor.
      > David has not been able to join us at Trainerspod
      > yet. Unfortunately Access to Trainserspod meetings
      > it is not easy via cybercafes for various reasons.
      > That is why we need to be creative about how to be
      > inclusive. Rural experts like you are such a
      > valuable source of information. We need to find ways
      > for your voices to be heard, even if you are not
      > actually online for the Trainerspod meetings. You
      > are so right that you have a lot to share on the
      > topic we have chosen.
      > If you can give details of how things are in Kenya
      > through the email lists before the January
      > TrainersPod meeting it would be most appreciated. At
      > yesterdays discussion people were very positive
      > about access to the Internet now in Africa - but
      > they were talking about Ghana and South Africa....
      > They were saying that the bandwidth was as good as
      > in Europe or America - their descriptions were
      > nothing like my experiences in Kenya and Nigeria.
      > Please share details of some of your experiences.
      > Maybe you could even say how long it takes for a
      > particular letter of google page or something to
      > download. Maybe you could use wikipedia for five
      > minutes and say what you were able to access. Or
      > when you are at the cyber-cafe for half an hour get
      > someone with you to note how much you can do.
      > Obviously if you are doing a lot of typing then your
      > typing speed will affect the results. Maybe it would
      > be best to get someone to do this kind of recording
      > when you are searching for something - but I do not
      > imagine that you do searches often because if is so
      > slow and expensive.
      > I don't know what would be best, but I know that an
      > exact description is are often the only way to give
      > people a feeling for how things really are.
      > It would also be helpful to have your reflections on
      > the role of teachers, not just in schools but also
      > in the wider community.
      > The Kenya ICT initiative in secondary schools is
      > very interesting too. If you (you personally and/or
      > other TT Kenya participants) could send some
      > information about that it would also be very useful.
      > I am not sure what chance people get to prepare
      > emails offline. I think it may be possible for some
      > of the TT Kenya people - I remember for instance the
      > good report that was word-processed for me to
      > support your final presentations for the TT Kenya
      > course.
      > I imagine you will not be meeting in December, so
      > please pass my greetings and good wishes to everyone
      > for the holiday season. Please do not get
      > discouraged. We will continue to gradually raise the
      > profile of TT together and hope that it will attract
      > the support that it needs, so that you can expand
      > the progrramme in the ways that you hope to. Keep
      > intact the foundations that you have, so that we
      > will be able to build on them as resources become
      > available. I look forward to continuing to work with
      > you all in the New Year.
      > Pam
      > On 30/11/2007, Evelyn munguti
      > <evelynmunguti@...> wrote:
      > Hi Pam, Everyone,
      > Am yet to learn how to use the trainerspod...
      > think my colleagues and I will request David to
      > brief us on that.
      > I have had of Prince Obiri through some of the
      > chats I have participated in in the Worknet chat
      > room and the work he is doing in Ghana. Great move.
      > It is encouraging to see our continent connecting
      > via internet. Most of our teachers are not yet
      > comfortable with going online, reason being that
      > they have not had much practice on the computers -
      > we have been having some technical problems at the
      > center we use for our monthly meetings. We are
      > working on how we can adjust that and have everyone
      > participate. Pam, One of our committee members will
      > brief you on today's meeting.
      > We are hoping that by next year January, changes
      > will have been made to enable us participate on
      > 17/01/08. We do look forward to it. We have alot to
      > share and learn on the topic you have chosen.
      > Happy holidays.
      > Evelyn.
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