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2720First Thursday - with Pam, Fola and Ricardo

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  • Pamela McLean
    Jun 1, 2009

      Hi Everyone

      The First Thursday of the month is almost here again. All being well I will be around for an hour as usual starting - 13.00 Nigerian time, 15,00 Kenyan time, 13.00 British Summer time, 12.00 GMT. 

      To enter the chat room go to  http://www.worknets .org/chat/ base/ 

      I know that Fola Sunday is hoping to be in the chat room with Ricardo and me, and we hope others will join us. You may remember that Fola uses his phone to go online. He has been doing some successful experiments linking his phone to a PC. He is wondering about the possibility of helping the Information Centre at Ago-Are to use this approach in order to bring email facilities to Ago-Are.

      I think various people in Minciu Sodas in East Africa have been exploring similar ideas, linking in with Ricardo's sneakernet ideas.

      I hope Pastor David, manager of the Info-Centre, will also manage to be with Fola when he joins us (Fola may be a bit late as he has is teaching earlier in the day, but he will make it as soon as he can).

      One of the big problems Fola and Pastor David face is NEPA - the highly erratic Nigerian power supply (given that NEPA officially stands for Nigerian Electrical Power Authority but unofficially stands for Never Expect Power At-all you can undersatnd that power is a serious problem for them).

      Either they will have to run a generator (and the Info centre one is very old and unreliable now) or they will need to find some other solution.

      At present I am not able to be active in Minciu Sodas at present, but I do still appreciate deeply all it has given me (relationships  and knowledge) I look forward to being more active again later, and I appreciate the regular chance to catch up with people in the chat room on the First Thursday.

      I hope to meet some of you there on June 4th.

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