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What content might we put on the flash drives?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I have purchased a dozen USB flash drives to send to our participants in Africa (and potentially to other places with marginal Internet access, please speak
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2007
      I have purchased a dozen USB flash drives to send to our participants in
      Africa (and potentially to other places with marginal Internet access,
      please speak up!) My purpose is to understand how much they might be
      sold for and what they might be used for. Here in Lithuania I can buy
      256 MB flash drives for $9 and 512 MB flashdrives for $11. And we have
      an opportunity to buy 300 flash drives for about $5 each directly from
      Shenzhen, China. Whereas in many places in Africa the cheapest flash
      drives sell for $30. So we want to practice selling them and learn more
      about the market and the capability of our network. This is also a step
      towards organizing the manufacture of a device for displaying the
      contents of a flash drive and editing them with a standard keyboard.

      Furthermore, this is an opportunity to publish content which might be
      shared in Africa. What do we suggest we put on these flash drives?
      They should include a combination of our own concerns and those of our
      African participants. Here is what we have considered so far:
      Thank you to Sasha Mrkailo for helping!

      I will make a CD-ROM and distribute that and portions can be put on the
      flash drives.

      We will certainly have available the activity of our lab:
      - Our email archive, about 20,000 letters and 200 MB.
      - Our wiki, http://www.worknets.org, about 3,500 pages and 100 MB.
      - Our chat transcripts, http://www.worknets.org/archive/, less than 3 MB
      - Our food stories http://www.myfoodstory.info 5 MB text plus photos
      - Our videos, or at least some of them!

      Note that the materials need to be in the Public Domain or encourage
      sharing. Among the copyleft licenses, for the purpose of distributing
      content, the GNU FDL license (used by Wikipedia) and the Creative
      Commons "attribution" licenses are fine. The Creative Commons
      "noncommercial" and "share alike" licenses are not. Unfortunately, we
      can't use many good sites because of copyright restrictions.

      Our African participants Samwel Kongere, Fred Kayiwa, Helen Mahoo,
      Josephat Ndibalema, David Mutua, Wendi Losha Bernadette, William Wambura
      have endeavors that I think reflect their interests:

      * Health: AIDS, Malaria, Community clinic
      * ICT: Assembling computers, Internet, InternetCafe, Video, Websites, WiFi
      * Economics: Aid, BottomUp economy
      * Rightful living: Brickmaking, KnowledgeWork, Shoes, Crafts
      * Inclusion: Deaf, Orphans, Refugees, Street Children, Women, East
      Africa regional network
      * Education: Literacy, ICT for Education
      * Agriculture: Integrative Farming, Poultry, Beekeeping, Urban Agriculture
      * RuralUrban: Kibera, Neighborhoods
      * Local languages: Kiswahili
      * Values: Motivation, Selfishness, Sports

      We should also share materials that reflect our own interests including:
      * Appropriate technology
      * Community currency
      * Global villages
      * Architecture
      * Renewable energy
      * Flu pandemic
      * Solaroof
      * EcoBnB
      * Nonviolence
      * Loving God
      This will help us engage each other.

      Below are some resources that we have so far. Please add your ideas! I
      especially would like to include more works on:
      * Health
      * Appropriate technology
      * Textbooks for children
      * Local languages
      * Agriculture
      * Computer tutorials for hardware (assembling computers, setting up
      wifi) and software (using computers, making websites, simple programming)

      Thank you! I will send out the flash drives some time next week, and
      then we'll keep adding to our collection. If you know of any
      collections so far that's a great help. I was a bit surprised that One
      Laptop Per Child doesn't have any collection yet, they are just
      organizing themselves, I think.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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