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Pyramid of Peaceful Wishes

Hello All, Ironically, Yahoogroups is giving me a hard time posting to HH, so am sending this message to MS and LFEO too. Hope to talk soon! Andrius, do you
Janet Feldman
Jan 5

Amazing Updates! Happy Holidays! & Prosperous 2017! from http://www.

“We do the guess work of filtering all the lies from the ‘Main Stream Media’ and discerning Breaking Real News so You don’t have to” by Ash Rich,
Dec 31, 2016

You are invited to the First Thursday Group - now meeting on Faceboo

Hi Everyone It has been a long time since we were in contact. Some of you may remember the group chats that we used to have on the First Thursday of the month.
Pamela McLean
Aug 23, 2016

First Thursday July 2nd

This is the link for July's First Thursday -and the good news is that the log-in problems seem to have been fixed :)
Pamela McLean
Jul 1, 2015

First Thursday Group - an ongoing chance to share your updates ref A

You are invited to join in First Thursday Group on Kabisaa forum . Apologies to anyone who has tried to log on to Kabissa forum and had a problem. Please try
Pamela McLean
Jun 3, 2015

First Thursday Group 6 - May 7th 2015 - The experiment will continue

You are invited to First Thursday Group 6 - May 7th 2015 The experiment will continue
Pamela McLean
May 4, 2015

You are invited to First Thursdy - April 2nd 2015

I'm experimenting with the First Thursday Group at Kabissa Forum, and you are invited..
Pamela McLean
Apr 1, 2015


Dear Sir,please see the attached payment teller for proper documentation  MERCY ISAAC Senior Officer, Women Health Project (WHP), Health Communication
mercy Isaac
Dec 5, 2014
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Re: A question about Badiliko Dgital Hubs and First Thursday glitch

 Hello Pamela,I wish i had got this earlier. I hardly use my yahoo mail account since it was compromised.And i didn't sync it with my Hotmail
Dan Otedo
Oct 20, 2014

Andrius's book excerpt at P2P Foundation Blog

The P2P Foundation Blog has posted an excerpt from my e-book, "The Truth: From Relative to Absolute":
Andrius Kulikauskas
Sep 27, 2014

Time is up again to do a follow up

Hello all, I am following up what i really did for the females, Young girls and youths in the previous and current situations could you up date me on successes
Samwel Kongere
Aug 25, 2014

Cognitive potential drawing. a samvaad on 27 28 29 october at PUNE

Hello We are inviting you to participate in the samvaad on the COGNITIVE IMPORTANCE OF DRAWING to be held on October 27, 28, 29th at Pune. Please see the
Aug 15, 2014
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A question about Badiliko Dgital Hubs and First Thursday glitch

Hi folks *I wonder if anyone knows about this project?* I wonder if anyone could telll me about a project called Badiliko Digital Hubs
Pamela McLean
Aug 7, 2014

First Thursday July 3rd - conflict resolution, TT follow up in Kenya

You are invited to join the First Thursday Group - *Date - July 3rd * - *Go to - * http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/p/July-2014-First-Thursday - *No need
Pamela McLean
Jul 2, 2014

First Thursday June 5th and January 2015 event

You are invited to First Thursday June 5th Start time 15.00 British Summer Time 15.00 Nigerian time. 14.00 GMT. For your local time see The World Clock Time
Pamela McLean
Jun 3, 2014
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