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DIY Solar and Malaria bed net Survey projects.

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  • peter ongele
    Hi Andrius,      __________Inline attachments...............     I  ask for topics and photos and news that you d like me to share. I want to post
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2008
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      Hi Andrius,
       __________Inline attachments...............
        "I  ask for topics and photos and news that you'd like me to share. I want
      to post about
      * the Nairobi base - whether or not Kennedy keeps it
      * Peter Ongele and Graham Knight's DIY Solar
      * Peter Ongele's malaria nets project
      * Our wonderful letters and ideas about including the Differently Abled
      * Charles Williams work to include David Ellison-Bey and others
      * our Saturday chats
      * open source hardware"

           ______________ I would be very much willing to give whatever  informations which is to be useful  on the two projects...Graham Knight's DIY Solar and Community Bed Net use accountancy and transparency as tool for Malaria Control in the community.
           Kindly outline the points to be included or what  you exactly want on *Peter Ongele and Graham Knight's DIY Solar* so that I write something on it ones, may be to include photos in my report.
          * Peter Ongele's malaria nets project*
      The study was to be executed in Western Kenya covering for example Mbita
      regions and Mfangano, Rusinga Islands. Questionnaires was to be prepared to
      capture Community Accountancy, Impact and Transparency in
      success of using
      impregnated bednets to control malaria.The region has approximately 45,000
      adults with over 10, 000 bednets supplied (Distributed Bed nets from
      2003_2007). Since it remains un-clear if these bednets have been
      in discriminatively
      distributed to the communities for reduction in vector
      population and malaria cases, a study survey conducted was to give:
      1: A follow up to the campaign going on with bednets.
      2: Collaborative documentation of community evaluations on the use
      of current tools for malaria control.
      3: Collaborative documentation to measure the impact of usage of bed
      in the communities.
      4: Open

      collaborative implimentations by new programs and methods to
      control malaria by the Governmental and Non_ governmental organisations e.t.c.
      This I felt, would help bring us together and boost the strength our Lab.
      work collaborative by creating a baseline
      survey, with outcomes to boost to
      researchers in the bednet industry and this is to
      reflect whether they are giving best approach and tool to control malaria or some adjustments
      would be needed to make them efficient and cost effective. Establish
      collaborative and framework links with in the research institutions,
      and communities for malaria control. So far, I've not gone to recommendable step with it
      due to failure to get funds for this as individual community group. But we had done
      preliminary survey, I have the raw data covering a small area...I've not got a flash Disk
      to store the datas or the informations.I need to enter them into the
      computer for
      analysis and where to submit the report for the recommendations to be implimented.
      Two the people who volunteered to do the work, so far I've not got any support to
      compensate them at least for the little work they did. I might some thing to with
      $400 for them. Having gone for the preliminary survey and got the result, I've developed
      a proposal for this work. Well, I don't know whether this is within the interest of the
      Lab. As you set up your budget and plan for the money you have got, can it be
      possible to include me and the team who helped me in the survey for this malaria bed
      net study to help boost their morale for team work and to continue to support me in this
      kind of team work for $400 and $100 for me to help me in my financial constrain as I had
      explained to you before since I would only get relieved come Feb 2009.

      Andrius, earlier you mentioned something to do with exchange game in Kenya in the spirit of Harambee
      .....how is this done, and would we be connected with this man? What are the charity winnings...is it in
      grants for projects/or individual money winnings?
      Wish you best time all.
      Peter Ongele.

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