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Re: [holistichelping] Saturday we'll try to chat with David Sasaki

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear All, This is excellent news! I have been in contact with David myself, and have networked widely for his trip to individuals and orgs in Uganda, Kenya,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2007
      Dear All,

      This is excellent news! I have been in contact with David myself, and have networked widely for his trip to individuals and orgs in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Included have been Dennis and the rest of the JUMP team in Kenya(www.jumptochangetheworld.org), as well as the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (www.youthaidscoalition.org), ActALIVE (www.actalive.org), and more.

      He has indicated that he'll be joining some of our forums upon his return, and hope that a number of us will be active at the Rising Voices forum and with Rising Voices projects.

      David, I've previously posted to Holistic Helping and other MS-related groups asking our members about the possibility of translating your citizen guide into different languages, and querying Andrius and others about working in some partnership capacity along those lines.

      This was partly in the context of the grant process, but this seems both important and "do-able" regardless of whether funds enter the picture.

      I believe in your original posting on the Rising Voices project--which both myself and Pam McLean (Learning From Each Other) saw separately and posted to our respective MS forums (a case of great minds thinking alike, haha!)--that you mentioned this avenue as a way for RV and others to work together.

      It will be great if that can be discussed this weekend, and in our various forums, so that we can help RV to spread your citizen media guide globally, and we in turn get the benefit of such an invaluable resource.

      The questions (below) you have posed are a very useful place to start, and if you'd find this helpful, David, I'm sure myself and others can send the url for the PDF--along with the questions--to a number of forums and individuals, so that you might have wide feedback (which you will also hopefully get from the members of all of the forums cc'd!).

      If I can be at the chat myself I will be (am still a full-time caregiver for my father, which makes it hard to commit to anything time-wise), and otherwise hope that many members of the groups cc'd will take part.

      With all best wishes and artistic admirations, Janet (Feldman, KAIPPG International and ActALIVE, kaippg@...)

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      >Subject: [holistichelping] Saturday we'll try to chat with David Sasaki
      >David Sasaki of Rising Voices is traveling in Kenya. Saturday, September 22
      >he will be with Dennis Kimambo and see their community theater work. Dennis
      >and I agreed that if their schedule allows, they will try to chat with us
      >some time after 16:00 Kenya time (14:00 London, 9:00 New York) at our chat
      >room: http://www.worknets.org/chat/ and of course we can chat amongst
      >ourselves even if they aren't able to come. (I'm also entirely sure of my
      >own schedule but I will try to be there.) Please forward my letter to the
      >Rising Voices group risingvoices@... (I'm having email troubles
      >because I'm using a different computer.) I share below David's letter where
      >he asks for feedback regarding his citizen media guide so we can chat about
      >We're also invited to chat tomorrow, Friday, 15:30 Kenya time, 13:30 London,
      >8:30 New York. We hope to chat with Teachers Talking Kenya and I will be
      >there and can update us on our work on the USB Flash Drive Editor.
      >Andrius Kulikauskas
      >Minciu Sodas
      >Data , "David Sasaki" <osopecoso@...> Rašyta:
      >>Hi All:
      >>I come asking for help. I've just finished putting the final touches
      >>on what is the first of a series of guides that will be produced
      >>about citizen media. This first guide is to serve as a general
      >>introduction to citizen media and my hope is that it can be used to
      >>inspire new people from new regions to start blogging, podcasting,
      >>and posting photo and video to the web. I would be extremely grateful
      >>if you could look through the PDF and respond with any feedback you
      >>may have. Some questions to think about:
      >>* Is this guide applicable to your country/region?
      >>* Do the "case studies" make you want to start your own, similar
      >>* What is missing from the guide that you would like to see included?
      >>* Are there any sections that you find confusing?
      >>Many Thanks,
      >>David Sasaki | outreach@...
      >>Director of Outreach, Global Voices
      >>gtalk: osopecoso | skype: elosopecoso
      >>+1.510.717.8377 | http://el-oso.net/blog
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