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376Re: [learningfromeachother] Update and diary dates March 8 and April 3

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  • David mutua
    Mar 7, 2007
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      Hi Pam,
      Great to know what is happening and the level Cawdnet is moving to...your efforts are appreciate by me and the network of others that are able to learn from me what cawdNet enabled me to learn. A web of Cawdnet is building slowly and becoming powerful day by day, looking back at the meetings we had in Ago-Are and Abuja at one time to discuss what fits in to what you do and people involved there is a great progress.
      I think that reminds you a bit of where Cawdnet is coming from, a great story to tell everyday i meet people who want to know what it is....
      Well done and wish you the best, keep us updated of the events. i am not sure of participating because VSO doesnt allow using the tools because of database issues.

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:

      Recently I have not been able to be active in the discussions here. I
      hope that will change in a couple of months. Meanwhile I would like to
      give you the following update and invitation (it is relevant to people
      who have sound cards, so probably not okay via a cyber cafe.

      Tomorrow, Thursday March 8th, at 10.00am EST [15.00 GMT] I have been
      given the opportunity to share information about CAWD/Cawdnet via an
      Eluminate Webinar [http://www.ellumina te.com]

      It is the first of an occasional series, featuring various Cawdnet
      people and interests. Tomorrow's Webinar will set the scene. Further
      details including how to register etc, will be sent later today or tomorrow.

      The second Webinar, to be given by Professor Richard Heller in the UK
      and John Dada in Nigeria, will be on April 3 and will focus on Cawdnet's
      Health Group.


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