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  • Peter Burgess
    Feb 19, 2009
      Dear Colleagues

      Thank you all ... this is a very important issue and conversation.

      I am very much aware that I do not know enough about fund raising ...
      but it would appear that fund raising is much more about the "sizzle"
      than the "steak"!

      The strategy for fund raising and the strategy for doing things of
      value are quite different and should probably be kept quite separate.
      Certainly they should not be co-mingled and make both lose value.

      In the case of some of our initiatives, co-mingling can create danger.
      Some of what we are trying to do is "hard ball"! About 2 years ago a
      Nigerian colleague who was making progress exposing large scale
      corruption within the Nigerian government health budget got killed ...
      who killed him ... why he was killed ... has never been explained. But
      the point is that we need to make sure that our work does not put
      people at undue risk. My original plans to have "open" information has
      been modified because of this.

      The PoP story should give a very good platform for fund-raising ...
      but the story is going to compete with thousands of other stories that
      are already in play ... and the PoP story has to be linked to a sexy
      and credible organization. I don't know how to do this ... but I would
      argue that WE might think ms has these characteristics ... but that is
      not what matters. The question is what do people with funds want to
      see organizationally.

      Peter Burgess
      The Transparency and Accountability Network: Tr-Ac-Net in New York
      Community Analytics (CA)
      Integrated Malaria Management Consortium (IMMC)
      917 432 1191 or 212 772 6918 peterbnyc@...

      On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 12:05 PM, ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@...> wrote:
      > Hi Andrius
      > I said I'd email you after our chat today about the issue
      > of reimbursement, but I'll reply here instead, so everyone can see
      > it.
      > If you look at the messages in this thread and at Janet's message in
      > LFEO group (link below), you'll see that Pam, Janet, Ken Owino,
      > Samwel and I are not happy with the idea of asking the Kenyan
      > Business Community for reimbursement of donations made during the
      > Pyramid of Peace and the election violence. As I explained this
      > morning, many of us think it could undermine good will and
      > relationship with other organisations that have been carefully built
      > up. It would change the way people look at PoP as a group and at
      > individuals. I think the chances of any businesses giving any money
      > are so low that it's not worth taking the risk. Janet and Ken said
      > that even if you did manage to raise any money, they would prefer it
      > to go to IDP Camps.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/message/2538
      > I know you contributed more than most people in monetary terms. I
      > like Pam's suggestion of earning money by MS working for the Kenyan
      > business community. That sounds far more acceptable than asking for
      > compensation/reimbursement.
      > During the election violence, you provided strong leadership to
      > implement PoP. Now that things are a bit more peaceful, I think
      > decisions that affect the reputations and relationships of all the
      > PoP members should be more democratic and taken after wide
      > consultation.
      > For those people not at the chat today, I suggested that even a 51%
      > democratic majority decision isn't really adequate. If asking for
      > reimbursement would damage individual people's relationships with
      > other organisations or projects, then the inividuals should be able
      > to veto it.
      > The other issues (publishing contact details and hyperlinking to
      > Worknets) are of lower importance, but still fairly important.
      > I don't know whether many people are particularly concerned about
      > their contact details being published and accessible to spammers,
      > begging letters, etc. It would be useful to have a consultation
      > exercise. I just noticed that you had included all the names, phone
      > numbers and email addresses of PoP members on the main PoP page. As
      > I said this morning, it may be better to just provide one PoP
      > contact email for readers of 'The history of PoP' to contact.
      > During the election violence, people were desperate to get help and
      > they published their own contact details in yahoo group messages or
      > worknets (which they may wish to reconsider now) and they may have
      > published other people's contact details, without taking the time to
      > ask permission.
      > Although people may have thought they understood the implications of
      > putting messages in the public domain, now may be a good time to
      > have some discussions and review any possible problems. I said that
      > I prefer to work in a low-profile way, and didn't expect my worknets
      > pages to be hyperlinked to high-profile pages like the story of PoP.
      > http://www.pyramidofpeace.net/
      > These issues aren't just Intellectual Property Rights issues (what
      > people are 'allowed' to do with your info). It's more a question of
      > observing normal, everyday courtesies and asking permission ("May I
      > do such and such with the information you posted").
      > All these issues are probably of more importance to people working
      > on the ground in Kenya than to me in the UK.
      > Ricardo
      > --- In learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, Pamela McLean
      > <pam54321@...> wrote:
      >> Dear Andrius and Everyone.
      >> I am very busy now and seldom read lists - but this has attracted
      > my
      >> attention and I feel I should respond to add my voice to the voices
      >> expressing concerns:
      >> I would be pleased to see the general story of PoP known more
      > widely - but
      >> definitely without any sensitive information.
      >> I strongly share the concerns expressed about the appropriate ways
      > of
      >> telling the PoP story. Initially I was very pleased to see all the
      >> information brought together, because I think the story is worth
      > telling.
      >> Gathering everything together is a useful first stage in telling
      > the story
      >> accurately, but accurate telling is not the same as telling
      > everything. I
      >> agree absolutely that it would be completely inappropriate to push
      > any
      >> sensitive information out to people who might use it wrongly. I
      > would like
      >> to see much of the information that was shared during the turmoil
      > removed
      >> from the public domain to protect the people involved, as soon as
      > possible.
      >> This is urgent and important.
      >> I am also concerned about Andrius' financial situation. He
      > responded with
      >> total commitment when there was a need for money and nowhere near
      > enough
      >> coming in. He now has large debts because he funded so much of PoP
      >> personally. I think PoP was an amazing achievemnt and I feel very
      > privelaged
      >> to have been connected in some small way with the courageous and
      > decisive
      >> people who were active in PoP.
      >> I would be very pleased if a result of telling the story of PoP
      > was to bring
      >> Andrius paid work. I would like to see him with enough appropriate
      > well-paid
      >> work to more than pay his debts.
      >> However I am not happy with the idea of "asking for
      > reimbursement". It seems
      >> completely inapporpriate for a variety of reasons.
      >> Of course if Andrius wants to ask for reimbursement then obviously
      > it is a
      >> personal choice - but if he does then I think it should be done
      > on a
      >> personal basis (ie Andrius asking for Andrius) not "for the MS
      > lab".
      >> Andrius I respect so much of what you do, and I appreciate the
      > opportunities
      >> you have given me within Minciu Sodas for personal growth, but, as
      > you know,
      >> I do not always agree with you. Certainly this is an area where I
      > do not
      >> agree. I add my voice to those who are asking you to rethink, to
      > remove
      >> sensitive information, to not ask for reimbursement, and to
      > not "speak for
      >> everyone" when you are really speaking for yourself, and perhaps
      > assuming
      >> that everyone will be in agreement.
      >> Pam
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