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2543Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: Pyramid of Peace one year later

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  • Pamela McLean
    Feb 18, 2009
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      Dear Andrius and Everyone.

      I am very busy now and seldom read lists - but this has attracted my attention and I feel I should respond to add my voice to the voices expressing concerns:

      I would be  pleased to see the general story of PoP known more widely - but definitely without any sensitive information.

      I strongly share the concerns expressed about the appropriate ways of telling the PoP story. Initially I was very pleased to see all the information brought together, because I think the story is worth telling. Gathering everything together is a useful first stage in telling the story accurately, but accurate telling is not the same as telling everything. I agree absolutely that it would be completely inappropriate to push any sensitive information out to people who might use it wrongly. I would like to see much of the information that was shared during the turmoil removed from the public domain to protect the people involved, as soon as possible. This is urgent and important.

      I am also concerned about Andrius' financial situation. He responded with total commitment when there was a need for money and nowhere near enough coming in. He now has large debts because he funded so much of PoP personally. I think PoP was an amazing achievemnt and I feel very privelaged to have been connected in some small way with the courageous and decisive people who were active in PoP.

      I would be very pleased if a result of telling the story of PoP was to bring Andrius paid work. I would like to see him with enough appropriate well-paid work to more than pay his debts.

      However I am not happy with the idea of "asking for reimbursement". It seems completely inapporpriate for a variety of reasons.

      Of course if Andrius wants to ask for reimbursement then obviously it is a personal choice - but if he does  then I think it should be done on a personal basis (ie Andrius asking for Andrius) not "for the MS lab".

      Andrius I respect so much of what you do, and I appreciate the opportunities you have given me within Minciu Sodas for personal growth, but, as you know, I do not always agree with you. Certainly this is an area where I do not agree. I add my voice to those who are asking you to rethink, to remove sensitive information, to not ask for reimbursement, and to not "speak for everyone"   when you are really speaking for yourself, and perhaps assuming that everyone will be in agreement.


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