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3456How are you successful? Define it today!

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Mar 6, 2014

       Hello to all,

      As all is moving well at Rusinga Girls High school and has i said before we need partners is there any body to assist us to support these vulnerable girls to achieve education. We have 14 girls who need anyone's hand for support. Let us "accept responsibility for our lives, it is you will get us where we are going' no one else except you" Could someone help us?
      Like one person said' When help someone accomplish something they never thought possible it creates a ripple effect that positively influences  the lives of many more' .
      Do you know that everyone faces obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles defines who are and determines how successful you are in life!
      Your help will be a wonderful gain to many!

      Social Community Network/Information Coordinator,
      'Aliving hope is desire' When it is socially lived!