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2636First Thursday chat

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  • Pamela McLean
    Apr 1, 2009

      Hi Everyone

      The First Thursday of the month is almost here again. I will be in the chat room as usual in case anyone from LearningFromEachOther  or any other Minciu Sodas groups want to drop into the chat room knowing that at least one other person will be there (me) and maybe others as well.

      This is the first "First Thursday" since Andrius and his MS team came to London for Communia and Open Knowledge network meetings. Although I did not attend Communia I have learned a lot during their visit to London. I appreciated being able to meet everyone (even if only very briefly). I also had the pleasure of meeting Franz F2F for a couple of meetings, and got a useful understanding of his ideas and hopes. I spent more time with Andrius and Sam as they visited me at home, so I understand their ideas better too.  

      I am still very busy on my Dadamac Nigerian work with John Dada, and continue to explore the best way to share that work with others in Minciu Sodas in the future. Different people work in different ways - and that is comparatively easy to understand. Andrius and I work in different ways, but we can work together, and both be satisfied with the outcomes. However different organisations also work in different ways, and that is more complicated. I want to find the best ways for my Dadamac work to benefit Andrius and all my Minciu Sodas contacts and friends, in ways where the overlapping interests will lead to win-win situations for all concerned.

      All being well I will be around for an hour as usual starting - 13.00 Nigerian time, 15,00 Kenyan time.12.00 GMT, (We have "put the clocks forward" now here in UK, so I will be coming online 13.00 British Summer time) To enter the chat room go to  http://www.worknets .org/chat/ base/ 

      I hope to meet some of you there.


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