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3109First Thursday September 2nd

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  • Pamela McLean
    Aug 30, 2010
      First Thursday will be on Skype again this month  - for the same reasons as last month August 3, 2010 Different location for August First Thursday (5th).
      (so I'm sending details of this meeting to some of my Skype contacts who don't usually know anything about First Thursdays)

      Joining First Thursday on Skype

      Please contact me before the meeting to be added to my contact list as I only know how to include people who are already my Skype contacts. (My Skype ID is Pamelamclean.) I discovered last month that when I do set up a public meeting on Skype the invitation appears by my name – like a mood message. So just look out for me on your contacts list and click the mood message link to join us at First Thursday.


      It will be at the usual time (!2.00 GMT, 13.00 British Summer Time and Nigerian TIme, 14.00 Central European Summer Time. 15.00 East African Time and East European Summer Time, 17.30 IST, and uncomfortably early in the morning for people in most parts America - our apologies for that).

      Guests of Honour

      We'll start off with Elaine as “guest of honour” – because I know she intends to be there.  When I designate someone to be “guest of honour” then it means their interests will be the focus for the discussion. Guest of honour is a role that one person can hold throughout the First Thursday session, or it can be passed from one to another. It depends on how the session is going. Everyone shares the responsibility for making the guest of honour feel welcome and able to learn from others in the group. Having a guest of honour is less formal than having a chairman and an agenda, but it is more structured than having everyone pulling the conversation in various directions.

      If you are going to join us at a future First Thursday and you definitely want a chance to steer the conversation around your interests for a while, please contact me, so I know to try and give you a turn as a guest of honour.


      Elaine's  previous conversation was interrupted by a technical hitch near the end ( First Thursday August - Conversation - Delayed Replies About Orphans and About Open Source ) so it would be good to round off that conversation properly. Then we can look at other topics too.

      What to expect at First Thursday

      If you come to a First Thursday you can expect to meet people from Dadamac UK and Nigeria. I hope other friends and contacts may also turn up, but I don't know in advance. Unfortunately meeting on Skype is not as inclusive as the chat room.

      A good way to decide if you'd like to come to First Thursday is read Nikki's blog which covers the weekly Dadamac UK-Nigeria meetings (and more) and gives you a good idea of what is happening in Nigeria. The archives here at Dadamac's Posterous give you a flavour of our interests here on the UK side and on the Internet. Typing First Thursday in the search box will also give you some background. 

      You are welcome to join us

      If you're interested in what we're doing, do please come and introduce yourself at First Thursday and we can find out more about overlapping interests. Newcomers are always welcome - and all our old friends too of course.

      Pamela McLean
      UK-Africa Connections
      Dadamac Limited
      Email pamela.mclean@...
      Twitter @Pamela_McLean and #dadamac
      Website http://www.dadamac.net/company
      Dadamac's Posterous http://dadamac.posterous.com/

      Dadamac - "We introduce people to each other (mostly UK-Nigeria) and help them do useful stuff. We also share our secrets on working well at a distance"