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423sensing nature workshop

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  • jinan kodapully
    Apr 1, 2007
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      As usual  we are having the sensing nature; knowing nature event at Aruvacode, Nilambur, Kerala.during April, May. Do come.
      The fundamental issues we raise through this event is the 'nature of learning,  biologically embedded aesthetic sense in children, role of the 'teacher', do nothing method etc.
      We hope to have dialouges, presentations etc with the visitors to the event.
      Usually around 60 children of the age 5 to 17 from the village attends the workshop.
      It looks like that we are already born with aesthetic sense. I think this is our connection to the world  and the  way we conduct our lives provided we leave that to the nature in all of us.
      Senses which is our doors to the outer world and also to the inner world is what needs to be addressed and that too in a manner that would enhance the inherent, natural, biological tendency in all human beings to be in beauty and to know.
      The work shop on sensing nature is for providing space to come together to listen, to see, to taste, to touch, feel, to make etc. Senses connects not only to knowledge but also to the beauty of living. Sensitivity is in a way is matter of the awakening of the senses and feelings.
      There is no teaching.
      Development of aesthetic sense which is the basis for all art forms seems to me the most important aspect to be explored as this would equip the student to pursue any art form at any time depending on the individuals interest and opportunities that might prop up.
      Rather than learning skills to sing, paint, draw etc this would make a qualitative and an attitudinal change in the learner.
      Teaching is not called for but by providing an environment that would allow the natural in us to come forth.
      This would require sensitivity, trust and indeed careful planning for the unplanned to happen.
      You can see examples of applying this method which I call 'do nothing training method' at two sites.
      In my work with potters in Nilambur, Kerala I have applied this method. The site www.kumbham.in , http://www.kumbham.in/tiles .html would give an idea of the kind of original and creative work the people who went through this method has been impacted up on. And also the workshop 'Sensing Nature; Knowing nature' during the two months holidays (April, May) which I have been doing since 2003.
      http://www.hindu.com/quest /200409/stories/200409110254040 0.htm


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