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[ANN] DataClass 1.0 Beta Registration Now Open

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  • MaxG
    Registration for the DataClass™ beta is now open. To join the program go here: http://dataclass.hexsw.com/Beta/SignUp
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2010
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      Registration for the DataClass™ beta is now open. To join the program go here:


      What is DataClass?

      DataClass is the next generation of DataConstructor™ technology. With it you can... Essentially, DataClass is a compiler for your database design. You no longer manage a database. Instead, you design and test a class of databases.

      Once compiled, you can use that class to:

      • Drive the design and implementation of a database from tests.

      • Create seamless integration between database client and server.

      • Eliminate duplication between your database design and your client code.

      • Manage database versions.

      • Build new databases.

      • Upgrade existing databases to new versions.

      • Transition test your database types.

      • Force compiler errors in clients when they are coupling to your database incorrectly.

      What Platforms Does it Work With?

      Presently DataClass compiles .NET client proxies and I test it with SQL Server. It is database agnostic and should work for any database. I hope to get to Java proxies soon.

      How Does the Beta Program Work?

      The beta program runs for the entire month of July, 2010. Any feedback you want to provide is welcome. At the end of the month, a short survey will be issued. When you complete the survey, you will receive a one-seat license to DataClass™ 1.x as a thank you.

      If you are interested, please sign up here:


      Thank you,
      Max Guernsey, III

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