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Re: [learningfromeachother] Computer recycling in Africa/Jeff-Kafui

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Maria Agnese and All! Immense thanks for your posting, Maria Agnese, and wonderful to hear from you in general! This is a hugely important topic,
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      Hello Dear Maria Agnese and All!

      Immense thanks for your posting, Maria Agnese, and wonderful to hear from you in general!  This is a hugely important topic, and I think OVF-Ghana might consider doing a workshop or presentation on it at the conference (Kafui and Jeff, would this be do-able and of interest?). Prince and others might want to address this too!  Prince, do you do work in this area?

      I have a Nigerian friend working on e-waste, and I know that the nonprofit, World Computer Exchange (www.worldcomputerexchange.org), is also investigating this topic, in fact with my friend as a volunteer.  WCE donates thousands of computers a year to Kenya and elsewhere around the world, so it is of great concern to them to address the e-waste challenge.

      There is still not much info written on the subject, that I can see, so gathering more stats and other resource materials--and then presenting them at the conference--would fill a real need.

      It sounds like the project discussed in the article will be valuable for three reasons:  1) to focus awareness and hopefully stimulate action on the topic   2) because much of the focus is "local", and  3) a linkage is being made between the local and global, ie the regulations for donated computers (from the USA to Kenya, for example).

      Do we know of any best practices in Kenya (and Ghana too)?  Gathering this info here could be helpful for the EMPA-DSF project.  We might try contacting them to see if we can work with them on the project (Andrius, what do you think)?

      Obviously, this is an important challenge to consider in any ICTs manufacturing/assembling project (the Includer et al) we might do!

      I hope that a number of us will be able to attend the Ghana conference, and I will be networking more for it in the new year myself (the organizers have asked me to do so for the first 2 conferences, and I'll be happy to carry on the fine tradition!), so will keep folks in the loop on updates, as they become available.

      With thanks and blessings, Janet

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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Computer recycling in Africa

      Dear Janet Samwel, Ricardo, Davide, Pam  and all,
      computer recycling will be  a topic of the 3rd Conference E-learning Africa, Accra Ghana, 28-30 May 2008. 
      "....In September 2007, HP and the Swiss State organisation Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research) and the Global Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF) initiated a programme for e-waste management in Africa. The aims are quite ambitious: Empa researchers are charged with developing a concept to assess and meet specific local needs. The project will support local stakeholders in managing computer-equipment waste. The team will start to build up best practices in Morocco, Kenya and Tunisia. HP will also finance a pilot in South Africa in which people learn how to collect and strip down computers properly. This pilot should serve an exemplary function for other African countries.
      What also seems recommendable is to introduce strict regulations for donated computers. In Kenya, experience shows that this approach has worked well, and people can henceforth profit from old PCs. For instance, the initiative “Computers for Schools Kenya” stipulates that no donated PC should be older than six years, the estimate being that it will serve for another four. When the machine ultimately breaks down, selected parts will be recycled locally. The rest will be sent back to the point of origin – at the donor’s expense."
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese

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