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relevant competition?

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  • christopher macrae
    Hi Not sure if we have already discussed this competition - deadline appears a week away; already one ICT entrant from Kenya...dont know anything more than
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 8, 2007
      Not sure if we have already discussed this competition - deadline appears a week away; already one ICT entrant from Kenya...dont know anything more than what appeared in my inbox!
      According to Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Executive Director of the GKP Secretariat in Kuala
      Lumpur, “We are overwhelmed by the positive response that we have garnered thus far.
      The quality of applications that we have received is an indication of the immense
      interest and potential in social entrepreneurship that harnesses Information and
      Communication Technology (ICT)”.

      “We have received applications from all over the world – from the Philippines, to
      Pakistan, to Ghana and Kenya. This truly global competition will recognise the creativity,
      passion and talent of youth across world and will act as a launchpad for them to achieve
      their full capabilities”, she added.

      One such social enterprise entered so far is Kenya-based EDTEC, an organisation
      which envisions an empowered community with equal access to resources. According to
      the organisation’s founder, Kennedy Onyango, “a lack of access to information due to
      limited use of ICT by the most vulnerable, such as youth and women, provides a
      breeding ground for poverty.” He continued to say that EdTECH is concerned with the
      welfare of youth, since youth remain the agents of change in their respective

      Many young people have an interest in contributing towards a better future, but job
      offers in the traditional development sector are limited. A social enterprise with its
      double or triple bottom-line allows them to both earn an income and realise their passion
      for positive social and/or environmental impact. Their social business model also
      addresses the challenge of financial sustainability that many traditional, grant-funded
      development projects face.

      Through the competition GKP will select 100 winners who will be sponsored to attend
      the up coming Young Social Entrepreneurs Forum at the Third Global Knowledge
      Conference, GK3, in Kuala Lumpur. www.GKPEventsontheFuture.org
      The competition is fully web-based and is open to all regions of the globe, and closes on
      15 August 2007. The competition will be judged by an independent online jury and the
      winners will be announced on 1 October 2007. Application details and jury evaluation
      results will be viewable to the public who will also be able to post comments at

      At the Forum, 10 of the winners will ‘pitch’ their enterprises to experts to secure funding.
      All 100 winners will take part in a dedicated networking session; meet various funding
      organisations, mentors, experts and other stakeholders; be part of a crowd of innovative
      and motivated young people; mingle and network with the 2000 general GK3
      participants and showcase their social businesses.

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