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Conference on Enhancing Learning Potential

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  • UNEVOC Canada
    Hi all, I am writing on behalf of UNEVOC-Canada. I would like to share with you the attached memo about an upcoming conference on enhancing learning potential
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2001
      Hi all,

      I am writing on behalf of UNEVOC-Canada. I would like to share with you the
      attached memo about an upcoming conference on enhancing learning potential
      to be
      held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I thought that this is something that would be
      of great
      interest to your community. Also, if you can help us disseminate this
      through your network, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


      Attention all educators and those with an interest in educational research:

      About the Conference

      UNEVOC- Canada in partnership with the International Centre for the
      Learning Potential is hosting an international conference to be held in
      Manitoba, August 18-25, 2001. The conference entitled "Unlocking Human
      Potential to
      Learn" is designed to introduce participants to the best practices and
      approaches, strategies and techniques for teaching "learning how to learn"
      skills to
      children, youth and adults. Paper presentations will focus on three major
      enhancing learning skills of special needs and gifted learners of diverse
      developing critical skills for lifelong learning and improving effectiveness
      in vocational education and workplace training.

      The major focus of the conference will be Dr. Reuven Feuerstein�s work on
      development of theories of structural cognitive modifiability and mediated

      Twenty-eight papers will be presented by an international array of speakers,
      of instrumental
      enrichment in the areas of culturally deprived and at-risk learners, adult
      deaf and FAS/FAE learners, E-learning, Canadian school application, virtual
      environments, the Canadian and Brazilian penal systems and more.

      About the Workshops

      Following the conference a series of comprehensive workshops will be held to
      participants in the theory and practice of Mediated Learning. Participants
      the critical knowledge and skills to implement the mediated learning
      experience to
      enhance the learning potential of students. Workshops will provide
      participants with
      both theory and hands-on experience in Medicated Learning, Learning
      Assessment Device and Instrumental Enrichment.

      Who Should Attend?

      This international conference will spotlight issues that will be of
      particular interest to:

      � K-12 educators
      � Post-secondary educators
      � Curriculum and program developers
      � Guidance counsellors
      � Researchers
      � Instructional designers
      � Electronic learning specialists
      � Resources specialists
      � Policy makers
      � Human resource practitioners
      � Administrators in education and training institution
      � Special needs administrators and organizations

      Register Now or Get More Information at:
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