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  • Kennedy Owino
    Feb 14, 2009
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      Hi Andrius,

      Andrius i admire your great leadership abilities and laud your efforts for having reached out to Koffi Annan and attracting his attention towards the efforts we applied through the Pyramid of Peace.
      We trully helped prevent a genocide in Kenya and i am more than humbled for the compassionate hearts People in other countries, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Europe, America and others not mentioned developed for Kenya.
      I believe God has a reward for our charitable deeds, human beings can't compesate us enough for what we did.

      I have been concerned about this issue of re-imbursement, and i would also like to add my personal voice.
      It may be right to publicize and get re-imbursed for the efforts that were exerted through the Pyramid Of Peace during the Turmoil period in Kenya, but my sober conscience makes me apprehensive and gives me more to fear about to be involved in this.
      There were concerted efforts  both Locally and Internationally and i don't want to speak on behalf of any person.
      My opinion therefore is that, whatever i did or my actions to stop more deaths in Kenya was out of my own volition and out of the spirit of patriotism to save my heart, my friends and family lives, and save my country from being a statistics of war ravaged countries.
      Many people died and many placed their lives at risk in the process of contributing towards averting violence.
      I risked too, but i am lucky i survived, i can't compare to many who went to more risky limits than i did or those who died.
      There are Heros and Heroines who deserve to be awarded (compesation to me sounds commercial).
      In the minds of others, Re-imbursement would be good, and would help PoP or MSL further it's activities but i request to be withdrawn from any Publicity going on.

      My reasons are clear;
      I don't feel good that re-imbursement is requested for, yet there are thousand of victims still pathetically languishing their lives in Internally Displaced Peoples' camps.
      The Government nor the Co-operate Organisations (being asked for Re-imbursement) are taking no stern measures to address this or to help the victims.
      Why can't we petition the Government and the Co-operate Society to rally funds to help the IDPs?

      At one time, i risked my life by travelling under disguised identity to an area where my tribe was being persecuted and executed in day broad light.
      "They" thought i was one of them and thus others and me, managed to convince "them" to unblock the road blocks.
      The sad killing episodes  that they executed still totures me.
      Kenya is in a healing state, but mild tensions still exist.
      There is Heated Politics doing rounds for the perpetrators of the violence to be investigated in a locally set tribunal or taken to the Hague.
      I value my life most now than anything... i don't want to offer any deep or further explanations.
      I don't want to be consulted or asked to offer my views (in the public Domain/Glare) wether the co-operate organisations - funnily enough managed under deep political influence- would Re-imburse PoP.
      I don't want to campaign for that either, there are more deserving areas requiring my energy.
      Please, i ask cordially that my name and contacts (e-mail or phone number) be taken off from the Article being publicised.

      I wish you all the best.


      Ken Owino

      --- On Sat, 2/14/09, ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@...> wrote:
      From: ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@...>
      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Re: Pyramid of Peace one year later
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 12:48 AM

      Hi Andrius
      Samwel emailed me to say he's not happy with hyperlinking
      to his articles either. He's concerned about people mis-using his
      research and attracting hackers and scammer. I said he should email
      you to say preceisely what he would like you to do, and what
      articles he is talking about.

      I've taken a look at the main Pyramid of Peace page...

      http://www.pyramido fpeace.net/

      I have to say that the more I look at this, the more concerned I am
      about the whole idea of publicising Pyramid of Peace to the wider
      world and more specifically to the Kenyan Business Community and
      asking for contributions/ reimbursement of money spent.

      One concern is that the Kenyan Business Community and Political
      community are probably linked together quite closely. It could all
      get a bit political.

      On the main Pyramid of Peace page, there are lists of names, phone
      numbers and email addresses for MS Member in the UK/Kenya/etc, which
      are completely at odds with most people's recommendations
      on 'staying safe on the internet' (from hackers/scammers, etc).
      Also, any links to Worknets or publicising our PoP Letters more
      widely would lead hackers/scammers to the same details and personal
      profiles and photos.

      Promoting peace-making through inspiring stories is a noble aim, but
      in my opinion, I think it's time for a major consultation exercise
      with all the people involved, to see whether they approve of this
      whole idea, and how much detail they want released.

      There are many different ways to consult people. Would it be
      possible to make it the subject of a Thursday chat, for example?

      It may be better to have a straight-forward story page, without any
      hyperlinks to other sites like Worknets and without contact details
      for individual MS Members.


      --- In learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com, ms@... wrote:
      > Hi Ricardo,
      > Thank you for raising your concerns. I invite others too, as well.
      > I've removed your name from the "online team" on the right side
      bar. In
      > the timeline down the center of the page, I replaced Ricardo with
      R. So
      > Ricardo shouldn't appear anywhere on the page.
      > Your name does still appear in letters and wiki pages that we link
      > Ricardo also appears on our audit report
      > http://www.pyramido fpeace.net/ timebanks/ report.php
      > Is that fine? Please let me know. We can make more changes as
      > circumstances change. Also, you can edit the main page, it is
      based on
      > our wiki pages:
      > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?PyramidOfPea ceTimeline
      > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?KenyaTeam
      > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?OnlineTeam
      > I will write more separately about my intentions. I acted pretty
      much as
      > an individual then and now. I didn't consult with anybody
      regarding the
      > $10,000 that I incurred in debt or the two months that I worked
      full time.
      > I'm working openly so that people can consult me and correct me
      as they
      > like along the way.
      > Thank you, Ricardo!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms. lt
      > ms@...
      > ------------ --------- ---------
      > Hi Andrius
      > can I raise an issue that is concerning me a little? You
      > mentioned publicising the story of Pyramid of Peace to the Kenyan
      > Business Community, in the hopes of getting some re-imbursement of
      > money spent. Whether or not this actually works and you (MS)
      > any money, the issue that concerns me is whether you've consulted
      > widely with the MS Members involved to see whether they want you to
      > do this or not.
      > >From my point of view, I prefer any small financial contribution I
      > made (for airtime etc) to be low-key and discrete. I don't want it
      > promoting widely in letters and articles. I don't know whether
      > MS Members feel have the same or different views on this.
      > Could I at least make one small request? In any history of the
      > Pyramid of Peace that you publish on public websites or send to the
      > Kenyan Business Community, I'd prefer it if you didn't hyper-link
      > username Ricardo to my Worknets Profile page. I don't want my
      > Worknets pages to be used for 'publishing to the whole world'. I
      > prefer to use my Worknets pages as a 'work-space for ideas in
      > development' . In that sense, they are a bit like an engineer's
      > notebook or 'project documents', shared with colleagues. That's
      > the way I prefer to use Worknets. Other users may use their pages
      > a completely different way, trying to get maximum publicity for
      > projects. It's just a question of personal preference.
      > It raises interesting issues to do with 'putting something in the
      > public domain' and permissions. Does putting something in the
      > domain mean that other people can publicise things or 'push' your
      > pages at other people, such as the Kenyan Business Community,
      > without checking with the author? Really, I'm just asking to be
      > consulted before any 'unexpected uses' are made.
      > In fact, rather than just remove the hyperlink to Worknets, I'd
      > prefer my name not to appear at all in the history of the Pyramid
      > Peace, if you publicise it to the Kenyan Business Community or
      > similar groups. Is that possible, Andrius, or have you already
      > published it?
      > I hope this doesn't sound like I'm criticising you. The tone
      > always come across well in writing. I'm really just trying to set
      > out how I'd like the information to be used.
      > Have a nice day.
      > Ricardo

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