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RE: [learningfromeachother] Kuku Project - Tanzanian Youth will raise Poultry

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  • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
    It s all a matter of whether the poultry was farm raised or land raised? How many feet per chicken? What foods were they give? Natural or artificial? Those are
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 7, 2007
      It's all a matter of whether the poultry was farm raised or land raised? How
      many feet per chicken? What foods were they give? Natural or artificial?
      Those are the critical questions in poultry farming.



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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Kuku Project - Tanzanian Youth will raise

      In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania we have one of the strongest Minciu Sodas teams
      working locally and also in a local language, Kiswahili. They are working
      on their Kuku project http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?ProjectKuku to have a
      poultry farm. This will link the urban youth with the countryside.

      Perhaps we can link this with other interests at our lab, such as
      preparation for a flu pandemic? I think that poultry experts might have an
      interest to be expert at bird flu and human flu, and we have an interest
      that they share their knowledge. Raising poultry seems to also be an
      agricultural activity that has one care and learn about the whole life cycle
      and our interconnectedness.

      I share a chat from today with Josephat Ndibalema, William Wambura, Maria
      Agnese Giraudo and Sasha Mrkailo. Also, I suggest that we chat on Thursday,
      4:00 pm Kenya time, 2:00 pm London time, 9:00 New York time about the Rising
      Voices grants for $5,000 for citizen media outreach projects. Join us at
      our chat room at http://www.worknets.org/chat/


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      JosephatNdibalema: Hi Sasha! nice to find you :: Yes William! what do you
      have today?

      William: oh thank you josephat,iam happy tyo see you online

      JosephatNdibalema: We have some hotest projects like KUKU Project,,ICT
      Project and the overall issue of education,what would you like us to discuss

      William: i would like to share with regarding the ADVENTOURS trip we went
      for the kuku Project

      JosephatNdibalema: Yah! right you are :: Tell me what you think over the
      information we are have concerning KUKU Project

      William: great we have got big infromation on our hands,we have stdied the
      project ever since the idea came in,and now we cant say that,we have got
      such big information anyway

      Sasha: hi there

      William: we still have to go futher,althogh we have got what is relevant to
      what we need

      JosephatNdibalema: When i talked to MariaAgnese still emphasised Bulding
      skills,we already have an expert in rearing KUKU,by the name Ludivick

      Sasha: what do you got? :: Maria Agnes couldnt contactyou yesterday she
      wanted to speak to you William

      JosephatNdibalema: We have an expert,a man experienced for not less than
      five years in rearing Chicken both meat and egg

      William: Yes Ludovick is exlent man,day i met him,i leant a lot from him,but
      mari was right by using those words like BULIDING SKILLS :: yes sasha,thank
      you she got me online

      JosephatNdibalema: We really need to emblance this field of Poultry farming
      in a profession manner

      William: Uoyga willl be able to handle that imontart part of buliding
      skills,Ludovick is a milestone,by his words there are some seminars being
      held in the Kitunda area,where by two members from Uoyga would acure a
      chance to participate

      JosephatNdibalema: Also i would suppose we hold regular classes for learning
      poultry,what do you say Willy,and that is for bulding project team

      William: Yes thatts great josephat :: Talk of Ludovick,he manages

      Sasha: you can write down on the kuku page if you have made some progress

      William: he is expert,his inclusiion in the Project Team,is cruatil since we
      need proffesionalsm

      Maria-Agnese: Hi!

      JosephatNdibalema: Also including Ludovick our expert to conduct a research
      on Poultry farming in Kitunda area to address the issue of sustainable small
      scale poultry farming with protect to the environment

      William: hallow maria,so happy to see you here,its about KUKU

      Maria-Agnese: great

      JosephatNdibalema: Welcome Maria

      Maria-Agnese: Hi Everybody :: I have too work but i enjoy to meet all of

      JosephatNdibalema: Willy i rather suppose we have project offices in Kitunda

      William: yes,but accordinding to Ludovick,Uoyoga is learning point for RUral
      kitinda Farmers

      JosephatNdibalema: What do you say

      William: thts great maria,well come

      JosephatNdibalema: Maria we have been discussind all about our KUKU
      Project,,we would like your contribution to make stand

      William: i was able to intentify other small opputunitiea like small instant
      farmers where by the Kitunda KUKU reseach Project will not leave them out

      JosephatNdibalema: William went to Kitunda on sunday and he was accompiened
      by one Uyoga membe Rugemwa Primson :: We already have some information
      helpful in our Project

      William: rom the information we got from our Trip to Kitunda,there are so
      much bianess of information :: which could be a studing point from Uyoga to
      adress the project in a proffesional manners,come up with Research

      Maria-Agnese: ok it seeems that you don't have yet founf the place

      JosephatNdibalema: An expert who 'll work with us is experienced one,working
      on the same field for some years now,is going to connect to Institutions for

      Maria-Agnese: Great!!!

      William: thats great josephat :: no maria,we cant firstly find the
      place,there are differents optionals on that matters

      Maria-Agnese: i suppose you have to learn how to run business :: it's very
      impotant as well to get these skills

      JosephatNdibalema: The institution is known as Inter-chick,they are doing
      with poultry farming and known for many years in Tanzania

      William: proffesionalisim on side means,something tangle maria? :: this is a
      great opputinies,i meant tangible?

      Maria-Agnese: Yes, but i suppose that nobody of you has some expertise in
      business, selling, market, bugeting

      William: the Project research would bring out differents options and

      Maria-Agnese: two days ago I called Mr Millinga and I would like perhaps you
      contact him again

      JosephatNdibalema: We received a favor from Ludovick who is to provide us a
      location or plot temporarily for the main reason of helping us,the place
      where 'll buld a poultry house

      Maria-Agnese: there is a poultry house there?

      William: thank you maria for your big concern about skills,we are not
      talking about KUKU project,with research and adata,without mentioning
      proffesionalisim,thats the best part to even jump into bussness with
      :: skills is what will determine the project life,we understand that ::
      no,at the moment no,poultry house needs to be builded once the project is
      :: remember maria,we are not talking about the already started project,we
      are talking about vital progress here

      Maria-Agnese: i agree with you on your progression :: please inform the
      forum about next steps

      William: the KUKu willl requre the KUKuU office in Kitunda

      Maria-Agnese: Now i have to concentrate in something at work :: keep in
      touch! :: Bye!!

      William: ok we appriciate your contribution and questions regarding KUKU,we
      have some network problems here :: hi sasha are you there,josephat??

      Maria-Agnese: sorry we shareb an other day about the office

      William: ok see youbyeeeee maria :: Sasha??

      JosephatNdibalema: Willy i also suppose to think on how youth and women can
      be empowered thru Poultry farming :: The research we are going to conduct
      'll lead us a new venture of fortunes in this field

      William: Yes,from what i saw there,women are milking,doing small
      agricultural activitiee,poulrty is their basic life activities

      JosephatNdibalema: Really

      William: i was able to meet with youth who are total engaged in the
      poultry,they are shifting egss from Kitunda their known markets,there were
      so many of them :: in the reseach for the kuku project,thi group of people
      wpuld be considered in a valuable manners,youth and women

      Sasha: yes I am here

      JosephatNdibalema: I f get offices in Kitunda that'll be a high time for
      effective engagement in Poultry farming,offices wll be used for conducting
      and organising various researches in Kitunda

      William: thank you sasha,could you please find this link of pemacultural

      Sasha: of what William?

      William: Yes josephat,if you rea my pervious mssg,i have mentioned a learng
      point,where indegenouse knowlge from those people will be collected and put
      into orders

      :: giant article on poultry

      William: Permacultur-thanx sasha :: Geocities.com/reddepermaculture

      AndriusKulikauskas: Good morning, Sasha, Josephat, William, from Oaxaca,

      JosephatNdibalema: Every information we get as regard to poultry will be
      found at http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Kuku Project
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Poultry Farming in Kitunda

      Sasha: Hi Andrius

      JosephatNdibalema: Excuse for my Typing errors :: Sasha thank you for good
      information about poultry

      Sasha: why do you guys think you need first an office? :: you are welcome

      AndriusKulikauskas: Josephat, I am excited to read abut your work on the
      Kuku project and yes I hope that Sasha can help in every way with research
      and perhaps organize flash drive content on poultry

      Sasha: sure

      JosephatNdibalema: You do well Sasha even for the task of developing Flash
      Drive Content

      Sasha: informations are abundant :: thanks Josephat

      JosephatNdibalema: Exactly

      AndriusKulikauskas: Also, Josephat please think about bird flu and human flu
      pandemics because that is a subject that Lucas Gonzalez is very interested
      in and he might help because poultry farmers should be aware and they may be
      the biggest experts someday

      JosephatNdibalema: Thanks Andrius for the help

      AndriusKulikauskas: Lucas is looking for projects to help with flu pandemic
      preparation: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?FluPandemic :: and see also
      blog: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?LucasBlog

      JosephatNdibalema: Okay :: Great!

      William: Thanks Andrius

      AndriusKulikauskas: And also we could start again "My Food Story" for
      poultry and perhaps find sponsors for that in the poultry industry, for

      William: we also look at the Envornmen t issues in the reseasch regarding
      poulty activities

      AndriusKulikauskas: Do you have a digital camera? We should try to help you
      get a digital camera so that you could show what you are doing and thinking.

      William: thatg great Andrius,i went to the trip we can find so much userfull
      infmation on My food stories :: we dont have one,we have been talking about
      this with sam and maria too

      AndriusKulikauskas: Also, there are Rising Voices grants for $5,000 for
      blogging projects in different languages such as Kiswahili perhaps you can
      think of a project and apply. What information do you think is most
      important to have in Kiswahili?

      William: digital,will help us show things

      JosephatNdibalema: Yes i agree that The Flash Drive Content contain huge
      information about Poultry farming especially doing it in a very dood way

      William: Great for SWAHILI I LIKE THE IDEA :: In swahili my interests was to
      teacher online swahili for foreigners,and agricltura infromation paked in

      JosephatNdibalema: Yes Kiswahili still stand as Content Development in
      Kiswahili is concerned,great Andrius

      William: Since you know Swahli was developed to cope and take in youth along
      wit the globalization

      JosephatNdibalema: We need more information on open accesses like
      that,thanks a lot

      William: Andrius,tell us more aboput this blooging in different LG?

      JosephatNdibalema: Thanks for today,i have to go,Andrius,Sasha,William,byee

      Sasha: Also, there are Rising Voices grants for $5,000 for blogging projects
      in different languages

      William: yes tell us more about it?


      William: ok byeee josephat,was great having you,am so bussy with studies i
      cant meet you regulay as before,but am happy the way we keep in

      Sasha: Rising Voices, the outreach arm of Global Voices, is now accepting
      project proposals for the second round of microgrant funding of up to $5,000
      for citizen media outreach projects. Ideal applicants will present
      innovative and detailed proposals to teach citizen media techniques to
      communities that are poorly positioned to discover and take advantage of
      tools like blogging, video-blogging, and podc :: bye Josephat

      JosephatNdibalema: Byee all

      William: byeeee josephat :: yes sasha and Andrius :: Andrius the digital
      camera will enable Uyoga to creat something and be able to presents vivid
      matters,we could have jumped even to the bloggers proposal but :: bloggs
      creations has been one of my first steps in ICT,i got the kitso course,.i
      can use powerpoint,word and excell,i know how to download and upload
      pictures from files and different sources and with the help of the computer
      Uyoga has now,we can come up with new shape of digital lives :: we are
      sorrounded by the very natural local infromation,but we find it harder to
      present them,i belive the pictures inspires

      Sasha: yes

      William: Fro, Kitunda KUKU project Uyoga will be able to provide education
      to the local peasants,where by exeerpts will help in contents creation,and
      this is not done to the local people dealing with poultry,all members from
      Uyoga will have an access to the skills part :: we can call it like,YUOGA
      leanrnig with the community it self

      AndriusKulikauskas: William, I am very glad at your progress. :: I think for
      the Rising Voices grant you could connect Kiswahili with agriculture and
      perhaps have MyFoodStory food stories in Kiswahili and in English? :: Do you
      know website makers in Africa?

      William: yes i do :: but as you know they are intested in cash,so i have to
      be selective :: i can do something wonderfull if you give me the details on
      how to go futher with this

      AndriusKulikauskas: I think you have to come up with what you and others
      want to do, that is what is important. But I know you are interested in
      agriculture and Josephat is interested in Kiswahili. :: so what would you
      like to achieve?
      think about that and then we can help write a proposal.

      William: josephat is running his educational deologue on kiswahili ::
      :: i have to go byeeee my time is over

      Wiiliam: josephat is interested in Right to education,so he is runing
      Hakielimurafiki in swahili LG which i was the one who brought in the idea,if
      you remeber :: I wrote the IndependentthinkerSwahilihandbook,by this
      email,swahili group started,and Josephat was the one to run his educational
      diologue :: so i took swahili as a language as a trak to fullfil my deepest
      values :: where peple have local access to their dev throght their
      LG,josephat was the first to do so

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    • Sasha
      Good questions, Asif. I think Kuku Project is stil in development phase as Uyoga group is still developing its plans regarding this. I would also like to
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 9, 2007
        Good questions, Asif. I think Kuku Project is stil in development phase
        as Uyoga group is still developing its plans regarding this. I would
        also like to encourage them to use as much as possible organic/natural
        farming techniques.
        Btw. how is the project going Josephat, William and others? can you tell
        us something more?

        Regards, Sasha Mrkailo

        asif.daya@... wrote:
        > It's all a matter of whether the poultry was farm raised or land
        > raised? How
        > many feet per chicken? What foods were they give? Natural or artificial?
        > Those are the critical questions in poultry farming.
        > Asif
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