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191Long chat with Fred from Uganda

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  • Benoit
    Nov 22, 2006
      Hi everyone,

      Here is a chat I had just now with nockia

      Benoit Couture: Salut nockia. This is Benoit. How are you?
      fdkayiwa: am fine welcome
      fdkayiwa: something wa strange for nice that u have come
      Benoit Couture: Chatting technology behaves different with Africa.
      Lots of interruption.
      kayiwa fred: ya you are right
      kayiwa fred: but at least by 2010 there wil be high improvement
      Benoit Couture: Great. It will help. So, what do you do with
      kayiwa fred: am currently studying accountacy in the collage
      kayiwa fred: and trying to look for asmall job for aleaving but not
      easy to get
      Benoit Couture: In Uganda, is it?
      kayiwa fred: yes near to kenya
      kayiwa fred: have u been in uganda be4
      Benoit Couture: No. I never left Canada.
      kayiwa fred: sure or u should please
      kayiwa fred: how is helen in tzd
      Benoit Couture: I am too old now to start travelling. My children
      maybe or my grand-children will travel, but not me. I travel with
      my mind on the internet.
      kayiwa fred: ya how old?
      Benoit Couture: 48
      kayiwa fred: not to old benoit come on
      Benoit Couture: Heln and I did not chat for a couple of weeks. The
      last time we did chat, it was very short.
      kayiwa fred: ok well iahve gone in this site that you caht with heln
      and have regerstered too
      Benoit Couture: Which one? Instead of travelling, I hope make
      contact with newcomers to Canada and work with them to help where
      they came from with them.
      kayiwa fred: ok what is all about this that you sent me in your last
      email to me learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      kayiwa fred: can you tell something about it
      kayiwa fred: and this http://olomu1.net/phpBB/index.php
      Benoit Couture: Yes. Give me a minute and I will go get you the
      places to check right away.
      kayiwa fred: k
      Benoit Couture: This guy is the African connection of the lab I work
      with called Minciu Sodas: http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Samwel_Kongere
      kayiwa fred: thansk
      Benoit Couture: This lady is leader of the work group you joined:
      kayiwa fred: let me check them
      kayiwa fred: do u remember the invitation isent you
      Benoit Couture: You wanted to talk, was it?
      kayiwa fred: yes just to ask u join our young football group that i
      train after my school
      kayiwa fred: it is young btn 10-17yrs and we do play fotball we want
      to develope the talent some are even opharns
      Benoit Couture: What do you have in mind?
      kayiwa fred: iwanted to develope this team as ayouth and asee that
      ihelp my felow young youth develope thir talents what do u think
      about it
      Benoit Couture: I think that any group that comes together, be it for
      sport or music, shoul try to make it so that the group becomes like a
      home for each participant.
      Benoit Couture: If you have orphans, that can become their first home!
      kayiwa fred: yes thanks they are 20 kids but opharns are six the 14
      of them go to primary schools and about 3 from the six ophan dont
      they need to but cant aford
      kayiwa fred: then after school we do some trining because
      kayiwa fred: benit i believe that TALENT IDENTIFICATION IS THE KEY TO
      Benoit Couture: ...and communication
      kayiwa fred: thats why itried to indentify the talent of these kids
      were soccer and had to organise them we do it
      kayiwa fred: why do u say communication?
      Benoit Couture: So now, if possible, you call the families of
      everyone who has a family, and you invite them to join in taking care
      of each other. Is that possible?
      kayiwa fred: no it is not they all come from poor family very poor
      kayiwa fred: but we are always aking for GOD,s help and we are very
      happy hope you saw there photo on my TIG profle
      Benoit Couture: Being poor does not mean dead!
      kayiwa fred: iknow but from my xperience point of view i realy see it
      that way
      Benoit Couture: Because they are poor, they will not talk to each
      kayiwa fred: they do and we realy have this programme though it work
      Benoit Couture: Once people get to have a point of connection, like
      their children playing football together, then the next step is to
      talk about our needs.
      Benoit Couture: When we know what our needs are, it is easier to pray
      to God about them together. And then, God can answer easier, with
      the gifts and intelligence of everyone coming together to learn from
      kayiwa fred: yes we some times have to participate in competitions
      and its the parents that gives us ahand but we do need friends like
      you to adivise us
      Benoit Couture: Samuel is the closest person I know from you. He
      will be happy to get to know you.
      Benoit Couture: He can help quite a bit because he works with people
      like Pamela. She comes to Africa and she works with people who can
      help in teaching.
      kayiwa fred: thanks
      Benoit Couture: You are most welcome
      kayiwa fred: iwould like to join pamela do u think is posible
      Benoit Couture: I suggest that you reach Samuel. I will post our
      chat in learning from each other and in holistic helping groups.
      Also, write an introduction of your self to learning from each
      other. I have a feeling that there will be some people who will be
      happy to welcome you. Let's take it from there and see where God
      Benoit Couture: Regarding God, the lab has a group called lovingGod
      at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovingGod/ You can do some
      reading and see if you like to join.
      Benoit Couture: Are you ok with my posting our chat on those 2 groups?
      kayiwa fred: let me see
      kayiwa fred: am there and ican se you asking what is violence
      Benoit Couture: Yes, I write there quite a bit.
      kayiwa fred: thanks for being active ilke your ways hope to be like
      you though you are older than me but loved your ways
      Benoit Couture: On the Internet, some experts call the kind of work I
      do bumble0beeing, because I take knowledge or information and I bring
      it to polinise and to fertilize life all around.
      kayiwa fred: am agodly man and ilke others to be GODLY people so am
      joining this
      kayiwa fred: see u bye
      Benoit Couture: Great. There are many work and discussion groups at
      Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt/
      kayiwa fred: wait power was off but is o
      kayiwa fred: on now
      kayiwa fred: do u know what ?
      Benoit Couture: I was just posting our chat.
      kayiwa fred: ihave been always loving to assit the needy poeple more
      so those in rura ares and this is my wish though i lack the capcity
      and some times iget holidays and move on praeching the word of GOD
      beause iknow he is my cretor
      Benoit Couture: Are you talking about the bible?
      kayiwa fred: some times in my free time those who opose it
      Benoit Couture: I did not understand your last line.
      kayiwa fred: imean some time ihave to talk about the bible to those
      poepleto dont believe in it
      Benoit Couture: Where did you learn about the bible?
      kayiwa fred: oh from my child hood we read the bible at home and iwas
      grown up in asevethday adventist[GOD fearing family]
      kayiwa fred: and u?
      Benoit Couture: I was born catholic but I learned of the bible when I
      had a very intense experience with the invisible powers of darkness
      when I was 17 years old.
      kayiwa fred: oh no were u relerived from that power?
      Benoit Couture: If Christ-Jesus had not died, raised from the dead
      and went to heaven to send us the Holy Spirit, I would not have made
      it out of the grip of darkness.
      kayiwa fred: praise GOD
      Benoit Couture: Indeed, haleluyah
      kayiwa fred: iwish you well ilke that ihve liked u the more
      kayiwa fred: may be thats why u are so inteligent
      kayiwa fred: dont u think so?
      Benoit Couture: I do not understand myself as intelligent but rather,
      I am blessed. I fail too much wisdom to be intelligent. But I am
      Benoit Couture: The intelligence is the love and truth that lives
      between God's children.
      kayiwa fred: amen
      Benoit Couture: When we know how to oney for real, we are then aware
      of how close God is. So then, we get to learn together from Him,
      being right there.
      kayiwa fred: iwish you could visit my country and saythose wise word
      to my team and churh,and schoolmate
      Benoit Couture: You can make a copy of our chat and use it as a story
      telling. That would be a live story going on in your life. Real
      stories are always good.
      kayiwa fred: ya
      kayiwa fred: did u post my caht?
      Benoit Couture: Not yet, because you came back online and now the
      chat will be twicwe as long.
      kayiwa fred: ok dont mind you wil let meknow
      kayiwa fred: do u have any question about me my country fell free
      Benoit Couture: How much oppression is there against good ideas?
      kayiwa fred: ?
      kayiwa fred: it looks wide can u simplify for me
      Benoit Couture: If you go to school and to the football team with our
      chat and suddenly, God touches the heart of people and the people go
      on talking and meeting, and taking care of each other better and
      better, will there be people of darkness to come and hurt all the
      poor people who start to get better?
      kayiwa fred: well ithink so
      kayiwa fred: how does the chat reads
      Benoit Couture: What do you mean?
      kayiwa fred: am sorry if ihave not understood you
      kayiwa fred: but ithought if imovew with the caht to school,and to
      football tounaments, then the poeple see the chat they might be
      touched and start helping the poor was it meaning this?
      kayiwa fred: cos achat is something with wrtten things
      Benoit Couture: I was asking "How much oppression is there against
      good ideas? And then I gave you an example of oppression.
      kayiwa fred: oh wow
      kayiwa fred: yes igot it
      kayiwa fred: well people here love good idears and they welcome it so
      kayiwa fred: theynormary attend seminars for inteligent popele to
      seek good idears
      Benoit Couture: So if good ideas come and start making life better
      for many poor people, you dont need to worry or to be scared of
      kayiwa fred: yes but noramaly when good idears come and it
      isimplemented then people here want to benefit few of them mainly
      those from the smae area as u no ugnad has got diffrent races over 20
      + tribes in uganda
      kayiwa fred: so they tend to help those of thire tibes and it is so
      coomon here in uganda mainly with our govt
      kayiwa fred: and this has still kept many popele in povety those who
      dont get acees to good idaers
      kayiwa fred: wich am fighting also
      Benoit Couture: So if you become a succesful leader, you might get
      trouble from those connected to government?
      kayiwa fred: idont want to be aplitician but it is realy bad nd idont
      like it not because idont come from the weath tribe now wich is of
      the presidnt but because isee it has no future
      Benoit Couture: Because of the fighting you do, you might be
      interested to look at the group
      kayiwa fred: eh eh......
      Benoit Couture: I have to go now. It was good chatting with you and
      we can do that again soon if you want. In the mean time, I'll post
      this chat and wait to see the feedback from the groups. God bless
      you and your love ones, Bye
      kayiwa fred: thanks how wwll i know that u are on line we can cht cos
      am not always on line
      kayiwa fred: can u text me on my phone number
      Benoit Couture: When you go to the yahoo groups, there is a yellow
      face beside our names when we are online to chat. That's how I knew
      I could reach you today.
      kayiwa fred: ok
      kayiwa fred: thanks
      Benoit Couture: I dont have a phone
      kayiwa fred: for your time madam iteligent lady
      kayiwa fred: ihave liked you so much
      Benoit Couture: Oups, I am a man
      Benoit Couture: Sorry for the disapointment
      kayiwa fred: but if posible u can pray for me ihave ashima and it is
      painging now after here iwill go to hospital cos it is bad whether
      for me
      kayiwa fred: am sory to call you lady am realy sorry
      kayiwa fred: ikne but just mistken am sory
      Benoit Couture: It is a good laugh for the football team and for your
      school friends
      kayiwa fred: thanks dont let friends who may need to help us go away
      just tell them about us
      Benoit Couture: Yes, I wil pray for your ashma. Do you have access
      to as much water that you can drink?
      kayiwa fred: yes will it help me
      Benoit Couture: Yes. There is a doctor who made an experiment in
      Russia. Almost everybody had ashma in the jail he was in. He told
      everyone to drink very much water, every day. One year later, 80%
      ashma was gone.
      Benoit Couture: The doctor figures that it is because woater is a
      good electro conductor
      kayiwa fred: oh this is good but here we need to take boiled water
      and ineed to boil as much as posibele will try this
      Benoit Couture: Have a good day. Bye for now!
      kayiwa fred: bye
      kayiwa fred: have nice day in Edmonton, Alberta