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Re: [CawdTeachersTalking] Meeting our friends from TT Kenya in the chat room.

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  • Pamela McLean
    I had an email from Evelyn. She had not been able to get into the chat room either. Not only that but teh technician had disappeared and they had only one
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 26, 2007
      I had an email from Evelyn. She had not been able to get into the chat room either. Not only that but teh technician had disappeared and they had only one computer to use in the lab. He had agreed to be back at 2.00 but had not returned. I got that message at 13.47 my time (GMT + 1)  - which I think woudl be 15.47 Kenyan time - so by then he was 1 3/4 hours later than he said - and the time for their meeting was drawing to a close.

      I got a text from David. He was in Nairobi, not with the teachers at HR College in Tala (Kangundo district). He had not set up yahoo conference because his yahoo was not working.

      I will not be around for the next monthly meeting - assuming it is on the usual day of last Friday in the month - as I should be flying home from Nigeria then. (I know that is bad planning - but I am trying to get back for a family celebration on Saturday - which has been in my diary since last Christmas). I imagine there will be no meeting in December. So it will be late January 2008 before I can really hope to catch up with my TT Kenya group in the chatroom during one of their meetings  - but I hope we may manage some emails before that.


      On 26/10/2007, David mutua <davenzainga@...> wrote:

      Dear Pam, Andrius, Maria, TT Kenya and all our friends,
      I also report to you that i have been unable to access the chat  for the meeting today, same message as Andrius and Pam.
      Please because of the teachers who have traveled from far and have taken time out of office we can try yahoo messenger, i understand we all have expectations and left our important activities.

      I had a meeting with TT kenya coordinating team on wednesday, they are really facing problems with the center they usually meet, this are -: they dont have authority over the place, internet connectivity is slow, they experience power cuts, its far from most of the schools, head teachers cant give permission to attend meetings because it is exam time in Kenya and can't have certainity about planning for meetings.... i booked an appointment with the District Educ ation Officer the same day to discuss these problems but with the team were able to meet his deputy, a meeting on wednesday next week was scheduled -31st OCT.

      We hope to discuss issues around collabolations in establishishing a Community Learning,Information and Communication Center at Kangundo that can ennable teacher access the facilities, ICT enabled trainings, supply of ICT equipment to schools and communities in the area and facilitate other ICT enabled projects, this will be the first project in the district.

      COL that supported TT Kenya is willing to support more ICT enabled projects if we can build collaborations and networks, i appeal to our friends in this thread and others to look into this project and give their support and i personally assure you that you will never be not dissapointed.

      pls join us to make a change for the better.

      With warm regards,

      David Mutua
      TT Kenya Project Manager and Coordinator

      Pamela McLean < pam@...> wrote:

      I have been unable to access the chat room for the meeting today. The connection keeps timing out.  I don't know if any one else has been able to get there.  If anyone is at the chat room and also accessing LFEO emails, or TT emails,  please give my greetings to those in the chat room, and say I am sorry I am still outside ;-)

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