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3471A question about Badiliko Dgital Hubs and First Thursday glitch

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  • Pamela McLean
    Aug 7, 2014
      Hi folks
      I wonder if anyone knows about this project?
      I wonder if anyone could telll me about a project called Badiliko Digital Hubs -http://www.educationinnovations.org/program/badiliko-digital-hubs
      I have started to do some work for a company called Avanti - usually my work with Dadamac etc is unpaid but this is paid work! My boss showed me this link and asked if I knew about - but I have never heard about it. Does anyone else know about it? It looks impressive. It says it started in Nigeria and went to Kenya later. Perhpas it is very good - or pehaps it just has a good website. I wonder if anyone knows.
      First Thursday - the problem and plan B

      I put this notice up earlier this week and it is why I did nto send out reminders

      Usually we meet using an etherpad (this month it should be http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/p/August-2014-First-Thursday ) - but there is a problem with the server. You are welcome to try the link but it may not be fixed in time. Here is what I am thinking:

      1 - I won't send any reminders

      I know it is difficult for some people to join the group at the best of times. I don't want anyone to waste time trying to join the group when the server is not working. For this reason I will not send any reminders out this month. I will just let the day come and go.

      2 - I will try repeatedly

      I know it is possible some of the regulars will find the link and try to use it. Perhaps the server will be working by then. I don't want them to find no-one there. I will try the link repeatedly during the usual time slot.

      3 - An impromptu mini-meeting

      If we cannot meet in the usual way I may "wander around online' to see if I find any of the First Thursday people elsewhere on the Internet. I may go to Facebook, or google chat, or skype or twitter to see if I can find anyone to have an impromtu First Thursday mini-meeting with me during the usual First Thursday time slot.

      If you want to contact me through any of those channels to start the mini-meeting on Thursday I will be happy to chat (typed chat as usual - not speech - I expect to be online in a library)

      4 - Maybe not in real time

      If I don't find anyone online, and it is still the First Thursday timeslot, I may go back to sending a good old-fashioned email or two related to First Thursday - but probably by the time I've checked all other options a few times the hour will be over.

      I hope things will be back to normal for September. 

      UK-Africa Connections
      I'm Pamela McLean - my surname gives the "mac" in "Dadamac"
      My "online workspace" is at http://dadamac.net/
      Twitter @Pamela_McLean
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