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Re: April 2008 Workshop Proposal: Vilnius

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    María_José_Iglesias, Thank you for your encouragement! Yes, and I hope we might organize this. My thought is to include as many debates as possible, large
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 24, 2007
      Thank you for your encouragement!
      Yes, and I hope we might organize this. My thought is to include as many
      debates as possible, large or small, so long as there is at least one
      participant! we will organize an audience.
      We will also have discussion and a rating system or vote to make sure that
      the debates that are most central are held at the main location and best
      If there is interest in debating questionable practices regarding orphan
      works - and we will see - then this can be a taste for a future workshop, and
      also show who is interested, do you think? My thought is that our debates
      might help us to find each other. And also recognize opportunities for
      constructive outcomes.
      Greetings from Oaxaca, Mexico!
      I will be here for three weeks.
      Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.ms.lt

      Data , "Marķa_José_Iglesias" <maria-jose.iglesias@...> Rašyta:

      >Hello again!
      >I find this proposal very interesting and adequate for the first rounds
      >of workshops. In my opinion, in this stage of the project it is really
      >needed to present the public domain from different perspectives and the
      >ethical one is, of course one, of them. But, at the same time -and this
      >is an (maybe self-seeking) invitation for Andrius or Torino- I think it
      >is quite important to talk (and as soon as possible) about the "concept
      >of the public domain". During the workshop in Torino it was quite
      >obvious that public domain has, even for us, very different meanings...
      >(We are very sorry, but we -the CRID- are not in the position, at least
      >for the near future, to organise a workshop on this topic.
      >On the other hand, I am not very sure if the issue of out-of print and
      >orphan works should be in this April Workshop. In fact, the CRID was
      >waiting for the next round of Workshops to propose a workshop for
      >October 2008 focused on it. We are running some projects on this matter
      >and we are very closely following the work done by the EC and the DL
      >High Level Group. We think that this topic, itself, deserves a single
      >Best regards
      >ms@... a écrit :
      >> Juan Carlos and all, Here is our Minciu Sodas laboratory's proposal to
      >> the April 2008 workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania.
      >> 1. Title of the Workshop;
      >> "Ethical Public Domain: Debate of Questionable Practices"
      >> 2. Abstract of the Workshop: topic to be addressed, how, etc.;
      >> We will organize a series of friendly debates of questionable practices
      >> that seem to diminish the Public Domain. We will encourage the exploration
      >> all issues, but we will focus on those for whom there are advocates on
      >> side and also stakeholders who can testify how they are affected. We will
      >> also vote in advance as to which issues are most interesting and should
      >> most prominent.
      >> Advocates will be asked to write position papers and stakeholders will be
      >> encouraged likewise. We will video the debates and provide written
      >> transcripts of key moments. The debates will take place openly, will be
      >> videotaped and made available through the Internet. All material
      >> at this workshop will be in the Public Domain (except for any supporting
      >> documents that might be referenced).
      >> We will be free to critique particular institutions and practices so that
      >> they might send advocates to respond individually or collectively. Our
      >> is to understand the heart of the matter and to consider if the practices
      >> might be improved or whether legal changes might be necessary.
      >> Sample issues might include:
      >> * Prohibitions on resale of the software. Microsoft and other companies
      >> restrict the resale of their software. This is why there is no market for
      >> "used software". Shouldn't the limitations on software purchaser's "right
      >> own" be balanced by limitations on Microsoft's "right to own"?
      >> * Out-of-print works. Large publishers depend on copyright to protect
      >> exclusive right to publish a work. But what if they are not interested
      >> publishing a work they own, and it stays out-of-print? Should copyright
      >> continue to hold?
      >> * Ownership of user generated content. Facebook requires participants to
      >> cede to Facebook the copyright of all content that they generate.
      >> allows people to view content only if they register. Facebook asks them
      >> sign that they have "read and understood" a contract that takes thirty
      >> minutes to read and a college degree to understand. Why is this
      >> Do such "public" spaces have an obligation to contribute to the Public
      >> space?
      >> * Google scrapes all of our websites but does not allow us to scrape its
      >> website, thus violating the "golden rule" and leveraging its monopolistic
      >> position. Why is this necessary?
      >> * The Recording Industry Association of America won a judgement of
      >> for making 24 songs available for file sharing. Are there any musicians -
      >> human beings, for that matter - who would personally seek for themselves
      >> restitution? Why are corporations allowed to own creative works if, by
      >> nature, they are unable to create them? Would it make sense to allow only
      >> human beings to own creative works?
      >> * Flickr allows users to license their work under Creative Commons
      >> Yet it makes no such option for the Public Domain. Why is this the case?
      >> there reasons that discriminate against the Public Domain? When there is
      >> choice, should the Public Domain be available?
      >> http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/
      >> * Orphaned works. Photographers depend on copyright to be fairly
      >> for their work. But what if nobody knows who a work belongs to? Is it
      >> that a photographer set the price when their work is used? Or is there
      >> another solution?
      >> There are many more that we might think of. We would focus on the ones
      >> we which we have advocates, hopefully on either side, and also
      >> Our goal would be to seek friendly understanding and change. We may cause
      >> quite a stir and get the above companies to send representatives, which
      >> be a great step forward. Perhaps we might find new participants and place
      >> COMMUNIA in the center of the cultivation of an Ethical Public Domain.
      >> is a great topic as COMMUNIA gets under way.
      >> 3. Brief explanation of why the topic is relevant and timely
      >> for COMMUNIA;
      >> As we start work, it is a good time to consider what, in the broadest
      >> are the issues of the Public Domain? and what are they ways forward to
      >> foster a thriving Public Domain? The issues and solutions are not only
      >> legal, but may be political, economic, technological, and I think most
      >> profoundly, ethical. Our human rights to share and to own and our moral
      >> responsibilities are the foundations for the Public Domain that we should
      >> keep returning to.
      >> 4. Description of the workshop venue;
      >> The Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is granting us use of
      >> hall at minimal cost (100 euros). The hall seats 100 people and is
      >> used for international libarians conferences. If we expect more people,
      >> we will find additional locations in the library or nearby. The library
      >> located near Vilnius's Cathedral.
      >> 5. Expected attendance (e.g., based on previous experiences
      >> by the organizers);
      >> We will prepare for an event of up to 100 people, but in parallel, will
      >> explore options for expanding the event, especially if there is
      >> interest and if we are able to connect with the cultural program for
      >> Lithuania's year as European cultural capital in 2009, see
      >> http://www.culturelive.lt Our event will consist of self-standing
      >> and therefore can be broken up as needed into separate locales.
      >> 6. Names and short bios of the members of organizing team;
      >> please emphasize any previous direct experiences
      >> organizing workshop/conferences/events;
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas is the lead organizer for this event. He is an
      >> accomplished organizer as the leader of the Minciu Sodas laboratory with
      >> active participants. He organized BarCamp Lithuania in 2006 and a series
      >> 8 video bridges for Global Utopias in the summer of 2007.
      >> Zenonas Anusauskas is an experienced organizer of events, seminars and
      >> lectures. He is also a video specialist and will record the event and
      >> it available over the Internet. He assisted with the Global Utopias
      >> bridges.
      >> Irena Buinickaite is an entrepreneur. She helped organize the Global
      >> video bridges. She is also a community organizer and recently organized
      >> Atzalynas youth basketball tournament.
      >> Gryte Miseviciene is a community organizer with ten years experience in a
      >> variety of Vilnius's neighborhoods.
      >> Birute Railiene leads the Information Department at the Library of the
      >> Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. She participates in COMMUNIA through
      >> Sodas and will help as a liaison with the library on all matters.
      >> We also intend to involve others in our team in Lithuania and beyond.
      >> 7. Proposed budget, with a break-down of the main costs;
      >> Given the generosity of the Library, we will have a budget for additional
      >> locations as might be necessary, but otherwise will dedicate much of our
      >> budget to promotion of the debates and their results.
      >> 1,500 euros - Halls
      >> 2,400 euros - Meal
      >> 1,000 euros - Video recording, production, Internet
      >> 1,000 euros - Video bridges
      >> 250 euros - Translation where needed
      >> 200 euros - Publishing electronic proceedings
      >> 200 euros - International promotion
      >> 200 euros - Local promotion
      >> 200 euros - Guest speaker about Jewish Vilnius
      >> 1,000 euros - Debate facilitators
      >> 2,000 euros - Organizers
      >> 8. Proposed workshop program: rough organization of the day
      >> (i.e., session topics);
      >> Morning - Video Bridge with Asia
      >> COMMUNIA - Introductory Discussion
      >> 2 Debates
      >> Lunch
      >> 4 Debates
      >> COMMUNIA - Concluding Discussion
      >> Evening - Video Bridge with Americas
      >> We will also seek a speaker to present Jewish Vilnius and its tradition
      >> critical inquiry.
      >> 9. Any another information that might strengthen the proposal,
      >> e.g., how well the city or the venue are connected with
      >> the rest of Europe, potential synergies with other events
      >> immediately before/after in the same city/region, etc.
      >> AirBaltic offers cheap direct air fares to Vilnius from Rome, Barcelona,
      >> Brussels, London, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Dublin,
      >> Helsinki and more.
      >> Lithuania is preparing for the year 2009 when it celebrates 1,000 years
      >> recorded history, opens the restored Royal Palace and welcomes all to
      >> as a European cultural capital. We will propose the idea of "debate of
      >> questionable practices" as a city-wide activity to the
      >> http://www.culturelive.lt committee. We will also invite Lithuania's
      >> community to help us link with their great tradition of critical inquiry.

      >> Vilnius is a lovely city with one of the largest intact old towns in
      >> A note regarding dates: Easter Sunday is March 23rd. We are free to
      >> the date for the Library's hall. We suggest Friday, April 25th or as
      >> desired.
      >> Andrius
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas
      >> Minciu Sodas
      >> http://www.ms.lt
      >> ms@...
      >> +370 699 30003
      >> Vilnius, Lithuania
      >> _______________________________________________
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      >> communia-prep@...
      >> http://media.polito.it/mailman/listinfo/communia-prep
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