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Case Study: Front Level Employee Training

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  • Doug J Constant
    ... I have found over the last 18 years of training that the above question seems to be an important one in many organizations. Since this is a training
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2004
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      Anand asked:
      > Can anyone tell me about how to go about worker level training and
      > the related subjects, articles and links and I am planning to conduct
      > training for workers in my company in the training room specifically
      > apart from the shop floor.

      I have found over the last 18 years of training that the above question
      seems to be an important one in many organizations. Since this is a
      "training" question I will address it as such with a series of questions
      and not from a "coaching" perspective. However, if I was live, ont-to-one
      I would use this series of questions as I coach this client to open his
      eyes to the possibilities. In this coaching engagement I would also offer
      resources as listed below) as back up material to the coaching
      interaction...this opens the door to a more "blended" approach to my

      Here are a few questions that may assist this client as the process of
      developing a training program for this group begins. You will find the
      links useful in assisting others. All of the resources were pulled from
      CTI links and databases of which you will find a rich supply of materials
      and additional links: http://tinyurl.com/5ccu5

      I hope this helps,

      Doug Constant

      Have I done a needs analysis?
      An Assessment of Training Needs

      Conducting a Training Needs Assessment

      Training Needs Assessment

      Training Needs Assessment

      Training Needs Assessment - Linking Training to Your Business Objectives

      What specific employee needs should be addressed? ("people skills" ie.
      conflict, teambuilding, change, coaching or "technical skills" process
      orientation, learning environments, OJT, system problems or improvements)

      75 popular categories of topics:
      Benefits and Compensation, Career Development, Communications
      (Intrprsnl), Communications (Writing), Computers, Internet & Web,
      Coordinating Activities, Creativity and Innovation, Crisis Management,
      Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Employee Performance,
      Evaluations (many kinds), Facilities Management, Group Performance, Group
      Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership (Introduction), Leadership
      Development, Management (Introduction), Management Development,
      Organizational Change, Org'l Communications, Organizational Performance,
      Organizing (many kinds), Perf. Mgmnt (basics), Personal Development,
      Personal Productivity, Planning (many kinds), Policies (Personnel),
      Problem Solving / Decisions, Product/Service Mgmnt, Project Management,
      Program Management, Quality Management, Strategic Planning, Supervision,
      Supervisoral Development, Systems Thinking

      CTI Links Section:

      What specific organizational development initives have you started or
      plan on starting? Will these have an impact on this group?
      Organizational Development (OD)

      Are you qualified to train this group?
      Training and Development Links

      Organizational Design Links

      Will there be line-workers moving into leadership roles out of this
      group? Is leadership training or shifting to leadership necessary?

      What Methods will you use in training?
      Training and Development

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