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Re: [learningfromeachother] State of immagency (emergency) in uganda

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  • David mutua
    Hi Fred and All, I really sympathise with our neighbours in Uganda, Its sad that our governments don t put their citizens and hard work earned property as
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 5, 2007
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      Hi Fred and All,
      I really sympathise with our neighbours in Uganda, Its
      sad that our governments don't put their citizens and
      hard work earned property as priority, this is the
      same situation in Kenya year after a year when it
      rains especially around Nyanza and Coastal regions.

      We always look at short term solutions when the
      problem arises and forget immediatly after the rains
      are gone and it happens again and again every rainy
      season. Lots of dollars are wasted at this point with
      focus not to control the situation for a long term
      I think commuities should be sensitized to develop
      grassroot initiatives that address their own needs and
      build structures that can lobby for support for a long
      term control plans.

      Its sad to loose property earned after a long time in
      one day through something we can control, there is no
      sense of Government, organisations and people
      investing in communities if they have no security or
      disaster control measures.

      Fred i am with you and your friends in prayers and
      hope we can build a team that can sensitise for long
      term solutions.


      --- kayiwa fred <fdkayiwa@...> wrote:

      > Thanks Janet,Pam for the quick action
      > For me right now am not affected personaly with
      > floods
      > because were am staying they are not there but they
      > are now reached the cetral part of the country and
      > thats were ilve so soon may bethey are coming to my
      > home
      > but am affected because my many friends have lost
      > their propeties.
      > Pam to be honest icannot tell which organisation
      > because am not affiliated to anyy but i can see the
      > UN, and other NGOS here aare helping alot
      > the christian churches here are also collecting any
      > kind of help in money, drugs, clothes and many items
      > at least this one is near me.
      > and am also taking there some cloths that ihave for
      > those who lost there cloths in water.
      > Just fill free to ask me .
      > Lets join hands and pray for Uganda.
      > --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      > ---------------------------------
      > Hello Dear Fred, Pam, and All,
      > So very sorry to hear abt the terrible situation in
      > parts of Uganda, Fred, esp as some areas are already
      > hit by war and terrible deprivation. Pam has
      > written
      > a caring and pro-active response, in addition to
      > asking some tough but important questions (and
      > making
      > a needed contribution, with a leap of faith in the
      > outcome!).
      > Our prayers, hopes for improvement, and caring are
      > with the people of Uganda, and we are with you
      > personally in spirit and with love! Janet
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Pamela McLean
      > Sent: Oct 4, 2007 9:01 AM
      > To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] State of
      > immagency in uganda
      > Dear Fred (then everyone)
      > I do not know how to respond to your email. In some
      > ways we have become close and yet in reality we are
      > still so far apart.. I am wondering about your
      > personal situation and want to ask you more - but
      > what
      > is the good if I cannot follow up with practical
      > action.
      > Everyone - More information about the floods is of
      > course available through the usual news channels and
      > a
      > google search on "Ugandan floods state of emergency"
      > provides links. It seems that all we can do is
      > respond with donations through the usual channels.
      > The first one that I found with a direct link to the
      > Uganda floods was:
      > https://secure.go2.ie/selfhelp/Main/uganda2.asp
      > It is the first time I have made a donation through
      > the "Selfhelp" organisation so I do not know how
      > effective they are. The currency they use is Euros.
      > Afterward I realised they had not offered a UK gift
      > aid option, so the possible additional tax rebate
      > was
      > lost to the gift. However they do seem to have good
      > grass roots links so I hope that means they are
      > effective.
      > Fred maybe you can give us feedback about which
      > organisations you do see on the ground making a
      > difference so that in future we will know the best
      > channels to use.
      > Pam
      > On 04/10/2007, fdkayiwa <fdkayiwa@...> wrote:
      > We have got avery bad moments in uganda to an
      > exitent
      > that the govt
      > has announced state of emergency in the noth and
      > easten uganda
      > because of flood and the govt is seeking the help of
      > any type to these
      > people
      > the president is sleeping now in these areas its now
      > aweek.
      > its terible
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