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  • Samwel Kongere
    Apr 24, 2014
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      Hello Pamela,

      I am still hoping to see your desires and being too much of interest to learn but by now i am totally going a miss online because do not travel to areas with ideal ISPs but great to hear from all over there!


      Social Community Network/Information Coordinator,
      'Aliving hope is desire' When it is socially lived!
      On Monday, April 7, 2014 1:03 PM, Pamela McLean <pam54321@...> wrote:

      Hi Andrius

      Thank you for being my supervisor. I'm preparing for my studies and wrote you an open letter. I posted it in dadamac.net because that is my online work-space.
      We agreed that i would pay you $50 a month for my supervision. I'm not sure how you want me to make the payments. Please let me know.

      UK-Africa Connections
      I'm Pamela McLean - my surname gives the "mac" in "Dadamac"
      My "online workspace" is at http://dadamac.net/
      Twitter @Pamela_McLean

      On 2 April 2014 21:05, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      I'm writing a letter to Pamela McLean's group (Learning From Each Other)
      and also my own (Living by Truth). Pamela is my first student at an
      institute I'm creating for investigators. She was active for many years
      at Minciu Sodas, my online laboratory for independent thinker which I
      led from 1998 to 2010. Now she's reading my e-book "The Truth", which is
      a summary of my thinking:

      Pamela invites us all to an online chat tomorrow, Thursday, April 3rd,
      at 9:00 Chicago time, 15:00 London time, 17:00 Lithuania time.
      See more about that below.

      Pamela and I are figuring out what it means for her to be my student and
      me to be her coach or advisor. I imagine it as her being my graduate
      student with her thesis and me being her thesis advisor. We'll chat or
      talk by Skype about once a week. I'll also write and send my notes and
      thoughts afterwards in between our meetings. Typically, we'll each do
      some "homework" in between meetings.

      Pam sees Dadamac Foundation (John Dada and Pamela McLean) as a mechanism
      for connecting the combined knowledge of people on the ground,
      changemakers, particularly in SubSaharan Africa.

      She talked about her and others being so busy that they don't have time
      to tell their stories. They need somebody to do that for them, as she
      would do for John Dada in Nigeria.

      I talked about working in an enviroment which makes it easier to tell
      the stories:
      * working openly, online, so that all can see
      * working in the Public Domain, copyright-free, so that all can share
      * developing common genres

      I learned from Pamela while we worked on MyFoodStory that a photo and a
      few sentences is a great way to communicate. John Rogers also emphasized
      "visual thinking". That's why in my book "The Truth" I illustrate every
      few sentences with a picture or photo.

      Pamela wants to include and connect:
      * donors who contribute their money
      * changemakers who contribute their knowledge
      * information architects, agents who listen, live alongside, hear their
      That reminded me of Joy Tang of One Village and her vision of pairs of
      visionaries and techical support people.

      Pamela, what do you wish for people?
      Do you wish people to be specialists or well-rounded?
      Do you wish people to be clones or individuals?

      Personally, I want us to be well-rounded clones. I think that
      individuality takes care of itself. But it's a weakness of our society
      that we allow people to get away with being specialists. It's
      understandable and it's a way of including everybody. But the real
      reason for inclusion I think must be that deep inside we are the same
      person. Otherwise we are just including people for external reasons, to
      exploit them, their talents and powers. I know people who have told me
      they don't want to be "clones". But as for myself, I would like to be a
      clone of Jesus, a substitute for Jesus, or simply, a clone of God. I
      think that's the attitude which lets my individuality shine to its
      fullest. It's the individuality of my circumstances.

      Homework for Pamela:
      To think about the nitty-gritty issues in your practical work and how
      they reflect on the network society. How does the network society
      actually work (or not) in her case?

      We'll work on a pattern language book for illustrating the particular
      examples Pam is involved in. There will be anecdotes and general
      patterns that she can draw from them.

      My homework is to consider how to write such a book.

      I think the first step is to make a list of 20 or 30 anecdotes worth
      Then we'll see if any of them involve the same pattern.
      We'll focus on those patterns and see how to write them up.

      I'm writing up my own thinking at my wikis. I'm color coding parts of
      the page to distinguish the description, my notes, examples, questions,
      diagrams, illustrative art work, ways of figuring things out, exercises
      and thoughts from God. Here's a sample page (in Lithuanian):

      I welcome our help. I also invite us to share whatever we'd like to


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      +370 607 27 665

      2014.04.01 22:09, Pamela McLean rašė:
      > You are invited to join me in the First Thursday Group - April 3rd -
      > http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/p/April-2014-First-Thursday
      > *What is "First Thursday"?*
      > On the First Thursday of each month I try to be online for an hour.
      > It's a chance for friends and contacts, old and new, to drop in for a
      > chat (a typed chat). It's very informal.
      > Some of us have been meeting online for several years now, others are
      > newly invited. It is usually only a handful of us, but usually from
      > several different countries. This year I'm starting to invite people
      > who I usually only meet face to face in London (at the GlobalNet21
      > Africa and Change group).
      > People drop in as it suits them, so we don't have a set agenda. We
      > share what we've been doing, introduce people to each other, explore
      > areas of overlapping interest and so on.
      > *Start time *
      > 14.00 GMT. *15.00 British Summer Time* 15.00 Nigerian time. For your
      > local time see The World Clock Time Zone Converter
      > http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htmlor World Time
      > Buddy http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
      > People in British Isles - please remember we've put the clocks forward
      > so use British Summer Time**- not GMT any more.
      > I look forward to our meeting
      > Pamela

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