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Attn: Andrius Kulikauskas & All Friends of this wonderful "Big Thinkers Group"....

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    Dear Andrius Kulikaukas and ALL members of this group; Greetings from the Windy City, Ciudad de Los Vientos Chicago. Spanish Version Below ... My Name name
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2007
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      Dear Andrius Kulikaukas and ALL members of this group;
      Greetings from the Windy City, "Ciudad de Los Vientos" Chicago.
      "Spanish Version Below"...
      My Name name is Anthony Diaz, Mr. Andrius Kulikauskas, knows me well, you can ask him... Lol.
      Congratulations for your Big Thinkers conversations, still fascinates me about how amazing is to communicate and collaborate with other thinkers around the Globe "thousands and thousands of Miles away" instantly... I can't wait for Teleportation... Beam me scottie.. Lol.
      Since 1994, I started working on the internet, developing websites & one of my "Greatest Passion", teaching how to use computers for the first time in the "underserved minority communities".
      I Co-founded "America En Espanol" with my good friend from school, Ruben Legorreta.
      The meaning of the painting According the the Artist "Anaxazi", one of our investors and friends.
      The painting is a Hand holding Latinoamerica from The USA, Mexico, Central America & South America. The hand turns into a "Sun", kind of like the "Latino Energy or Power", connected to an umbilical cord that its connected to a Computer keyboard and says at the bottom, "Aprende + Conectate = Prosperidad". (Learn + Connect = Prosperity")
      Without bragging, I think I had a few successes, like being recognized by the World's famous BBC of London England, several times they wrote about my "Digital Divide Efforts".
      The most amazing one that a lot of you Might be interested is the one were participate once a year, it's called "Global Learn Day" we just had it in October.
      Distance Learning at its Max!  24 hour Non Stop Global Conference about Distance Learning that starts at the beginning of the new day on New Zeland with LIVE PRESENTATIONS from thinkers around the Globe about every 15 to 20 minutes there'sa new one, and ends 24 hours later in Hawaii. It happens during October for Columbus day... "Sailing the waters of Cyberspace". The founder is Captain John Hibbs. For more info go to: http://www.bfranklin.edu/gld/
      I was also recognized "as a Pride of Our Own" on the Wold's leader Latino Network, "Univision".
      No big deal, my biggest rewards were every time I had the opportunity to take by the hand a person and introduced them to the "Magical World of the Internet". The ages were various I had students from 7 years Old and had a student from 93 years old that one day brought her grandson with a brand new computer and told me to teach her how to turn the think on so she would send letters to her love ones in jungles of Brazil.
      Anyway, from there I found a Non for Profit Organization that I thought that was worthy the founder's nane is Homero Alvarado, his age around 83 years old (always lied about his age and other things).
      The organization's name is MEDA, which means (Mexicanos De Afuera or Mexicans of Outside).
      Mr. Andrius Kulikauskas attended one of the workshops, that I produced at that organization.
      Anyway, I worked with them for around  3 years with out getting paid, I was able to secured Grants for Computers, Hardware, Office equipment and as soon as I got them money they kick me out, specially one of the so-called "partners" we called them "EL TIO or THE UNCLE", he was supposed to be family a friend buy he wasn't.
      He betrayed me and my good friend and partner Ruben as soon as we got them money they god rid of us. Amazing... His name is Andrew Pinzon, make sure you don't do business with him, bc he'll betray you like you've never been betrayed before...
       Anyway, thanks to those characters, right before that I was flying at 1000 Miles/hr in technology, my rocket was on its way to total success. But right after the Betrayel... Stopped in one shot... All the way down to "0".
      That's it! I Quited "AmericaEnEspanol" its mission and anything related to Computers, Teaching, Technology, you name it.".
      I got into Big time depression, alcoholism, drugs, you name it. For around 3 Long Years of my life".
      It wasn't all bad I shifted to the "Fashion Industry", to explore another one of my Passions "Photography & Beautiful Women".
      I started to Photoshoot Beautiful Models, Produced Fashion Shows... I can't complain... I've been having a blast.. =)
      Check out some of the Models that I photographed at: www.SuperCModels.com
      or Fashion Shows that I produced at: www.CModeling.com
      Anyway, this is "MY OFFICIAL COMBACK" to my Original Passion for teaching.
      "I'm determined to Empower a Bunch of People, Create Jobs, Teach people how to Fish" to make at least a MILLION Dollars in Profit in 2008 and a BILLION $ by 2020...
      Want to join my team?
      Check out my offer to You & Your Organization to raise Funds for the Holidays and Beyond!  at: www.CModeling.com/partners
      I miss teaching, I"m going back to teaching computers, helping to close the so called "Digital Divide" and I'm going to rescue wherever is left of "AmericaEnEspanol" check out at: www.ModelsNewsletter.com/org
      If anyone is interested to work with me, you're welcome to text me or call my cell at: 1-773-501-8390 by email: Editor@...  or just reply to this email Lol.
      I wish Andrius & you ALL a Super Duper Holiday, and Most of all a Super Prosperous and Healthy New Year 2008.
      Sincerely, your friend,
      Anthony Diaz
      Computer Teacher / Big time Dreamer / Photographer / Bilingual Marketing Specialist / Fashion Shows Producer
      C: 773-501-8390
      M: 2735 North Clark Street, # 143, Chicago, IL 60614.
      América en Español has been giving the disadvantaged access to computers and the Internet and hope to spark social change within the Minority communities throughout America.
      We are working towards the Education and Prosperity of all! 
      "A bridge between the ignorance and technology"

      Chicago, the Windy city is one of the top 10 cities with a great Latino population in the United States, is also the cradle of a project that is creating new opportunities by providing "computer and internet basic training, for FREE" for those who don't have either the resources or the knowledge.

      The logo of America en Espanol.com highlights the letter "ñ " on the flag of USA It is America en Espanol.com, an initiative that, is helping to close the digital divide in the minority communities by providing education and Free seminars about basic computing and internet, creating this way "a bridge between ignorance and technology"

      "We focus on people that know nothing about computers or the internet by sparking their interest. Yes you can have the basic knowledge and the opportunities to leave minimum wage employment behind and acquire the necessary skills".
      "We are starting at the grassroots level, teaching the basic things, erasing that imaginary wall of fear that exists when somebody has not had the opportunity to use a computer before in their life."

      This knowledge can have a great positive effect in the life of those that dare to take the step, especially keeping in mind that,
      in the United States a great talent demand exists."

      For example, during the year 2000, America en Espanol.com offered several free courses on computer and internet basics.
      In one of them Victor, a Latino that had worked for more than 15 years as a janitor.

      Victor went from being a janitor to becoming a website designer after 100 hours of training.
      In a pilot course of web design, in hardly 100 hours, Victor ended up dominating one of the most popular programs to carry out this task without having previous experience in the use of a computer. Now, he works for a web design company making 5 times his original salary as janitor. 
      When we start our workshops, we ask a very simple question;
      Please raise your hand those of you who know how to make a phone call?
      Obviously, everybody raises their hand!
      So we tell them, ok, those of you who raised your hands are ready to use computers, because in fact it's the same thing!
      That's a great way to break the ice and encourage them to listen and learn.
      This is an example that shows the possibility to interest or inspire somebody to erase the wall of fear, take the first step to change their lifestyle and destiny, and of course to help close the "Digital Divide".
      At the moment, the project of AmericaEnEspanol.com has survived with their own resources, donations, the investment of small partners and sponsors that contribute funds in exchange for publicity on our website. (become a sponsor today!)
      AméricaEnEspañol.com also hopes that this experience will be able to open the doors of companies, to sponsor funding to help to implement these programs in other urban centers, cities and countries and to foment the interest for technology careers for youths and less advantaged people..more... (Click here to continue
      He tenido la suerte de recibir sus articulos por algunos inviernos.
      Quiero tomar esta oportunidad para felicitarlo por su labor de comunicador y activista por nuestra comunidad.
      Lea un poco acerca de mi en el famoso BBC de londres a:
      Partner with the City of Chicago & other Major Corporations including AT&T, Arthur Andersen, IXL and others  for Tech 37 to Empower our Youth. View link at: http://egov.cityofchicago.org/tech37/participation.html
      El logo de "América en Español" destaca la letra "ñ" sobre la bandera de EE.UU.
      The meaning of the painting According the the Artist "Anaxazi":
      The painting is a Hand holding Latinoamerica from The USA, Mexico, Central America & South America. The hand turns into a "Sun", kind of like the "Latino Energy or Power", connected to an umbilical cord that its connected to a Computer keyboard and says at the bottom, "Aprende + Conectate = Prosperidad".
      Qusiera proponerle el que trabajaramos juntos, desde 1999 he tenido un sueno de lograr hacer un tipo de pagina de internet donde nuestra pudiera aprender cursos de todo tipo gratuitamente o por una membresia modica combinado con patrocinios para que al final de tomar los cursos, sean validados en cualquier colegio o Universidad del mundo! Tal vez sea un sueno guajiro... por el momento... Le aseguro que no parare hasta lograrlo... Es una Promesa, Period!
      Para el 2008 lo quiero llevar a otro nivel, el portal en el que le propongo que trabajemos juntos es: www.WORLDenEspanol.com  Ya que usted esta basado por todo el mundo.
      Necesito ayuda para actualizarlo desde el punto de vista local.
      Para empezar, le propongo una alianza estrategica donde podamos publicar sus articulos dandole su credito correspondiente y enlaces a sus paginas web en la pagina web de arriba y en: www.BilingualMagazine.com

      Posteriormente podriamos trabajar juntos trayendo patrocinadores al cual compartamos las ganancias al 50/50.
      Digame que opina o que piensa de mi propuesta.
      De cualquier manera le envio calurosos saludos desde la congelante Ciudad de los Vientos, Chicago.
      Anthony Diaz
      Computer Trainer / Bilingual Marketing Specialist
      T: 773-501-8390
      Historia de AmericaEnEspanol

      Antonio Diaz, un programador junto a su viejo amigo y ahora socio, Ruben Legorreta,  arquitecto. Empezaron "América En Español.com" en 1999. El programa ofrece entrenamiento gratuito en computación y programación básica en inglés y español. Su propósito es que la gente que nunca ha utilizado una computadora antes en su vida, llegue a dominar la nueva tecnologia y eventualmente construya sus propias páginas web.
      Los seminarios son impartidos en colegios comunitarios, donde los participantes son invitados por diferentes medios de comunicación.
      "La parte mas dificil es el interesar a la gente", dice Diaz, agregando "Ellos creen que no son capaces de lograrlo."
      Antonio Diaz, Ruben Legorreta, Laura Bostrom e instructores voluntarios motivan a sus participantes al decirles que "Si eres capaz de hacer una llamada telefónica, tu seras capaz de utilizar la internet y computadora."
      Hasta la fecha, cerca de 10,000 personas han participado en los seminarios gratuitos, desde 1999.
      Testimonios oprime aqui...
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