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Moodle Collaboration at Cawdnet Campus: FYI Pam, Maria, Sasha and Asif

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  • Prince Obiri-Mainoo
    Hello Friends, I have added Part 2 of the Moodle Tutorial at Cawdnet Campus as follows: http://campustechnology.com/articles/51915/ Enjoy the weekend! Prince
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      Hello Friends,
      I have added Part 2 of the Moodle Tutorial at Cawdnet Campus as follows:

      Enjoy the weekend!

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:
      So - Maria, Sasha and Asif - how shall we move forward to learn about Moodle?

      We must learn from each other and learn by doing. You will soon learn the little that I know  ;-)
      Then you will streak ahead and I will be able to follow in your footsteps :-)

      Maria - I went to Cawdnet Campus this evening. I was excited to see you had already been there, and left me a note - so I left you a welcome one in return. I was just rushing through to a space that Lorraine and I use for administration, so I did not stop to check if you had filled in your profile. I hope that you will, if you have not done so already.  Asif and Sasha please put your profiles there too when you visit.

      I would like you to think of Cawdnet Campus as a virtual college - one that is very new - with empty rooms - waiting for people to come and take possession. Because we can have as many 'rooms' as we like it we can give every course that we run its own room.  There are also a few rooms which are already in use (some tidier that others! ) Moodle calls these rooms 'courses'.

      I have set up a 'course' or 'room' called Discover Moodle. It is not a formal taught course, so I have put it with other informal courses. I can do this because I have administrator privileges ( but don't know how to use them much yet).

      To join in and 'Discover Moodle' go to Cawdnet Campus http://moodle. cawd.net/ and look for  'Informal courses, clubs and SIGS'. Click on that and you'll find  Discover Moodle. If I have set things up properly when you get to Discover Moodle you will find that you have to log on before you go further. That's as it should be. If you were going to join a course or a club at an ordinary "real-world" college you would expect to register. When you get in please introduce yourself via the forum - very like a yahoo group.

      If you have a problem let me know - and I'll try to find out what I have done wrong in setting it up.

      Don't expect to find a formal course - this is an informal opportunity to learn by doing. We will  try things out together, use  the  Moodle  help materials, and  Skype each other. There will be room for more than four of us - it isn't limited to Asif, Maria, Sasha and Pam.

      NB I am currently preparing for trip to Nigeria, so will have more time for this when I get back than I do have now - but you can go ahead without me as much as you like, and I'll join in as I can.


      On 16/10/2007, Maria Agnese Giraudo < mariaagnesegiraudo@ yahoo.it> wrote:
      Dear Pam,
      don't suppose that because i  addended this Master on e-learning that i learned a lot. you thises master are such commercial product tha universities sell. I got a lot of information but no so much of practice. I thank you very much for alow me to enter in your course. I can paly with moodle also in my course, what i would like to do it to share ideas of yhe use of moodle.  Sasha is very interested as well and because he is such clever and supportive person i would like he learn also for him self. Sorry this evening i can't go on...
      Please. if you come to Italy or pass through Italy come to visit me in Santa Marinella!
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese

      Pamela McLean < pam@...> ha scritto:

      This is interesting. Let us find a way to explore how I can help you.  Sh ould we skype or what?

      I am so pleased to see a link between a researcher and what we are all doing here with Andrius. One of the many ICT4Ed /ICT4D divides that we need to cross is the divide betwen academics and pratcitioners. Itseems that  you are  doing this :-)

      Ref Moodle - we were going to discuss that - Sasha you were interested too. I have used an implementation of Moodle as a place to make TT materials easily available to other people. We call it Cawdnet Campus. If you go to http://moodle. cawd.net/ course/view. php?id=67 you can see the materials I developed ready for TT last March. You will need to log on. At Fantusem Foundation the techies put a mirror of our Moodle onto the local server. That meant that the materiasl could be accessed esily and quickly on line, not like when they are accessed from Fantsuam directly from the Internet.

      I  made  a few additions and changes to the course materials for TT Kenya , but haven't published them yet. We were not in a postition to do a mirror at Holy Rosary College, where we delivered teh course. Instead we distributed CD-ROMs of the course materials so participants could access them again later.

      Moodle can do much more than we have done - regarding distance learning provision (see what the OU is doing for examples of how it should really be used in all its power). For people like us - Lorraien and I - , who are not providing formal elearning courses it serves a different need. It is simply a great way for us to organise different information for different groups of people.

      If you want to "play with Moodle" let me know and I will ask Lorraine to set you up a space. You would have an area called a course, and you would have the privileges of the teacher, so you could explore how to develop and present a course. You can put up teaching materials of various kinds, and have discussion groups and quizzes to test understanding and all kinds of things (even wikis, as Sasha may like to know).

      Sasha you are welcome to have an area too if you like, or to try it out alongside Maria.

      We have a Health Special Interest Group at Cawdnet Campus - which Prof Dick Heller and John Dada set up together. Dick has gone further than I have in terms of setting up courses for delivery to students through Cawdnet Campus, He is currently running a pilot elearning course on Maternal Mortality.Lorraine would be the person to tell you more as she helped him to set it up. Or look here for some more information -  http:/ /moodle.cawd. net/course/ category. php?id=68

      When Dick started to use Cawdnet Campus he found it quite useful to look at it with Lorraine or me on the other end of the phone (or Skype) just to show him around and demonstrate some of the first things to try out. Lorriane and I found it useful to explore it together over the phone at first as well. There is excellent help available on line too, (but personally I find those big help resources a bit daunting unitl I have become reasonably familiar with something).

      "So, Andrius has promised me to set up a chatting room for clients. I 'll work there with Sasha as  a client , paying $50 per month, in open  domain. we have to take appointments during the week."
      I am not quite sure what you mean but it sounds interesting.

      More later.

      I am looking forward to working with you in whatever way works out.


      On 15/10/2007, Maria Agnese Giraudo < mariaagnesegiraudo@ yahoo.it> wrote:
      Dear Pam,  and all,
      since I started to look at "e-learning" I desired to collaborate with you for many reasons, mainly because you have experience in the field in Africa and i appreciate what you are doing.  I would like to inform you and the forum of my plans i discussed with Andrius and Saha while they were my guests.
      1.  As you know,  i haven't yet working experience on it, what i have to do now is  to write a small dissertation. I thought that i could collect and describe small  projects in Africa and also in other continents. I would like to select projects  designed and runned for local population, grassroot associations, vocational  schools to  develop professional and business skills.
      I 'm interested as well in small  projects on health issues, as HIV/AIDS, and Malaria managemnt and control,  for the population.
      Please giv e me your advises, what ever suggestions   and  critical opinions regarding my ideas.   I ask for  the contribution of Samwel, Asif, Janet and other people experinced in the field.
      2. I asked Andrius and Sahsa to help me to  get a training in installing and  using OS Learning Managment Systems -LMS There are several products available, although Moodle is the  most wellknown!! There are as well many tools of web2,0 that perhaps many of you use but it would be interesting to compare and update constantly (as it would be possible!)
      So, Andrius has promised me to set up a chatting room for clients. I 'll work there with Sasha as  a client , paying $50 per month, in open  domain. we have to take appointments during the week. Everybody can see but nobody can work with us.
      I thank  Andrius for  allowing me to get this training and Sasha for his availability and great support. I  would  as well to encourage this kind of business in MSLab.
      All the best!
      Maria Agnese

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