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Re: [holistichelping] The Friday 5th october ALGAF VII Session VIII

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  • samuel kongere
    Oh great Uyoga, I can see you are changing your essence of understanding. I think with a lot of information gathhering you will able to do greater heights. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2007
      Oh great Uyoga,
      I can see you are changing your essence of understanding. I think with a lot of information gathhering you will able to do greater heights. I hope we meet soon to way our progress.

      Uyoga community <uyogacdg@...> wrote:
      Dear all,
      Once again we are here to share information as we used to,yesterday was another day for   interaction at the Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre http://www.gdlc. go.tz the session topic was''' The Contribution of Youth in Promoting Decentralised Governance through the use of ICT'' and the presenter was Mr.Wison Muyenzi from Rwanda
      Country participants include Zimbabwe,Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda,Kenya, Tanzania and Woshington,Uyoga was represented by William Wambura,Josephat Ndibalema,Abnel Emmanuel,Issa Bogere and Rugemwa Primson.
           The presenter started by giving the introduction as regard to Rwanda,the country was mainly effected by genocide- the mass killings in the 1990's.Said about Rwanda's economic stratergies that the country as launched various soci-economic  policies the main being Rwanda 2020 Vision,aiming at emproving the living standard of its people,also the country has a ICT policy designed to curb all sectors of the economy such as agriculture, commerce, education e.t.c
           However our main concern comes at the point were youth get involved,in case of Rwanda as it was stated youth are given priority when come to planning especialy in the ICT field since they are the working force.Stating that most of youth are innovative in ICT since they are learned and there are efforts of  training  more youths.
           Since the ALGAF http://wwwmdpafrica .org.zw Session seminars  on ICT Field started Uyoga members had a chance of experiencing some good  things related to ICTs,members being there have interacted with a number of youths around Dar es salaam who really need help to understand ICT concepts,now we know that if ICT is effectively implemented can lead to a huge reap,also that ICT must be implemented to benefit the local people who have no access to information and this can best be done through development of local content based materials like we are trying to do in developing Kiswahili based local content.
           Another aspect for the ongoing ALGAF Seminars is the aspect of Good Governance as it is defined to mean '' the process through which institutions, businesses and citizen groups articulate their interests,exercise their rights and obligations and meddiate their differences. ''
      We learn about it,working closer to people who need help and bulding a network btn citizen groups as regard to our national socio-economic policies.
          Now members recognise ICT as a potential tool in the fight against poverty,that the use of ICT can improve--provision of health care,promote educational achievements, increase agricultural production,facilita te e-commerce and others.
            After the  yesterday ALGAF Session three Uyoga members namely Issa Bogere,Abnel Emmanuel and Rugemwa Primson stayed behind as were chosen by the cite co-ordinator with other participants to test an educational game -I Need a Sign developed by Ariel Seoane.Following the successful implementation of the ALGAF Module on Sreet Addressing last year,WBI- http://www.worldban k.org/wbi/ went on to sponsor an international competition on ''Designing and Developing Educational  Games on Street Addressing'' in November 2006.By February 2007,35 games were submited for play testing of which six games were were selected  to proceed to the final stages of judging by a panel consisting of subject experts and game developer.At the end two games were selected as winners i.e I Need a Sign by Ariel Seoane ana Arbs and Civitas by John Baluci.Following the selection of two games,WBI decided to field test them in Africa and Latin America before wider dissemination, at the end game players were asked to feel game evaluation forms.
      Reported by
      Josephat Ndibalema -Uyoga member

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