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Fantastic to Hear from You, Kennedy!/link to Eric Wanjamah on Sudan

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Kennedy and All, Marvelous to hear from you, and so happy to hear about your work! Please tell us more about it when you can! An interesting link
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2007
      Hello Dear Kennedy and All,

      Marvelous to hear from you, and so happy to hear about your work! Please tell us more about it when you can!

      An interesting link to a simpatico Kenyan soul can be found in Eric Wanjamah, a social worker who has worked in Sudan, in the corrections field in Kenya (helping youth offenders), and is now in graduate school in Sweden. I'm sure he'll be returning to Nairobi at some point, and hope you can meet! Eric is at ewanjamah@.... And I am ccing forums where he can be found too, and where a number of us are linking up and working together.

      I don't know if Pam is still in Kenya (I believe she leaves today or tomorrow), but if you don't meet this time, hopefully we can all meet virtually, and you can connect in person with CAWD's rep in Kenya, David Mutua, who is at davenzainga@....

      I look forward to working with you and everyone to find means and areas for collaboration and partnership, and extend greatest thanks and blessings to you, for who you are and all you do!!

      Kindest regards, Janet

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      >From: Kennedy Odhiambo <kenodhiss@...>
      >Sent: Sep 6, 2007 4:29 AM
      >To: Janet Feldman <kaippg@...>
      >Cc: pam@...
      >Subject: Re: Pam-David-Sam-Ken(s)-James-Francis-Philip-Fred-Henry-Tom-Charles
      >Dear Janet,
      >Thank you very much for your mail. I must admit that
      >for sometime now I have been out of touch due to some
      >commitment in Southern Sudan. I was doing some
      >consultancy work for 6 months.Now I have finished it
      >and back in Kenya.
      >I will be glad to be backdated on the ongoings and if
      >possible identify areas where we can work together. As
      >the saying goes. I will be glad to be associated with
      >your endovours.
      >Thanks and best regards,
      >Kennedy Odhiambo
      >Onevillage Foundation-Kenya
      >--- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      >#ffffff;color: black;}
      >Dear Pam, David, and All,
      >Hello and hope all's going well in Kenya! I'm
      >delighted that Sam will be meeting with Pam-David-Ken,
      >and Ken, thanks for your marvelous reports abt your
      >trip!! Truly inspiring!!
      >Since I have not heard news of any other specific kind
      >re meeting times/places or possible travel plans, I
      >did not think it wise to network too widely for Pam's
      >visit this time around. Pam, it will be easier and
      >more effective to do so in future--now that you have
      >been there--and with more lead time, I can help lay
      >some larger groundwork and build CAWD in Kenya. I can
      >also do this for and with David too.
      >I am again ccing James Onyango, Francis Anyona, David
      >(Mutua), and Pam (McLean), and have added some others:
      > Henry Migingo and Ken Odhiambo of oneVillage Kenya,
      >Fred Ouko of KCYP, Tom Ochuka of Deaf Impact
      >Also Philip Ndeta of Learning and Development Kenya, a
      >nonprofit in Nakuru. Philip is a friend and ICTs
      >expert, and I believe he may now be a member of
      >Holistic Helping too. And Charles Aboge, a journalist
      >affiliated with the Kisumu Children's Centre, who
      >helped last year with Maria Agnese's visit to Kenya,
      >and who is a member of Global Villages. Charles,
      >perhaps you will join us at Holistic Helping too (an
      >MS forum moderated by me):
      >Thanks to all and hope some or all of you have a
      >chance to meet with Pam while she's there! For those
      >who want more info abt what Pam (based in the UK and
      >working in Nigeria and now Kenya) does, see
      >Contact Pam at pam@.... David Mutua is the
      >CAWD-Kenya rep: he is at davenzainga@....
      >Thanks much and I look forward to working with
      >everyone! Blessings and best wishes, Janet
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      >From: samuel kongere
      >Sent: Sep 3, 2007 5:29 AM
      >To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com,
      >Subject: [holistichelping] Re: [learningfromeachother]
      >Chat Thursday 2:00 pm Nairobi with Teachers Talking
      > i arrived in Nairobi this morning and preparing to
      >meet Pamela with ken Owino. David is going to pick us
      >Happy day.
      >Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:Pamela,
      >Great! I have put the announcement of our chat this
      >PamelaMcLean is in Kenya until September 6, 2007. She
      >invites us to chat
      >with her TeachersTalking participants on Thursday,
      >August 30th, 7:30 am
      >New York time, 12:30 pm London, 2:30 pm Nairobi.
      >I will be there from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Nairobi time
      >if anybody might
      >like to chat. Who would like to join us?
      >Also, Pamela, please ask your participants and others
      >you meet, which of
      >our lab's working groups they'd like to join. I
      >include a list below
      >and it is also at http://www.worknets.org It's great
      >if they might
      >belong to different groups according to their
      >interests because they can
      >then share news and connections. In particular,
      >Josephat Ndibalema
      >leads our new group in Kiswahili, Haki Elimu Rafiki.
      >Hi to David, Samwel and all!
      >Andrius Kulikauskas
      >Minciu Sodas
      >+370 699 30003
      >Vilnius, Lithuania
      >* GlobalVillages led by FranzNahrada for a livable
      >world by sharing
      >knowledge in a global network of villages - linked by
      >networks of
      >virtual and physical cooperation, using tools like
      >video bridges
      >* FightingPeacefully led by ElunedHurn for
      >nonviolently working for peace
      >* SocialAgriculture led by SteveBosserman for social
      >justice that
      >provides a steady supply of affordable, healthy food
      >* HolisticHelping led by JanetFeldman for Helping in
      >every direction
      >at once, with special attention to the HIV/AIDS
      >challenge in Africa
      >* LearningFromEachOther led by PamelaMcLean for
      >DistanceLearning systems, especially for self-directed
      >learners with
      >marginal Internet access
      >* Cyfranogi led by JohnRogers for creating our own
      >CommunityCurrency, OpenEconomy, ParticipatorySociety
      >* LovingGod for inviting God as a leader and fostering
      >his leadership
      >* Karangal led by GeorgeChristianJeyaraj for
      >especially technical help with computers
      >* BackToTheRoot led by JeffBuderer for being connected
      >to ourselves,
      >living sustainably and growing as leaders
      >* WorkingInParallel for creating, adapting and using
      >ToolsForThinking, OnlineWorkspaces,
      >LearningEnvironments ... we're
      >seeking a leader!
      >* LivingByTruth led by AndriusKulikauskas for seeking
      >a conceptual
      >understanding of everything
      >* MeaningfulInclusion led by MarkusPetz for vigorous
      >SocialNetworking that includes everybody in profound
      >* Mendenyo (Men without food) led by SamwelKongere for
      >ourselves to achieve more, investing in WiFi Internet
      >* FluPandemic led by LucasGonzalezSantaCruz for
      >creativity, especially to save lives in the event of a
      >pandemic flu
      >* EthicalDesign led by JamesFerguson for developing
      >and promoting
      >city codes that lead to ecological architecture
      >* TheOptimalLife led by SteveBonzak for understanding
      >the optimal
      >life and how living things work
      >* OpenSourceEcology led by MarcinJakubowski
      >* EcoBnB led by RickNelson
      >* OneReachingAnother led by FredKayiwa
      >* NafsiAfrikaSaana led by Kennedy Owino
      >In Lithuanian:
      >* Talka led by ZenonasAnusauskas for discovering
      >collective ways in
      >creative work
      >In German:
      >* NewCraft led by ChristineAx for reinventing manual
      >work for a
      >humancentric world
      >In Kiswahili:
      >* HakiElimuRafiki led by JosephatNdibalema in
      >Pamela McLean wrote:
      >> Andrius Sasha and all those who chat
      >> Latest news - David and I met co-ordinating
      >committee yesterday, and I
      >> have seen the place where we will do the training.
      >This promises to be
      >> an exciting scheme very relevant to MS lab. It will
      >be great if you
      >> can chat to participants at the chat room during
      >their course, start
      >> to get to know each other and give the participants
      >a wider vision of
      >> the potential of online communities.
      >> During the TT course we will be telling people about
      >chat rooms.
      >> It is most likely that our opportunity to visit a
      >chat room will be
      >> Thursday afternoon - sometime between 2.00 and 4.00
      >pm Kenyan time.
      >> Probably it will be after 2.30 but I will try to
      >> it sooner.
      >> I will be showing the participants Andrius' chat
      >room, and I hope they
      >> will find people to chat with there. If you know in
      >advance that you
      >> will be there please say so – it would be wonderful
      >to know they will
      >> find people there….
      >> Pam
      >> Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters
      >the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states
      >otherwise http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org Please be
      >kind to our authors!
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links
      >Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters
      >the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states
      >otherwise http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org Please be
      >kind to our authors!
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
      >Samwel Okech kongere
      >Nyamuga primary school
      >P.O BOX 191,
      >MBITA 040305-KENYA.
      >Cell: +254 725 600 439
      >Information Networking and E-learning Trainings
      >UDOGO youth development/Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories
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