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David Sasaki: Some Contacts/JUMP/Steve Shames

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, David, and All, Wonderful to hear from you both, and I ve written to David privately too (as he requested) after your last communications. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15 8:32 AM
      Dear Andrius, David, and All,

      Wonderful to hear from you both, and I've written to David privately too (as he requested) after your last communications. I wasn't sure abt his email capacity so haven't done an extensive networking mail yet. Note some email addresses cc'd in this note, including Fred's.

      Fred has recently been in contact with a dynamic youth org in Uganda called "Youth With A Vision", which we first discovered via a posting from Benoit at HH and other forums (on "Minnie" grants from Disney, of which several have gone to this group).

      They are doing inspiring work with arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and development topics, so David and Fred might want to meet with them too.

      In Nakuru and Nairobi are participants in the youth storytelling project, JUMP (www.jumptochangetheworld.org), whose creator--American educator, Robin Worley--is in the Rising Voices forum. Dennis Kimambo (ActALIVE, Holistic Helping, and REPACTED), Jacqy Kowa (National Association of Peer Educators), Fred Ouko (www.kcyp.net), and Felix Masi (www.voicelesschildren.org) are all in Nairobi and Nakuru.

      Dennis Kimambo will be coming to the USA in October, so you might meet with him there too, and I believe he's also in the Rising Voices forum. Felix Masi, a photographer and multimedia artist, has recently helped to produce the forthcoming film, "A Grandmother's Tribe" (abt grandmothers caring for their HIV/AIDS-orphaned grandchildren)--filmed in Kenya--and he has just been chosen to work on the "Listen Up!" film project (with a focus on youth, development, and the environment).

      I'll also cc Steve Shames, an American photographer whose foundation helps to provide education for orphans and youth affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Steve is linked to JUMP, and he and his foundation are doing wonderful media work with the students in Uganda.

      Will cast the "Net" a bit wider this weekend, David, and we will welcome to the MS-linked forums. Please also consider joining ActALIVE too, where a number of us are as well (actalive-subscribe@yahoogroups.com).

      All best wishes and appreciation, Janet (Feldman, kaippg@...)

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      >Subject: [holistichelping] David Sasaki wants to meet Fred in Kampala, Uganda
      >Wonderful! Fred Kayiwa was very interested to meet with you. His telephone
      >is: 256782371003 and I have asked Sasha Mrkailo to send you his email (my
      >laptop is broken) and I am also informing our groups of your visit to Uganda
      >and Kenya. Fred and all, please write to David Sasaki osopecoso@...
      >Fred's picture and more information are at:
      >David, when you are in Nairobi I hope you might connect with Kennedy Owino of
      >Nafsi Afrika Acrobats they work with the poor children including from the
      >Kibera slums which perhaps he might show you, but especially I am interested
      >if he might show you the office at the apartment about 1 km away that he
      >would like to set up. We would like our networks to have a base in Nairobi
      >because it's often that our participants meet up there. A halfway point
      >between Kibera and the rest of the world where we might meet.
      >Thank you for engaging us and I look forward to working with you on the
      >Rising Voices mission and all your heart's concerns!
      >Andrius Kulikauskas
      >Minciu Sodas
      >+370 699 30003
      >Vilnius, Lithuania
      >Data , "David Sasaki" <osopecoso@...> Rašyta:
      >>Hi Andrius,
      >>Greetings from Kampala. Thank you so much for offering to help
      >>connect me with your colleagues and friends here in East Africa. I'll
      >>be in Kampala for the next couple days. Then I'll likely head to
      >>Kigali for a few days - then back to Kampala -> Nakuru -> Nairobi.
      >>It would be really excellent to connect with Fred Kayiwa here in
      >>Kampala. Could you send me his contact information?
      >>I'll also apply to the various Yahoo groups so that I can participate
      >>in conversations there.
      >>Thanks again for all your kindness.
      >>On Sep 11, 2007, at 9:33 AM, Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      >>> David, I'm curious where you'll be in Kenya and Uganda. We have
      >>> quite a
      >>> few participants there, including Kennedy Owino in Nairobi (who leads
      >>> Nafsi Afrika Acrobats and is working to open an office for our
      >>> networks
      >>> near Kibera), Samwel Kongere in Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria near
      >>> Mbita, Kenya who is training thousands of women in ITC and
      >>> entrepreneurship, Tom Ochuka in Kisumu, Kenya who works with the deaf,
      >>> David Mutua who recently organized a Teachers Talking workshop for ITC
      >>> in a rural area near Nairobi, and Fred Kayiwa in Kampala, Uganda who
      >>> represented us at the Omidyar.net conference in northern Uganda. You
      >>> can reach them all through our working groups Holistic Helping
      >>> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ led by Janet Feldman
      >>> and
      >>> Learning From Each Other
      >>> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ led by Pamela
      >>> McLean. I share the Rising Voices newsletter and the Rising Voices
      >>> group's url http://groups.google.com/group/risingvoices?hl=en with
      >>> these
      >>> groups Thank you for your newsletters! Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu
      >>> Sodas, http://www.ms.lt
      >>> David Sasaki wrote:
      >>>> Hi All:
      >>>> For the next week I'll be traveling around Kenya and Uganda and
      >>>> regular internet access might be difficult to come by. There is also
      >>>> some exciting news early in the week - especially for the younger
      >>>> individuals on this mailing list, so I'm going to go ahead and send
      >>>> out this week's newsletter a few days early.
      >>>> *Knight Foundation and MTV Partner on **$500,000 "Young Creators
      >>>> Award" to Fund Digital Journalism Projects that Strengthen Community
      >>>> Ties *
      >>>> MTV and the Knight Foundation have just announced that a special
      >>>> category of the upcoming Knight News Challenge will "award up to
      >>>> $500,000 to young creators with compelling ideas for using digitally
      >>>> delivered news and information to enhance physical communities -
      >>>> improving the lives of people where they live, work and vote."
      >>>> "The Young Creators Award is open to young community-minded
      >>>> innovators
      >>>> worldwide with big ideas such as: anything that informs and inspires
      >>>> community using bits and bytes; new ways to deliver news on emerging
      >>>> platforms, such as cell phone documentaries; new types of operating
      >>>> software for news collectors; and journalism games. All entries
      >>>> require three elements: 1) use of a digital media; 2) delivery of
      >>>> news
      >>>> or information on a shared basis to 3) a geographically defined
      >>>> community. Although there is a category for commercial applications,
      >>>> most entries are "open-source" and must share the software and
      >>>> knowledge created. The number of grants awarded will be based on the
      >>>> size of the ideas; no idea is too large or too small."
      >>>> You can find out more
      >>>> at http://think.mtv.com/ and www.youngcreatorsaward.com
      >>>> <http://www.youngcreatorsaward.com>
      >>>> *Two new resources on citizen journalism*
      >>>> I know I've been promising it for weeks now, but the first in a
      >>>> series
      >>>> of Rising Voices outreach guides is nearly finished. Before we
      >>>> announce the guide publicly I will first distribute it on this
      >>>> list. I
      >>>> hope that you can give feedback and let us know how it can be
      >>>> improved
      >>>> to better serve your outreach project or proposed project.
      >>>> In the meantime, two different groups have just recently released
      >>>> their own guides on citizen journalism. Wendell Cochran and Amy
      >>>> Eisman have put together /Tools for Citizen Journalists: Deeper
      >>>> reporting builds community/ <http://www.kcnn.org/tools> and the
      >>>> International Journalists' Network has just released a Flash-based
      >>>> guide titled /10 Steps to Citizen Journalism Online/
      >>>> <http://www.ijnet.org/interactive/blog_guide/1/module.html>.
      >>>> -----
      >>>> And that's it for this week. We've got a lot of exciting stuff in the
      >>>> works including our own soon-to-be-released /Introduction to Citizen
      >>>> Media/ and a new Rising Voices websites. Plus updates from our five
      >>>> fantastic projects and a date announcement for the next round of
      >>>> microgrants. Stay tuned.
      >>>> If anyone on this list is based in Kenya or Uganda and would like to
      >>>> meet sometime during the next three weeks, please email me off-list.
      >>>> Best,
      >>>> David
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