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Re: [learningfromeachother] Practice as Research Conference: Manchester UK (October 31)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear All, Because I was sending this to several forums, I did not indicate my own link with this conference. The young woman helping to organize this is a grad
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      Dear All,

      Because I was sending this to several forums, I did not indicate my own link with this conference. The young woman helping to organize this is a grad student in theatre for development, and she is a member of ActALIVE. So I can vouch for the sincerity and also the motivations of the event.

      In fact, I have spoken with her about a possible webinar on this subject, definitely for ActALIVE members, and hopefully others.

      Because this conference is only a one-day event, it unfortunately will not be for people who will have to travel to get there, like Ken or Maria.  Pam might be able to attend, unless Manchester is far from where you live.

      Pam, I mailed this to you because you are--in my view--both a researcher and a practitioner, in fact, a crucial and invaluable blend of both.  If you think you might want to attend, I will link you with you Kat Low, the organizer I know.

      She is very open to discussing how this idea might play out in other conversations and settings, so it might be interesting to discuss--among MS forums and members--having a virtual conference along these lines.  In this case, Ken and anyone else who wants to attend will be able to do so.  Just like we do with our usual e-chats and virtual interchanges.

      Will close for now with thanks for your feedback and interest, and hopes that practice makes for perfect research, and vice-versa!  Janet

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      From: Pamela McLean
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      Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Practice as Research Conference: Manchester UK (October 31)

      I am not sure.

      I used to really want to go to conferences, and I was really sad that I did not have the resources to do so .I imagined that the research community and the practitioners were helping each other. I thought it was a partnership where the practitioners innovated, then academics studied good practice and wrote about it, and then the practitioners learnt from the research and improved on their own practice as they continued to innovate.

      I still have that hope - but it is no longer my belief. I am more cynical now.  Sometimes the conferences look very good and I'd be happy to go along and to really find out for myself - but my impression is that most likely  the researchers will be doing their work more for the other researchers than for practitioners like me. I still don't have the resources to attend conferences - but I don't fret about it any more.

      Why am I writing this? It is not to discourage Ken from trying to go to the conference.  I write so that people who see all the conferences but never get a chance to go are not discouraged.


      On 19/10/2007, Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo@...> wrote:

      Hi Ken!
      This conference could be very important for the  Acrobats!!
      Maria Agnese

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@... > ha scritto:
      Practice as Research Conference Programme
      31 st October, 2007 – Bragg Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre
      Registration: Bragg Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre
      Conference Organisers' Welcome: Bragg Lecture Theatre
      Keynote Presentation : Jenny Hughes (Applied Theatre, Manchester).
      'Fleshing out/bringing into touch the practice of research and research of practice in applied theatre'.

      Paper session: Practice as Research today.
      Liselle Terret (Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama):
      Making performance art as a tool for recovery from eating disorders
      Ruth Way (Dance, Plymouth): Mapping an interface between  knowing that and knowing how
      in the creation of Utah Sunshine.
      Paper session 1: Practice as Research today: practical and theoretical implications.
      Roland Metcalf (Performance, Salford): A scientist's view: how scientific method can be applied to performance practice .
      Kerry Irvine
      (Performance, Brunel): PaR today: A lifeline for Industry
      Paper session 2: Where is the boundary between the academic and the practitioner?
      Kate Napier
      (Drama, Glasgow GSA): The Service of Two Masters: negotiating the demands of academic expectation in the context of professional training.
      Barbara Bell
      (Theatre historian, Glasgow): Double Drabble: Auto-ethnography and the theatre historian.
      Panel discussion: Object of beauty or object of research?
      Alexis Guneratne, Joshua Kopecek Sam Salem, and Diana Simpson (Music, Manchester): Fleeting beauty/staining research:†fruits of music/sound art as research objects.
      Panel discussion: The possibilities and problematics of combining practice with research.
      Johannes Sjˆberg
      (Screen Studies, Manchester): Practice-based PhDs: Possibilities and Pitfalls.
      Riti Herman Mostert
      (Applied Theatre, Holland): Making the body: Applied Theatre at the "Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture".
      Hamda Darwish
      (Informatics, Manchester): Outcomes of Research As Practice on Research Generalizability: The Case of Pedagogical Agents.
      Conference close and drinks reception (Foyer, Martin Harris Centre).
      To register for the conference or for further information please contact: katharine.low@.... ac.uk and zoi.zontou@.... ac.uk

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