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FIrst Thursday

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  • Pamela McLean
    HI everyone. It s the first Thursday of the month so I will be going to the chat room soon. WorkNets Chat Room I have not
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2007
      HI everyone.

      It's the first Thursday of the month so I will be going to the chat room soon. WorkNets Chat Room

      I have not planned anything for today - I am rather "chasing my tail" with many things to sort before I go to Nigeria.
      If anyone comes to the chat we will just see what the shared interests are of the people who  turn up.

      I am still wondering the best ways to help the Kenya TT people. We started to look at helping them find information that they want more effectively  - but until we can find ways to help them cover costs of travelling to meetings and going online at Holy Rosary College - or better still setting up a dedicated CLICC (I think that stands for something like Community Learning and Information Centre) - they will not be able to ask for information very much. Maybe we will need to good sneaker net system set up. Maybe they will have Flashdrive editors to use.  They have great enthusiasm and I do not want that to evaporate for lack of opportunity to follow up. This has always happened in the past with TT Nigeria - because of lack of opportunity for teachers to continue their involvement.

      I also need to look at what support/connectedness I should be encouraging related to the TT I will be doing in Nigeria, and other links I will be strengthening there. We are trying something a bit different there this time for TT  which should alleviate the follow-up problem - but puts new challenges in place.
      I guess I am just looking at how I could build a kind of TT support group - "friends of TT" - who would help me wihtall teh various tasks taht I feel need doing to enable TT course participants to get the most out of  their involvemetn with TT.

      Over to the chat room.......

      I think it may well just be Sasha and me greeting each other today - I will go and see...... 

    • Nancy Glock-Grueneich
      Pam and all, I d like to join Thursday s chat (7am, Pacific Time, 12/6). How do I do that? Thanks Nancy Glock-Grueneich ... You can join our online chat
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 5, 2007
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