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Meeting Nov 17th

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi Holly and everyone. I ve been having some problems today - a mix of techi glitches and human error. This email replaces a previous one that went out with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2007
      Hi Holly and everyone.

      I've been having some problems today - a mix of techi glitches and human error. This email replaces a previous one that went out with the wrong title (Holly's name) and with the final paragraph missing.

      ~ Today's meeting
      Today we had an e-meeting at TrainersPod.  Prince introduced himself and his hopes for various educational initiatives in Ghana. We had a good mix of participants and lively discussion.

      ~ Meeting on January 17th
      We intend to develop some aspects of the discussion at our next meeting which will be  on the third Thursday of January - January 17th. It will be something along the lines of "Rural Realities - Hopes for the Future - the Role of Teachers Now ICT is Here". Personally I do not want this to develop into a discussion of formal e-learning  etc. I feel it is too early for that.  I am more interested in informal learning, the role of teachers as change agents within rural communities, and how this role can be enhanced if teachers have access to the Internet. We are not just talking about teachesr professional development, or additional information about the topics they teach. We are also concerned with how they can share health information, ideas about agriculture, employment initiatives, and all the things that rural communites are concerned about.

      ~ Your thoughts please
      I feel that, as yet, formal e-learning is not really an accessible option in the rural areas I know. I'd be interested to know what other MS lab people think. Please write in and share your rural realities. I hope to gather useful information before the session happens, so that I will not just be quoting my own experience.

      ~ Connecting people and building trust
      My own interest in Africa and my knowledge of it came through friendships and personal connections - I believe that before we do anything about formal educational provision across cultures we need to connect, so we can develop friendships and understanding across our various cultural divides. After that we can discuss educational, and other, needs. Personally I find it much easier to work with people if we can laugh together - and that is very very difficult to achieve if you never meet face to face - but at least we can try to build relationships online. Things go wrong. Misunderstandings happen. It helps if there is trust and  good times to look back on to help build things well again. This is why I want us to meet online at the chat room and at TrainersPod, as well as through our yahoo groups, so we get to know each other better and become comfortable with each other.

      ~ Access issues
      Sasha and Andrius I know you have been gathering information from Sam and others about costs and general Internet access problems related to the flash drive editor. I guess you will probably have gathered it up safely somewhere on the wiki.

      ~ Cross posting
      Andrius - I dont' want to clog up mailboxes by cross posting this too much - please will you forward it to the groups where you think it should be.

      ~ Rural Africa and Building Bridges.
      Sam, Fred, Ken, Josephat, William, David, Josphat, Evelyn, everyone.. I know that most of our LFEO and TT friends in rural Africa have serious problems getting on line at all, and are not able to access the TrainersPod meetings. However if we collect information up in advance then your interests can be represented. I hope that the TrainersPod meetings will help to build bridges between the bandwidth rich people (who can get to TrainersPod) and the LFEO  and TT friends (and other MS lab people) who are in Africa and bandwidth challenged. I hope also that gradually we will encourage more peopel to attend both the chat room meetings and the TrainersPod meetings, so we get a rich mixing of ideas across the two groups.

      ~ Introducing Holly
      I am copying this to Holly Farish-Hunt - who was at the TrainersPod E-meeting and is keen to connect with us, and who hopes to bring some of her friends and contacts to connect with us. Holly , we agreed to discuss plans for the TrainersPod meeting together. I hope you will consider continuing our discussion here within the yahoo group, rather than offlist just with me - but either way I look forward to reading from you.

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